Swype iOS release possibility incoming


Apple has always been known for keeping a tight grip on what sort of applications it allows to be installed officially onto its mobile hardware, but now there is the slight possibility that a Swype for iOS release could be incoming.

The popular keyboard gesture controlled application was finally released onto the Google Play Store out of beta a couple of days’ ago, and we have already found what a great app it is while in use. Now though there is the chance of a Swype application eventually becoming available to iOS users following confirmed talks between the two companies.

Aaron Sheedy was recently asked the question whether there had ever been any discussions with Apple and if the company were considering licensing Swype technology and he replied that they had “chatted with them”, and that “they are very smart and nice”.

Sheedy was then asked why no application had been made available yet but quickly dodged the question and the thread was ended at that point. While no conformation had been made about any future availability of an iOS app, it could also mean the app could be in the early stages of approval or agreement between the two parties.

It is interesting to hear that talks had taken place and there will be many users of the platform hoping something comes of it, and maybe we may see something in June at the WWDC 2013 event with the unveiling of iOS 7.

Would you like to see a Swype application in iOS?

Source: Reddit via 9to5Mac.


One thought on “Swype iOS release possibility incoming”

  1. Drdave25 says:

    Very much. My only big gripe about the iPhone has been I just can’t type well on it. Another swiping app was removed from my iPhone 4 just after I bought it and I missed the app terribly. It almost made me go Android before getting the iPhone 5 and could break the deal in the other direction when the 5 is done.

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