The Ellen DeGeneres show check in using Viggle app for $100k


Just recently we gave you the great news of the new ‘Heads Up’ app made famous by Ellen DeGeneres, and now it looks like the TV sensation wants to give you more by tuning into her TV show.

Today we would like to let you know about the Ellen DeGeneres show check in using the Viggle app for the chance to win $100k.

The Talk show host talks about the new “Check In To Win” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with the Viggle app, this started on May 6th and finishes on May 31st, so we guess you should hurry if you would like to win some money.

If you check in to the show using Viggle you will see much more information, just a reminder to all those that reside in the UK, the app is not available to you, it is only available via the U.S App Store and Google Play.

Simply download the Viggle app and then check in to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” using the audio check-in feature, viewers who have checked in to the shows broadcast each week could win a potential $20,000, Ellen will also give $1000 on a daily basis during the Check In To Win.

Seems like Ellen is taking the world by storm, she has already amassed 10-million on her Facebook page, her Heads Up app is a huge success and now she is giving away money if you use Viggle.

Have you already checked in to the Ellen DeGeneres show using Viggle?

If you do not have the Viggle app please click on the relevant links — App Store / Google Play.

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