Nexus 7 2013 release and Qualcomm favouritism


Sales of Android tablets are beginning to take a bigger slice of the market over the last few months as more affordable devices become available to consumers, and this was helped last year when Google and Asus launched the original Nexus 7. Now a Nexus 7 2013 release date with Qualcomm favouritism has emerged again just over a month before the Google I/O event.

We have heard before that the next Nexus 7 tablet PC will move away from Nvidia processors in favour of units produced by Qualcomm, and now fresh claims of this happening are coming in from sources that have told Reuters the new Nexus 7 will be using an unknown Snapdragon processor by the company, and again manufactured by Asus with a release in July.

Google is looking to improve on the success it has seen with the Nexus 7 last year with profits being centred on online advertising instead of just focusing on margins of the hardware itself. The new model will again be competitively priced but will now feature a Full HD display with a thinner bezel, which will basically mean the device will be even easier to hold.

The sources want to remain anonymous but this could mean that future Nexus device owners are targeted more by Google ads, but will mean higher spec devices available at more affordable prices. If true though it remains to be seen if users will be happy with this trade off, but along with the Nexus 4 last year more consumers got a taste of the true Android experience with the devices.

It is also being claimed that the old version of the Nexus 7 may be discounted with a chance the new model may see even more aggressive pricing levels once it is released. It is being suggested the device may be around only $149, but this hasn’t been decided yet and may come in at the same levels as the current Nexus 7.

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  1. CHRISTINE says:

    Christine Hiscock Howell my husband bought me the nexus 7 for christmas , everything worked fine 1 month later it was taking me 48 hours to charge and would stay at 2% charged so we called them and the man told us to send it back e-mailed us an address where to send it to so we did the agent told us to send it some where in the states we thought it was odd but we did . we checked our e-mail days after saying yes they had received but after that no more e-mails so my husband called 1 week later asking what is the deal they said we have but it will take up to a month for them to fix the batteries so we waited checking our e-mail to make sure the status would change NOTHING so my husband called back asking the agent what was going on the agent said im so sorry we have MISPLACED YOUR TABLET someone will call you in 24 hours to fix this problem .so 24 hours when by no phone call husband called back 2 days later asking same thing but o they found it and said it was being repaired waited for our status to change nothing .the week after we called back and they mailed it to ontario to be fix we demanded to talk to a supervisor after asking that the woman on the PHONE HUNG UP ON US so we called back and got threw to a supervisor he said i will call you back within 24 hours to fix the problem that they did 24 hours WENT BY AND STILL NO PHONE CALL so we gave it a couple of days and called back and again demanded to talk to a supervisor he said they never sent it anywhere and they are going to fix the problem he would what do you know call us back in 24 hours IT’S BEEN A WEEK PAST 24 HOURS AND STILL NO PHONE CALL AND NO TABLET , SO PEOPLE BY YOUR TABLET AND THEN THIS IS YOUR COSTUMER SERVICE AWFUL SO I ADVISE ANYONE WHO WOULD GO WITH NEXUS DO NOT BUY IT ,THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THERE COSTUMER AND ID YOU NEED THEM TO FIX SOMETHING THAT IS UNDER warranty FORGET IT THIS IS AN OUTRAGE HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE AND TO THINK I WAS GOING TO BUY 5 MORE FOR OUR KIDS AND OUR HUSBAND NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANYTHING FROM NEXUS OR GOOGLE

    1. cyanogen3313 says:

      You probably got scammed. I sent my nexus 4 into Google, and they had it back within two weeks. Very friendly and fast customer support.I doubt it was Google you were talking to.

  2. S_Deemer says:

    I ordered a Nexus 7 with 16gb of RAM as soon as the introduction was over. It has, and is continuing to perform well. Mostly, the Nexus 7 was an experiment for me, to see what Android tablets were all about. Having made the experiment, I have confirmed my belief that all tablets, including iPads, are basically adult toys, and I won’t replace the N7 until it dies. It recharges in an hour or two, and holds a charge through a full day of use.

    Realistically, the N7 gets about 1/10th as much use as my Chromebook, which I find to be a far more useful device. More than anything, I use the N7 use as a music player with BT speakers, followed by casual checking of news and weather while on the go, and killing time with a very good version of solitaire. I have discovered that I cannot stand to read books or watch movies on any portable device, no matter how good the screen. The N7 is great at what it does — arguably still best in class — but tablet functionality is too limited for my needs.

  3. cyanogen3313 says:

    I purchased the nexus 7 last July, and since then it has been a great tablet and was a bargain at $200. I have rooted it and have cm10.1 4.2.2 on it with Franco kernel overclocked to 2.0ghz. Amazing tablet overall. If you want a cheap tablet, this is it!

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