Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch and screen size confirmed


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has now taken over from its smaller brother the S4 with regards to daily rumours and speculation, and has led to us coming under a constant barrage from claims of what the device will bring to the table later this year. We now have news that has come from the company itself that confirms when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be launched along with the handsets screen size.

While talking about the sales success of the recently released Galaxy S4 that only took fifty days to pass the ten million mark, Samsung Electronics co-CEO, Shin Jong-kyun, confirmed that the Galaxy Note 3 will be released without a flexible display, which will be disappointing news for many fans of the company and also confirms reports we heard yesterday.

Shin Jong-kyun stated that the company needed more time to develop the technology so the handset won’t feature such a display, and went on to state the company will debut the Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.9-inch OLED display with officials confirming this will be at the 2013 IFA event in Germany in September, which kicks off on the 2nd until the 9th.

This confirms rumours we heard back in March that the device would be coming at the event as last year the Galaxy Note 2 was also showcased there. There is a growing belief that the new Note model will continue the same design that is already seen with the Galaxy S4 and its predecessor the S3.

There would have been some that were holding out for a flexible display on the Samsung device, but previous reports have suggested the company has been having issues with the manufacturing of such technology.

Are you disappointed with this news?

Source: The Korea Times.


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch and screen size confirmed”

  1. Mahendra Shah says:

    Very large internal memory , a very powerful removable battery, a slot for a wrist strap, and a slot for an SD Card (perhaps even two slots).Once that is established as a basic requirement then reconsider a larger screen or announce another phablet 7inches big or in the very least 6.5inches big…this note 2 is really not looking too big any more…I could do with a much larger screen size which just about grazes the tablet territory but sits very comfortably in my pocket.Please design beautiful back or even a couple of backs even a rubberised back so the phablet rests safely in the hand. SAMSUNG PLEASE DON’T GO GETTING SCARED ABOUT THE COMPETITION.give us what we want and you will not go wrong. THANKS

  2. Jeff says:

    Internal space is a MUST for a device like this. A sturdy case instead of plastic would be great too. Removable battery and an SD slot are also a must have. Release the same phone world wide when it is announced like iCrap does. Sick of hearing a device announced, waiting MONTHS for it to hit the shelves, and finding out the specs are different.

  3. bob says:

    Everyone reading this article should be aware that NOTHING has been confirmed, this article is just recycling old speculations. I am searching for ACTUAL news on this device, not some no-nothing blogger regurgitating other articles that were published weeks ago. Stop wasting peoples time.

  4. Jimmy Drew says:

    I really like the 5.5″ screen but can live with 5.9″. Hopefully it will have a battery that can last a full 18 hours with a lot of use. I work outside and use the phone outside to take “Notes”. I would love a screen that would be bright enough to outside in Florida. The Note 2 is terrific and I will keep it until the Note 3 comes out. Brighter screen and bigger battery… I would love. Also like to see wireless charging. That would be terrific. The Note 2 has enough functionality, enough storage and personally think that carbon fiber is the way to go for construction not metal. Like I said before I will buy it and pay full price. Maybe, just maybe, this phone will last more than a year. jimdrew@bellsouth.net.

  5. bigsmoke says:

    Just hope they dont make the handset bigger as the note 2 is perfect in size! If they can squeeze a bigger screen and less bezel onto the current handset size for the note 3 then to me thsts perfect!

    1. Jimmy Drew says:

      I’m with you on this one bigsmoke. I love the screen size. Can I live with 5.9 sure and they may just might do that to make “something new”. The Note 2 is one awesome handset. If they implement my suggestions they will sell more than the S4. My Note 2 has almost replaced my computer. It has already replaced my newspaper and magazines and calculator. Hell, I even use it to make phone calls!!!! That is going to be the wave of the future.

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