Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in metal vs plastic debate


Earlier on today we reported even though not official that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could possibly come with a 6-inch display, and even though on numerous of times it was speculated to have an LCD display it is more than likely going to be an AMOLED display.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 having a flexible display is something we can count out, this will not happen this year. We are most certain it will be 6-inches what ever the screen material is, but we want to hit on something more important so please read on.

The popularity of using metal for back casings on smartphones is very high indeed, there are millions of consumers that love the HTC One for its build quality and yes this has a metal casing, but would this be good on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

The Galaxy Note 2 still feels special, we use it on a daily basis as well as a few other smartphones such as the iPhone 5, it still feels relatively new and doesn’t seem that long ago it was released, but hey it is great news a Galaxy Note 3 is soon to release this year as far as rumours go.

Samsung has used plastic for its flagship smartphones for some time now, the high-end phones such as the Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2 have all been plastic.

We call this the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in metal vs plastic debate, would you like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in metal or should it remain with the plastic back cover?


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in metal vs plastic debate”

  1. henndrix1 says:

    And Samsung please don’t make screen any bigger if it means bigger wider body. 10 inches screen or more is fine, but a body that can be folded to the size of a note 2 or smaller would be fantastic! Metal casing with a pushed-in battery unit to the side or bottom would probably solved removable battery issues on metal body phones. Just my 2cents.

  2. TAUSMC says:

    As long as Samsung keeps the removable battery and expandable memory, I don’t care what it is made out of. I would really like to see the unbreakable flexible OLED display. I don’t know why people complain about the plastic. They aren’t using cheap plastic for 1 and for 2 most people get cases for their phones anyways. So who cares about if they are using metal or plastic. I don’t use cases and I prefer the plastic. The plastic is durable, doesn’t show scratches very easily, easy to replace, not expensive to replace, grips to your hand easier, and is lighter then the metal. I’ve seen the metal phones with out cases and they tent to look like crap after 6 months to a year. My Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, and Galaxy Note 2 sill look good.

  3. Rolo Diaz says:

    I think it should stay plastic because a 6 inch screen means a larger overall phone, and made of metal means much heavier than plastic. I’m gonna put a case on mine anyways so really doesn’t matter. I have a note 1 and is been on a trident case for the longest and when i take it out it still brand new.

  4. Jonathan Angieri says:

    PLEASE OH PLEASE be metal!! I love my note 2 and hate putting it in case because it feels so awesome in my hand! I love the look but i know i would love the look ten fold it they switched to a metal material. Im sure they can cut down on the weight using lighter weight materials. Once again i say,, please go with something different and put all the other manufacturers to shame.. Go NOTE 3!!

  5. Jimmy Drew says:

    Forget metal, it is not needed. C’mon make it our of carbon fiber that is the future. Much stronger than metal and lighter, feels good in the hand and you can easily make it so you can remove the battery and sd card and sim card. Need to give us a larger battery and a screen we can see outside. Maybe a bit quicker engine. I’ll buy it and pay full price. Please don’t go crazy on size. I love my Note 2. 5.5 is a winner. 6″ is going to be close to too large. Again, copy the Note 2. Make it out of carbon fiber and give it a larger battery and better screen you can see in day light and a faster processor. We can keep this for 2 years for a change. Oh, would love to see sapphire glass… or maybe gorilla 4??? Thanks for asking.

  6. Usman says:

    I sggest they should go for metal but that may increase the weight so should keep in mind that note 3 should be lighter. As far as screen i think they should not go for a big screen unless if they can fit in the same size chassis.
    I m not using any cover jusy because it will be bulky..

  7. Its a phone not a piece of jewellery! Lets be practical and keep our desire for metal in cosmetic jewelry. Think formula 1, Dream-liner, Americas Cup sail boats – composite are light, modern and resilient.

  8. I know of 2 friends who have dropped the HTC with metal body, both times from a short height, result…. Cracked screen.
    I know of many iPhone owners too with the above problem.
    Whereas dropping of the samsungs I have owned s2,s3 and note 2 over the past 24 months have faired without damage, WHY, because the plastic flexed each time and softened the impact.
    You work out the science 🙂

  9. Abdul Azeez says:

    I need gorilla glass in note 3. Put smart function much better than S4. Screen around 6″ by 3.5″ is good. Make bettary life much longer.

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