Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deal breaker for upgrade


We’ve been bringing readers news and leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, expected to be the next flagship device release for the giant manufacturer. This is due later this year, probably heading for a fall release and if you’ve been trying to keep up with all the rumors it can be difficult with so many sources. However we came across a short and sweet video summary of leaked & rumored specs, which also gives a look at various Galaxy Note 3 concept designs and we thought we’d share it with you. Along with this we’d like to know what would be the deal breaker for you on the next Galaxy Note?

While some of the rumors we’ve brought you are mentioned again on this video summary it’s convenient to have a shot of everything all at once. It’s also interesting to see some of the Galaxy Note 3 concept looks from designers and we wonder if any of the creations shown on the video are designs that you would like to see for the real deal?

The release date has not been confirmed but this video compiler mentions a September release, around the same time as the iPhone 5S is expected. As for specs, as a brief recap there have been rumblings of a 5.9-inch full HD Super AMOLED display, 13-megapixel camera, Octa-core processor, Mali 450 GPU, 3GB of RAM, and Android 4.3 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie skinned with TouchWiz.

A flexible display has been speculated many times but at this point it’s difficult to predict anything as far as this is concerned. A good point is raised at the conclusion of the video regarding whether, if these specs are accurate, consumers will find it worthwhile upgrading from the Galaxy Note 2 and we’d really like to hear from our readers regarding this. Also if you’d like to check out some of our previous Galaxy Note 3 articles head here.

Are you one of the many enthusiasts of the Galaxy Note 2 and are you considering upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when it appears? What for you would be a deal breaker on this? Check out the video below and then please head back to us with your comments as we always appreciate views from our readers.


48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deal breaker for upgrade”

  1. Deylune says:

    my phone will be a year old in september of this year so i will probably upgrade to the Note 3 just because it will be a killer device and i like samsung

  2. Gilles LeBlanc says:

    By the time note 3 comes out LG and HTC may be matured enough with big screens. This isnt the apple eco system things can change. Not sure…..

  3. Joe says:

    the only thing that makes Samsung Note (whatever) better than iPhone is the stylus. Apple is a far superior phone and operating system, however the gap is closing.

    1. Johan says:

      Haha, not even close. The Iphone is so far behind that it’s laughable and has been since the Iphone 3G. The fact that it sells so well is only due to mass hysteria, nothing else. There are technically many worse smartphones out there than the Iphone. But for your money’s worth, it certainly is THE worst smartphone on the market and has been since the Iphone 3G.

    2. loading189 says:

      The iphone even spec wise is half the phone that the s4, or even the note 2 is, and the battery is deplorable. There is nothing that makes the Iphone unique anymore it falls in line with every other smartphone. Samsung are the new innovators.

  4. SWAGATAM says:

    nothing can beat apple! samsung is cheap and not very smooth. Apple is the best and will always remain the best! Samsung dont you feel ashamed of copying everything from apple!

    1. wargamer1969 says:

      Wake up stop drinking the old koolaid pal. I left the Iphone behind at the 4 and never looked back. Stop being like everyone else and go Android.

  5. CtCatholic says:

    A flexible screen is not important to me. It must have everything that the s4 phone has. I will buy it if it is at least as good as the s4 phone.

    Last month I bought a “note 2” and returned it within the two weeks period. I wanted a larger screen but I was not willing to take an inferior product to my S3. On June 9 I will buy the new s4. Then this fall, I will also buy a note 3 if it is better or even as good as the s4.
    So what I am saying is that I am definitely a buyer but I do not want an inferior product.

    1. KinGenesis says:

      I got the s4 yesterday and its on ebay today. I’m sticking with my note 2. Nothing about s4 was breath taking for me. Maybe for users upgrading from s3 but from a note 2 to s4 is more a downgrade.

  6. wargamer1969 says:

    Coming from a Note 1, the 3 will def be worth an upgrade this Fall as I’m eligible for one in October. Recently got Jelly Bean update and LTE service from standard 4G on my Note 1 which breathed new life into it until the 3 comes out. I surely would like to see it out perform the S4 in all areas as well. But it certainly won’t be a phone for the masses like the S4 is which is how I like it.

  7. Jordan Swann says:

    I got the the galaxy note 2 and from whats I here from this video I honestly dont think id upgrade just based on how I use my pnone none if these new features would effect me except for the bigger screen.

  8. Jimmy Drew says:

    I love my Note 2. Wanted the S4 but the specs and reviews lead me to believe that my Note 2 is superior. If they: 1. Give a bit better battery life. 2. Wireless charging. 3. More visible screen in daylight. 4. A bit faster processor. Leave the rest the same and I will pay full price. I am ready Samsung. Bring it on.


      1. Jimmy Drew says:

        For the model 1605? I have seen it and actually ordered for the 1700 until I realized the model numbers were different. If it is for the Verizon Model I will buy it now. Do you have details that you are willing to share? I would appreciate it…and thanks.

  9. Kevin says:

    This is somewhat what I posted on his youtube. But little longer (Youtube doesn’t give enough room):

    As a Note 2 user I would seriously into look into the Note 3. What makes me concern is the screen itself. S4 1080 resolution screen is only somewhat better than Note 2. HTC One 1080 resolution screen is much better than both Note 2 & S4. Samsung needs to work on better screen technology. As well as Samsung needs to work on adding larger internal memory storage (minimal of 64gb+). Small internal memory storage is the largest annoyance on the Note 2. But I still would go towards larger capacity removable battery, SD card option, larger screen size, & features like Multi-Window, etc

    The eight things I am looking for is

    1.larger internal memory storage (minimal of 64gb+)
    2. higher resolution screen
    3. larger screen
    4. better screen technology
    5. more features
    6. more polished features
    7. larger capacity removable battery
    8. keep SD card option

    1. Chocolatelab95 says:

      I’m looking for all the same things you are looking for and about to buy a phone, so let me know which one you think fits this description

      1. Kevin says:

        The idea of the list came from looking at what Galaxy Note 2 has and then ask myself “What could be improve on the Galaxy Note 2?”.
        The answer is hopefully the Galaxy Note 3 will match this list. I don’t any other model or manufacture, including Apple, that would get close to matching this list. But the idea is to the look at products as they are rather than what is popular. Then you will get a quality product.

      1. Kevin says:

        I remember my old Droid X. That device got dropped so many times, drowned in water many times, thrown many times by a toddler boy, and even ran over by cars. My Droid X is still working now. Droid X is tougher than nails. My 5 yr son is using it as his pocket gaming and video device.

        1. Jeff says:

          The ONLY reason and I do me ONLY reason I didn’t pick up the Razr Maxx HD and kick Sammy out of my mind was the sealed battery. Had the 32GB that Sammy can’t seem to do, great battery life, and isn’t made of plastic. Droid X is a tank. I work as a werehouse mechanic. It gets dropped, smashed, thrown, covered in oil and grease, even high temps. Screen protector and silicon case is all it has. In almost 4 years it has a few small scratces in it and a VERY small corner dent is all. Get it together Sammy or a Moto and a juice pack is my next buy.

  10. daz says:

    Wow 3gb ram realy? Er er and 1080p display .5.9inch 13 mega pixal. If they put good spekers on it I will have one. O yes whata beast

    1. Phoenix says:

      Or like the Note 10.1.

      Dual forward facing stereo speakers on the tablet. Samsung beat HTC to it, they just dumped the good speakers in a tablet instead of a phablet.

      If this comes with 64GB internal and they don’t ditch the SD and upgradeable battery I’ll be grabbing the unlocked version.

  11. JStone says:

    I have an HTC inspire 4g right now, and I have had an upgrade available for some time now. At first I was really wanting a phone with louder sound, considering I am hard of hearing. But I have always been about big screens. When the inspire came out it was the largest display among all popular brands. And it had the best specs including the first 8mp camera. I loved it. Anyway, I wanted the note 2, but then the HTC one was being talked about with stereo front speakers up to 93 db! I was stoked, until it came out, and I went to the store, and realized, it is only a few mms taller than my display and the same width… Doesn’t feel like much of an upgrade. If HTC made the One with like 5.3″ or bigger then I would’ve been sold in 2 seconds. But then I was debating note 2 vs HTC One, and realized I wouldn’t be happy even with the louder phone which doesn’t really sound anywhere near 93 db:( I need that huge screen. But not just huge, 1080p and nice. Which is what is making me hold on until the note 3 cones out. 6″, 1080p, and 13mp cam, 3gb RAM, hell yeah. Only thing I hate is not having loudness, and hate cartoony touchwiz. But I’ll deal. Oh and I could give a flip less about how I look putting the 6″ thang up to my ear to call someone, I don’t think its ridiculous at all. It just means you got the pimp big-azz phone;)

  12. AvidGardener3 says:

    I couldn’t wait for the Note 1 to get here, love it. I will be able to upgrade about the time the Note 3 launches. I love S Note so whether I get a Note 2 or 3 will depend on what features the Note 3 brings to the S Note app. I have the Note 10.1 and love the dual window features and would be thrilled to have the Note 2 with the same features. The deal breaker for me will be whether the Note 3 has compatibility across the various Note devices. I think it’s a mistake that the various Notes can’t send S Notes to each other and be compatible in the same way that docs and other things are. If they fix that with the Note 3, that will be the deciding factor for me.

      1. AvidGardener3 says:

        I could sometimes get S notes to appear on other devices, but as soon as I’d go to write additional info when it wasn’t on the original Note, the original text on the s note would be wiped out. Very frustrating. And besides, just syncing and being able to continue writing on them, I’ve never been able to send an S note to another Note user except as a jpeg. I always felt they should be compatible just like a polaris document, able to read and edit on other Notes. Thanks for letting me know about the syncing. If you can sync and continue writing on the notes on other note devices, please let me know how step by step. I thought I’d tried everything under the sun but it’s always possible I missed something, especially because I’d never worried about syncing to any cloud service before. Thanks for any advice on this!

  13. Mad hatter says:

    1. I think its apparent now that people or certain individuals like myself really want the speed and storage that our home pc towers carry. And Taking our pc power, speed and storage witb us on the go is a must. So min of 4gb cache memmory and expandable of 64gb is essential. That said a 1tb expandable sd card would highten the power grab amongst the big guns.
    2. Speed is of the essence, So as fast as possible 4 a phone. The s3 has a good speed and responce time.
    3. Now for me personally volume is a must 2 speakers please and a rich bass even the nokia 8g had this.
    4. Camera. Now big lover of pics photography ect, so lets see a bigger lens to let more light in. Thats the key thing here and the same features as samsungs new camera with internet attached please. I wanna be able 2 ditch my 35mm lens camera 4 it. Presently im not using as much with the camera on the note 1. More features please more scope, more playtime.
    5. HD RECORDING. Well this phone blows away my fuji hd recording period.
    When i 1st bought this phone i was dumb struck at the power of the quality, sound and clarity that the end result produced. Truly a master piece. Advances…..well id say that features should include extra options in the settings menu.

  14. Badmonkey says:

    No not till I need to replace my note 2 , then I will look at what’s the better replacement but unless we get holigrafic capability .im good with the note 2

  15. peter says:

    note 2 whats the point having a sd card if you can not move apps to it ez

    and the usb on the phone will not pick up my car radio this phone is crap now

    the old note you could move apps to sd card ez and would pick up car raido

    when you plug in the car raido usb had this phone s2 for 3 weeks and will be

    selling it very soon Samsung you r going to lose to htc because of this

    no one tells you this when you buy this phone check it out you will see

    and do you think the note 3 is going to be any better if you want a phone

    that can do the above then get htc xl

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