New Microsoft Surface tablet could shrink but have hefty price


A few days ago we reported on speculation regarding new second generation Microsoft Surface tablets. Taiwan sources claimed that the next Microsoft Surface tablet was in development and would have a display size between 7 and 9-inches. Today we have some news on further developments as we’ve heard that the next Microsoft Surface will indeed shrink in size but looks as though it could have a hefty price tag.

A new report with information from an anonymous source as well as an analyst now says that that the upcoming Surface will have a 7.5-inch display with resolution of 1400 x 1050 and 233 ppi along with a price tag of around $399. However this price could be lowered if component part prices go down. Although this price would of course, be lower than for the current 10.6-inch Surface tablets, it still seems a lot for a smaller version.

The report also says that mass production will begin in the first quarter of 2014, which seems to contradict with earlier details that the new Surface would be announced at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference in late June this year. It’s possible of course that the previous report was about refreshed Surface models for this summer and that this smaller version is coming next year but at this point it’s impossible to know.

In another snippet of new information it’s rumored that the smaller Surface version will have a display with 4:3 aspect ratio (the same as the iPad mini) as opposed to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the current Surface tablets. However the rumored price of around $399 seems exorbitant, around $70 more than the iPad mini and around double the price of the Google Nexus 7 although they both have lower-resolution displays. At that price though we do wonder where Microsoft will find buyers for its smaller Surface tablet.

Would you be interested in a mini version of the Microsoft Surface tablet? If Microsoft were to produce this smaller Surface at a price of $399 would you consider that excessive? What price would you pay for a smaller Surface tablet? Let us know with your comments.

Source: Cnet


7 thoughts on “New Microsoft Surface tablet could shrink but have hefty price”

  1. Had enough says:

    Another Microsoft cycle. Announce it. Overprice it. Sell less than a million in Q1. Sales dwindle to nothing. Announce the next product. Declare success.

    Never release actual sales numbers or returns.

  2. I think there will be many who will want to get a smaller Windows 8 tablet, however, I am interested in a Surface 2.0 that would have a screen no smaller than the present model. I would like a Surface Pro 2.0 that is as thin, as light, and as long-lasting as the Surface RT. I have both a Surface RT and a Surface Pro and I must tell you I prefer carrying the RT around more. However, I would love to have a digitizing stylus pen, like the Surface Pro.
    However, what I really want in the Surface 2.0 is a wireless display so that I can send the image from the Surface to a second monitor, television, or video projector without a cable. That would be extremely helpful.

  3. ronf57 says:

    well, in answering the articles question…”Are you interested in a smaller surface device for $399?”

    I for one think microsoft is headed in the right direction.

    I have heard many around me desireing a device “tablet-like” with a “keyboard” that runs “windows apps” they already know. perfect size for pocket and purse alike for taking notes and being productive in meetings.

    The other reason I think microsoft is headed in the right direction is the display 1400×1050 seems to be reasonable enough for a 7.5″ size device. I’m a more is better guy but I could see that size reasonable enough.

    The missing information is the buy decision balance point….processor? amount of ram? amount of storage space? and connectivity/expansion options: physical-usb,sdcard,hdmi? network: wifi, bluetooth, 3g/4g, stylus?
    To expect a decision that is based on an incomplete set of features and abilities is ludicrious.
    But the display resolution is encouraging.
    one last note…I agree witht the poster about wireless display transfer being a good thing. but that is a plus after all the other hardware specs and features.

  4. BobSchmagogee says:

    If the smaller Surface tablet has Windows 8 on it, 399.00 is a steal. It would be a tablet that could run everything a normal pc could in a smaller form factor. The iPad that you keep comparing it to is nothing like a full featured OS so it wouldn’t even compare.

  5. Von_V says:

    I want a 6 inch Surface Phone running on LTE. That will be the perfect phone/smaller tablet for me. I have a Surface Pro, it does everything I can do on a desktop.

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