iPhone 5S, 6 with iOS 7 & Facebook Home deliberation


The three most important Apple products this year will definitely include the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the new iOS 7. We have already seen a slew of new smartphones this year and the biggest big-boy on the block in none other than the new Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple needs to step up to the plate to counter-attack with some thing special.

The iPhone 5S in next in line to release and is expected to be announced in June, and the iPhone 6 will follow but we cannot see anything of this until at least the beginning of 2014, the iPhone 5S will don the iPhone 5 design ‘so nothing new there’ – but we can expect the likes of iOS 7 to be released at the same time.

We have heard through the pipeline via tipsters that iOS 7 will incorporate Facebook Home, we here at Phones Review cannot pass judgment if this is true or not, but what we can do is advise Apple to steer clear as it is a battery life Grim Reaper. We tried it on one of our Android devices and to be frank did not like it at all, we prefer the standard Facebook app that has many new features.

Do we really want a host of Facebook notifications etc on the homescreen of our phones?

We believe the iPhone 5S will be released this year with iOS 7 on board and then made available a few days later for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 etc. It will have the standard iPhone 5 design with many new features to boot, probably features that we will use once and then never use again, you know like Siri.


11 thoughts on “iPhone 5S, 6 with iOS 7 & Facebook Home deliberation”

  1. Harbmaster says:

    Please apple for the love of all that is holy please do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT add Facebook home or allow more Facebook access than already current , I do. Of want a Facebook phone given I am not a Facebook addict and I believe many people will see it that way. Android can do something like that since android appeals more to teens with customization and all, but apple was designed to get things done efficiently and as a person in a attention needing business, android doesn’t suit this need but iphone currently does. Please do not ruin it for me. Thank you

          1. Mueed says:

            An iphone? Which iphone? So you have an S4? No because it hasn’t even been released yet. Funny how you can pass judgement on a phone so fast without having gotten your hands on it.

        1. Peter says:

          Ahem, as a chemist I can tell you that polycarbonate is more durable than aluminium and glass. I feel sorry for you that you NEED to have the “premium” feeling even though it is not premium. Btw, I have both phones and I like both but I am not biased to one.

          1. Peter says:

            I meant both an iPhone and an android ( Nexus ) not the gs4 since I dont like the galaxy series.

    1. Peter says:

      To be honest, the customization that android provides is mostly for tech savvy people and not random teens.
      Apple designed the iPhone to run in the most simple way but it has to be closed down for the sake of their customers not knowing what they are doing, and its good and all. But it ends there.
      Google build Android (stock android) to be a developers phone. It is aosp (android open source project) which means that everyone can do whatever he wants with his android phone, hence that facebook can build a facebook home launcher that replaces your workspace,
      Then there are Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG etc phones that run Android with a skin over it and to close it down a bit and make it easy for their customers to use (same as apple does). So it is not the real android experience one can get.
      Apple wont integrate facebook home, dont worry about it. It goes against their policy of keeping things as simple possible.

  2. stevesup says:

    “Please, Apple, I know I zapped you on Ping but now I have a great deal for you: I take over the iOS home page and put ads on it. What’s not to like. Love that iOS. Mark.”

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