Galaxy S4 UK and US release frustration


Leading up to the launch party for the Samsung Galaxy S4 the company revealed its new Exynos 5 Octa processor that got a lot of people excited. Unfortunately once the Galaxy S4 becomes available not all versions of the device will be powered by the unit which could lead to some UK and US release frustration.

Soon after the Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially announced it became apparent that not all regions would be seeing the device fitted with the Exynos 5 Octa processor, and instead would be using the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 unit. Now some tests have been done by both GSMArena and an insider at SamMobile that put both versions of the handset through some benchmark tests.

The eight core Galaxy S4 didn’t just beat the quad core version it obliterated it with the 1.6GHz Octa processor achieving an impressive score of 28,018 on Antutu, while the version of the device that is destined for the UK and US only managed 23,607 with the same test.

Using the Exynos 5 Octa with its ARM big LITTLE/Cortex A15 architecture will also provide better power efficiency, while there has already been some battery tests run using the Snapdragon 600 version.

In normal daily use most users wouldn’t notice the much difference in performance levels between the two versions of the Galaxy S4, but the Exynos packing model would be faster and more energy efficient when running high demand applications.

Are you disappointed not having access to the Galaxy S4 with the Exynos 5 Octa processor?


5 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 UK and US release frustration”

  1. Corkey Lloyd says:

    This sucks big time why do we get less in the US I think we should get the same phone all over why are the processors different anyway and why are they getting a better processor overseas than over here in the first place is their something different overseas that they need to have a better processor than the US model

  2. Jimmy Drew says:

    I don’t like it and I love my Note 2 and was thinking of changing to the S4 but not without the best processor….I don’t like it at all….maybe the HTC One. .

  3. Marcus Bryant says:

    What I have heard is that only the quad core will support LTE, which is why it is the version being released in the US and UK. Octa-core sounds sweet but no LTE support seems like a big drawback to me

  4. Browny says:

    I was going to get the S4, but for me now its a straight choice between Xperia Z and HTC One, i don’t see why i should settle for the ‘B” Version of the phone whilst others get the ‘A’ version. Would rather give my money to a company that gives me their best product.

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