Nokia Lumia 928 glossy tweaking to leaked design


We’ve been bringing readers news about the Nokia Lumia 928 smartphone that’s headed to Verizon and regular readers may remember we recently showed a leaked image of what is claimed to be this handset. One designer took this leaked photo into account and has come up with his own Nokia Lumia 928 glossy tweaking that we thought was interesting enough to share.

The Lumia 928 looks to be Verizon’s own version of the previous Nokia Lumia 920 but is said to have a slimmer aluminum chassis to the polycarbonate design of the 920 and also has an improved Xenon flash. Designer Jonas Daehnert was inspired enough by the purported leaked image of the Lumia 928 and has come up with his own concept rendering that we think looks pretty sleek.

Okay, so the official Lumia designs stand out from the crowd anyway but Daehnert has come up with the mockup that you can see in the image above that is almost blindingly shiny and a glossy delight. This concept design does have very square edges though and while we think this is aesthetically pleasing we’re not sure how comfortable it would be to hold for any length of time. Regardless of practicalities though we think this Lumia 928 render is a lovely thing.

It would be interesting to find out if potential Lumia 928 customers prefer the previous purported real image of the Lumia 928 or this concept design? Let us know which you think is most impressive by sending your comments.

Source: Jonas Daehnert (Facebook)

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