Motorola X Phone likely to have top tier price


Since we first heard of the likelihood of a Motorola X Phone way back in January we’ve been hearing lists of various leaked specs and features. To be frank each time they seem to have been very different so at this stage we just don’t know what to believe. However we now hear that it’s very likely that the Motorola X Phone, sometimes dubbed the Google X, will be likely to have a top tier price.

The last batch of rumored specs we heard for the Motorola X Phone included a 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 4.8-inch full HD display with Sapphire Glass protection, a 4000 mAh battery and water-resistance, all running on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Obviously we cannot confirm that this is the real deal but it seems many are expecting a device with some extremely impressive specifications and of course these could be accurate.

When the Motorola X Phone was first mentioned there was some discussion over whether this would be a Nexus device, possibly the Nexus 5. This stemmed from the belief among many tech insiders and manufacturers that Google’s acquisition of Motorola would mean favoritism towards Motorola when the next Nexus partner was being decided upon. This soon seemed to be negated though and at the beginning of March we told how Google was at pains to make it quite clear to its other partners such as Samsung and HTC that they would all be treated fairly when deciding upon the potential maker of the next Nexus device.

It’s no longer believed by many then, that the Motorola X will be a Nexus device and yet plenty of people seem to be hoping that a collaboration between Google and Motorola might see the Motorola X Phone come in at similar bargain pricing to the Nexus 4, made by LG. However this is where things get sticky. Obviously Google has a vested interest in the success of Motorola and going into direct competition with its existing manufacturing partners is one way of attempting that. If that happens though then everything that Google has said previously about non-favoritism towards Motorola and keeping the openness of the Android platform sounds like empty promises.

Although it’s expected that the Motorola X Phone will have specs at the top of the tree, branding is also very important and whereas a Nexus branding would have made it an instant hit, that would not be so much the case with Motorola branding. IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo recently said that Motorola branding could be the biggest problem facing the Motorola X Phone. Jeronimo spoke of how Motorola was not regarded so well in Western Europe and this means that even with Google behind the company it would have difficulty competing with the likes of Samsung, HTC etc.

Jeronimo said, “The Motorola brand, nowadays, is not associated with quality. Operators push Samsung, HTC, Apple, and Nokia because they’re confident in those brands — because consumers relate to those brands. I’m not sure simply having an association with Google would change this for Motorola.” The analyst also made it clear that he thought Google would be keeping its Nexus devices and X Phone business as two completely separate entities.

Now comes the crux of the matter. Jeronimo seems to look upon Motorola as a failed company and we suppose that it’s fair to say it hasn’t come up with any particularly dazzling smartphones over the last year or so. Therefore the analyst feels that the only way back to success for Motorola would be a Motorola X Phone with supreme specs but offered at a competitive price, in a similar way to Google’s Nexus 4. In a vicious circle though, Google cannot allow this to happen or it will face the wrath of other hardware partners. If Google was to undercut the price of the Motorola X in the way that Jeronimo feels is needed than it’s bye bye to beneficial relationships on both sides with other device makers.

Hence the analyst feels that the Motorola X Phone will be similarly priced to other top tier phones in a bid to keep everyone happy. Everyone that is, except customers maybe! To fit with this it’s extremely unlikely that the Motorola X will be sold through Google Play and of course it remains to be seen whether a top-specced smartphone from Motorola at a top-end price will still appeal to consumers, even given the current amount of interest in the device.

We expect the Motorola X Phone to be introduced at Google’s I/O in May but we’ve heard different release dates speculated from as early as June to as late as November. Of course we’ll be keeping tabs on developments as we hear them and will pass on the news. In the meantime we’d like to hear your views on this.

Do you think consumers will be willing to pay high-end money for the Motorola X considering the fact that the Motorola brand is not what it used to be? Were you hoping that the Motorola X Phone would give you the performance you wanted at a knockdown price? Let us know with your comments.

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16 thoughts on “Motorola X Phone likely to have top tier price”

  1. Bionic3141 says:

    Motorola remains the only phone with good RF performance. So many times others are looking for signal and lose GPS when the Motorola keeps on going. If Google keeps this and an open boot-loader, then whatever they call the X it will appeal to a large segment of the “aware” buyers. After all, the “unaware” will always go for iPhone, and the in-between for all the glitz and thin of HTC, Sammy, LG and the like. And, the phone cost is irrelevant when the monthlies are getting close to mortgage payments.

  2. DavidB23 says:

    My friend just went swimming with a motorola razr max and it still works fine. Motorola build quality, signal strength, and battery life are unmatched. Just bad marketing. The “Droid” campaign done by verizon appeals to nobody and being locked into one carrier does not help.

  3. Dan says:

    I’ve owned an original Droid and currently am using a Droid Bionic. Any complaints with them are minor. My wife’s Samsung Galaxy doesn’t impress me; its construction feels flimsy compared to my Motos. I’m planning on buying the “X” when my contract expires this fall, unless the phone is a dismal failure.

  4. Erik says:

    reading up on Motorola, it seems they make excellent hardware, but that they are not do good at software. However, if they stick to vanilla android then that problem is solved. I like the focus on water resistance and battery life. Finally a phone that can actually be used.

    1. mAtrix HD says:

      My atrix hd fits everything but battery life. Very close to stock android and very durable, with a kevlar back and water resistance. The only software they add are good apps like smartactions (very helpful) and slight ui mods (though extremely similar to the galaxy nexis)

  5. anywherehome says:

    I’d like to buy but not any compromise:
    1) great camera
    2) great battery
    3) great storage
    4) no easy to brake =forget about stupid idea with back glass!

  6. Robert Houghton says:

    Motorola not associated with quality? I have to disagree. I have a Razr I and the build quality is second to none! The RF performance is also excellent on Cell WiFi and GPS. I agree with the previous comment – the only thing wrong with Motorola is the marketing.

  7. Justin Foster says:

    I’m glad for the comments of Bionic3141 and DavidB23. Moto has indeed acquired a bad rep because of marketing, but the materials they use in their devices are actually very good quality. Features such as Kevlar bodies, long-lasting batteries, splash resistance, and the like are excellent. I’m willing to buy an Android phone from any company that can provide at least 2 Android updates and good customer assistance. Does anyone have any experience with Moto as far as customer service and OS updates?

  8. dan says:

    motorola all the way, last 3 years of moto android,only problem that i’ve had is the locked bootloader on photon 4g. lets push them to release a top quality phone theyve got the cash and resources to do so as well as at an ‘affordable’ price.

  9. YO says:

    Motorola was once an honor most wanted phones, but recently, is nowhere 🙁
    Motorola has a chance to model “Motorola X phone” to restore the fans who have liked this brand, and therefore should be given an opportunity this company to make a phone that many fans are waiting anxiously !!

    Motorola x phone must have the following specifications:

    1.Glass: Sapphire Glass better than Corning Gorilla Glass 3
    2.Protection: anti scratch, watter and dust
    3.Chipset: Snapdragon 800
    4.Cpu: Quad-core 1.8 or 2Ghz Krai 400
    5.Gpu: Adreno 330 or 420
    6.Battery: 4000mah
    7.Wireless Charging

    and please as soon as possible to come on the market 🙂

  10. Vampire says:

    After using a razr maxx and a s2 , sammy was quick in upgrading the os to ics , whereas moto never did even after a year . Solve this issue and moto will be there at the top….

  11. Tuhi says:

    My last 3 phones are of Motorola and since 2010, I was waiting for next Motorola phone to release. Thanks to Google, my motorola streak will continue 🙂

  12. james says:

    motorola is great and quality phone. since i still using motorola L7 already 6year, the phone still working fine but the screen and hearing starting problem. if this motorola X phone device price a bit expensive but can get those performance like (2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 4.8-inch full HD
    display with Sapphire Glass protection, a 4000 mAh battery and
    water-resistance) sure i will buy it. if compare samsung and HTC i will spend a bit expensive phone and get more quality.

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