HTC One for US but only AT&T to offer 64GB option


The HTC One is one of the most notable smartphones of the year so far although it will come up with some tough competition when the Samsung Galaxy S4 releases in regions worldwide from late April. We’ve been hugely impressed with the HTC One, both the design and top-end specs and although it has now just become available in the UK it is still to appear in the US. We have now learned though that when it releases in the US later in April that the 64GB internal storage option will only be available on AT&T.

We already know that the HTC One will be carried by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the US and could come to Verizon too at some point. The specs are high-end and it comes in 32 or 64GB internal storage options. However this cannot be expanded via microSD and because of this many people might have already decided to opt for the 64GB version. Unfortunately it seems that won’t be a choice open to you if you want to purchase the HTC One through T-Mobile or Sprint.

AT&T recently uploaded a promotional video to its YouTube channel in which it claims that the 64GB HTC One will be an AT&T exclusive. There’s no date for release yet or pricing although we learn that the 32GB option will also be available through AT&T. You can see the 5-minute video that we’ve embedded for you below this story that gives you a comprehensive look at the HTC One and where storage options are discussed next to the 64GB a message clearly reads (AT&T exclusive).

We think this could lead to a lot of disappointed customers as although a 32GB option is nothing to be sniffed at many of us don’t want to worry about storage when we purchase a brand new smartphone, although of course cloud solutions are something to consider. As T-Mobile and Sprint will only be stocking the 32GB option we wonder if these carriers will lose many sales because of this.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Were you considering purchasing the HTC One and if so which storage option? If you are a T-Mobile or Sprint customer and want the 64GB model would you consider jumping ship to AT&T? Let us have your comments on this.

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5 thoughts on “HTC One for US but only AT&T to offer 64GB option”

  1. edg says:

    This latest trick of htc’s inability to come up with winner solutions that benefit everyone does not surprise me. I have been posting that they need to boost up their specs and screen size for that matter in order to hold off Samsung’s mass appeal. But, it’s appears they still don’t get it. I am a Sprint customer and happy of it. No one yet beats Sprint’s pricing and I would definitely not switch to At&t’s higher pricing plans for htc’s joke of a smartphone with no micro sd for further expansion. I’m hoping Google’s X Phone will be all that it’s supposed to be, otherwise it’s Samsung S4 for me. I give up on htc! They just can’t make good decisions about anything anymore.

  2. Bonedatt says:

    Another dumb move by HTC!! I’m a T-Mobile customer and currently own a Galaxy S2 and there is no way in hell I would be switching to AT&T to get this phone. I really was looking forward to owning this HTC hardware and was willing to forgive the non expandable storage since they offered a 64GB Option. With this exclusivity to AT&T, I’ll be sticking with Samsung. Hopefully, the Note 3 comes with a non pen tile HD Super AMOLED Plus screen (an aluminum note 3 would be a pleasant surprise too)

  3. Bonedatt says:

    Limited codec support for video playback, not so great camera, non replaceable battery and no way to expand storage. Even with these shortcomings, I was going to purchase this phone .Why? The option of a 64GB model would solve my storage needs and the aluminum unibody is just gorgeous. Unfortunately,the HTC ONE is not gorgeous enough to make me switch from Tmobile to AT&T. It’s back to Samsung and the galaxy Note3.

  4. matsudo says:

    My first HTC was the HTC HD. I have had the HTC windows phone 7, the evo 4g, the evo shift, the evo 3d, and I’m using the evo lte. I was happy to try the HTC one with no SD slot due to I could skeleton down my music, anime, games, root stuff and go with a 64gb but WHAT HTC wants is for all the stupid people that don’t even know what they have in there hands to go and buy ONE. (Lol). They don’t care about cell phone lovers like us. HTC , hasta la vista baby. P.s I will not be back!!!

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