Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update release promised soon


Recently all the focus on Sony smartphone news has been centred on the new Xperia Z handset that has been gaining many plaudits, but it seems the company is not forgetting owners of some of its older devices. Now the Sony Xperia S Android Jelly Bean update release has been promised to be coming soon, by a part of the company.

Only recently we heard that the Android Jelly Bean update was nearing release for the Sony Xperia P, and it seems the Xperia S is also getting inline for the new firmware to arrive. The company’s Polish arm has posted a reply to a question on its official Facebook page, and has said the update is due to go live in the next few days.

Now while this is coming from a division of the company it is not the first time and they have been wrong in the past, as previously Sony Germany stated the update maybe arriving sometime during March, but this has obviously come and gone.

There has also been mention of the second quarter which includes April but runs through to June, while the main part of the company has only committed to the Jelly Bean update coming at some point in the future for the Xperia S.

Many owners of the device will be eagerly waiting for the new firmware that originally arrived back in July 2012, and has since been replaced by a newer version of the Jelly Bean OS, but even Android 4.1 is a massive upgrade compared to ICS and hopefully won’t be too much longer until it arrives for the Sony Xperia S.

Have you become frustrated with the wait for Android Jelly Bean on the Xperia S?

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9 thoughts on “Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update release promised soon”

  1. Anonimouse says:

    yes I cant wait for this update, I keep checking the internet for any whiff of information from Sony but ever it has been as illusive as the updates themselves

  2. IRD05 says:

    Yes! It’s so damn annoying! I love my phone, but sony take the mick when it comes to updating software etc….. take ages to get it sorted and provide users with little to no information about release dates etc….

    need to get themselves into gear if they are going to truly compete with the big mobile phone players!

  3. Greyghost says:

    The poor support for the Xperia S, which was the flagship phone for the launch of the Sony brand phones remember, has convinced me to never again buy another Sony made phone and I would hesitate to purchase any other SOny brand product. The company appears to prioritise getting more and more models on the market but I feel making owners wait this long for an already outdated operating system shows a lack of respect for their customer base.

    I am stuck with this phone for another 6 months or so then it will be adios Sony I’m afraid

  4. god!!! guys!!! 4.2 is already released….and we are stuck with an update of 4.1 jelly bean? which i even dont know when its gonna arrive…??? i wanna smash my sony right away!!!! i will buy google next time!!!!

  5. Gareth Bale says:

    I’m sorry but it ain’t happening. if Sony cared about us Xperia s users, they should have done the update a long time ago. Sorry Sony but I am not buying another Xperia again!!!

  6. foz says:

    I wish I never purchased. At the time the handset looked good on paper but after a couple of months I realised it was a bad buy. From lag to unresponsive home and back buttons to bad build etc and to top it all the update that might sort it out is taking forever.
    On the bright side I have pre ordered the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Fony can go in the bin where it belongs!
    God help anyone who buys the Z…………………

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