Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design feature doubts


Despite being hugely popular Samsung smartphones come under some criticism about their build quality, which can be mainly from Apple fans that should be more worried about easily scratching their iPhone 5. Now some design features that were thought to be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are in doubt.

We will start with the recent news that Samsung were reportedly looking at the build quality of the impressive looking HTC One, and were reportedly worried about the build quality of their own smartphones and may use an aluminium frame for the Galaxy Note 3.

Now these reports are being put down to some clever PR work by HTC themselves according to industry analyst and serial tweeter, Eldar Murtazin. Now there is a chance this could be true as despite the fact Samsung uses polycarbonate bodies for its smartphones, it doesn’t stop them selling by the bucket load.

If the company were to use an aluminium frame it could be at the expense of extremely popular features on Samsung smartphones such as removable batteries, and microSD card support which is always a popular option among users.

Another feature that was hoped to maybe coming to the Galaxy Note 3 was flexible displays but unfortunately this doesn’t now to seem to be the case. According to a report over at ETnews the company is having issues with the quality of the flexible displays and the encapsulation process.

OLED displays need encapsulation to help protect them from oxygen and moisture, but Samsung seems to be having issues with this process are reportedly looking at other ways so the technology may not be ready in time for the expected 2013 release of its flexible displays.

Will you be disappointed if the Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t feature an aluminium frame or a flexible display?


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design feature doubts”

  1. Jack says:

    I would be more disapointed if it didnt include a microSD slot, infact I wouldnt buy it if it didnt have this feature, aluminum would be nice but not at the exclusion of other features, Samsung would be shooting itself in the foot.

  2. Jimmy Drew says:

    Forget the aluminum or titanium most put these devices in a case, who cares what it is made of. Actually a polycarbonate is stronger and less likely to incur damage. Yes, want a SD slot and a removable battery but hopefully the new Note 3 will have a bigger battery and of course wireless charging. I believe that will be a feature on all smart phones soon. My Note 2 is super fast and lasts about 12 hours of continuous use. Used the NFC and S beam for the first time, wow it is awesome.

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