Updated: Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case


Update About Winner: We have chosen our winner, we wish to say congratulations to Andy Swann, we will be sending out the Nokia Lumia 920 case tomorrow morning (May 16th). Well done Andy, for those that did not win we wish to say thank you for taking part. Please stay with us because we will be giving away more products soon. Thanks again everyone.

We previously presented French brand Issentiel and its luxury cases, manufactured from genuine leather. And it is with an agreeable surprise that they proposed to organize a giveaway with Phones Review to present their Issentiel Nokia Lumia 920 collection.

Issentiel’s Lumia 920 Leather Case Mini Review
Before talking about the product, let me drop a few words concerning the brand itself. Issentiel is embodied with the spirit of wanting to manufacture great and upscale cases for tablets and smartphones. And to be able to do so, all of them are designed by them and handcrafted by maroquiniers in workshops in Europe.

Concerning the case, my first impressions were that “The products are as good-looking as they look on the site.” At least their Lumia 920 case is, and they definitely carry a touch of luxury. It was a real pleasure to get to see what they look like in reality. The quality of the case can be felt from the first touch, and while their site defends the high quality of the material and proud of their products of genuine leather, so far there is no reason to doubt that.

Their logo — which represents a marine turtle — is present at the bottom right corner. The choice of the logo is not so much their love for the latter animal in particular, but to represent the brand values and the phone covers designed by them, i.e., rare beauty and longevity!

Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case pic 3

The case itself is elegant and very soft and pleasant to the touch. It benefits from an impeccable finish, and the stitching is neat and concise! It looks sturdy and lasting as well, representing a nice protection Nokia’s latest smartphone. But however classy a cover might look, the more important feature is for it to protect the phone efficiently.

And I was not deceived once when covering this phone case. The Nokia Lumia 920 sits perfectly well and tightly in the case. Far from being loose or the nightmare of the phone slipping out of it, it is easy to note that it has actually been designed in such a way to fit this particular smartphone.

As far as the entry buttons are concerned, they are easily accessible. Both the earplug entry and camera have been left in the open, allowing for a comfortable use. This confirms their saying that “The case has been specially designed for the Lumia 920.” The back of the case has been elegantly thought out with an “L” carved in it, probably to represent the Lumia.

In short, it is a very charming case from Issentiel, and here is the good news, you can win the one we have in a give away!

How to participate and get a chance to win! Taking part in the giveaway is simple and takes only two steps.

1) Share this article through a tweet by hitting the Tweet/share button above, while including @issentiel in the tweet.

2) Leave a comment, feel free to say anything you want! (Scroll to the bottom of this article past the photos and please leave a comment).

This is so simple, but both conditions have to be filled to participate! Good luck to everyone!

UPDATE: Hurry if you want to win the Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case, just follow the instructions above for your chance to get your hands on it.

Photos of the Issentel’s Nokia Lumia 920 case you could win: –

Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case pic 1

Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case pic 2

Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case pic 4

Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case pic 6


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  1. stonesavage says:

    my red hard plastic speck case for 920 finally broke in four (4) ! different places – its now retired and I could really use a new case ! ! ! thank you !!

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