iOS 7 in-car Siri and Apple Maps integration reported


We’re getting closer to Apple’s WWDC 2013 event and greatly anticipating the introduction of iOS 7 there. We’ve been detailing, wishes, insights, leaks and rumors about iOS 7 and have now heard about some new features that are claimed to be incorporated in the next major upgrade to Apple’s iOS. It has been reported that iOS 7 will have in-car Siri and Apple Maps integration.

Earlier today we discussed a leak regarding how iOS 7 will look and now a new report cites Apple inside sources that have given the following information about features. Apple is claimed to be working on the integration of the Siri digital personal assistant and also an in-house Maps service with a car dashboard as new features for iOS 7. It’s reported that Apple is working with various car manufacturers about the development of new car center consoles that could be used with iOS devices such as the iPhone.

This could mean that instead of using a proprietary GPS system drivers could plug their iPhone into the car to obtain an overhauled and optimized Apple Maps, designed for the larger screens that are included in many modern vehicles. The Maps functions could then be controlled in the car by using Siri.

Although this is being worked on for iOS 7 it’s not likely that a public release of this will be available soon as car-based testing would be needed as well as the necessary deals being made with car manufacturers. Also the cloud infrastructure for Maps and Siri will need to be improved and the feature is likely to be exclusively for the most recent hardware running iOS. The first device to launch running iOS 7 is likely to be the next iPhone which may be titled either the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

This is rather an interesting development for iOS 7 even though it may not be of practical use for the consumer straight away. None of these details have been confirmed yet by Apple but the news does come from a usually reliable source so could well be accurate.

We always appreciate your comments and would be interested to hear your thoughts on the possibility of these features.

Source: 9to5Mac


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  1. S J says:

    But we already have Google’s Send to car for maps and other things, but given the still messy state of Apple Mpas, what car manufacturer is seriously going to agree with putting Apple maps in their vehicles?…….If someone gets lost ( highly likely ) or dies or gets injured as a result of being sent on the wrong route, who do you think they are going to sue?

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