Microsoft Surface RT price drop continues


Negative news seems to be surrounding Microsoft’s Surface RT with a price drop continuing to highlight the majority of stories. We couldn’t help but be impressed with the innovative keyboard cover and early reviews revealed a device with many talents, so why all the negative news?

Back in April we first heard about prices of Microsoft Surface RT falling, which analysts claimed this was an attempt to clear stock after poor sales of the convertibles and tablets with the Surface RT OS.

Microsoft launched late last year with Windows 8 for Intel devices and Windows RT for ARM-based devices, but the price drop has been seen as confirmation of failure when it comes to Windows RT. This is the opinion of this article published last month, although the level of failure is up for debate and we’d love to hear your comments on this?


Microsoft Surface RT price drop news continues — within the last 24 hours WP Central published some details on a new price drop for Microsoft Surface RT, which reveals a killer deal at only $399 for the 32GB Surface RT in Staples stores.

The feedback to this article so far has been extremely positive and the majority of people think it is a really good deal. Those that love their Surface RT point to it “being better than an iPad thanks to full flash and browsing anything in widescreen unlike the iPad”. Another user said, “Surface RT has all the apps I need and delivers for Internet Explorer, Twitter and Reddit on the move”.

Another reader backed Surface RT in five simple points, stating “very good battery, thin keyboard, the smoothest PDF file reader, full Office support and a full flash web browser”.

It is great seeing this positive support for Microsoft’s Surface RT, and it is hard to find that many negative comments from users, so why the negative results being reported in the media? Do you love Microsoft Surface RT? It is worth noting that earlier this month we heard rumors about Microsoft’s next-generation Surface RT having a reasonable price.


17 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface RT price drop continues”

  1. SciKautic says:

    Love my RT … Most people just need the ability to run Office Applications on the go and the RT delivers. Sorry haters …. RT may not have all the power and capability of the Pro or a laptop, may not have all the 3 million trash Apps that Apple has but it does have what I need and if some of the haters out there would just give it a dedicated two week try they might at least be willing to accept the device as a real player in the market.

    1. Mcdonalds says:

      I would of gotten the RT, but I needed the memory and knew it was going to fail in sales and plan on selling the pro before they do a price drop on it for the second gen, because no matter what first gen of anything is crap, weather its the iphone, iPad, Xbox, Ext.

  2. GJ says:

    I first bought a pro, loved it, but hated the low battery life, the heat generation, and the weight. Decided to give the Surface RT a try, never regretted it. Everything I needed, I rarely need to use my laptop now.

    1. Ron W. says:

      I’m glad to read your experience GJ. As a former electronic sales person, I had many customers demand the pro because of opinions from friends and others, when in fact the RT version would have gave them a better experience. I hope in future versions of surface, Microsoft does a better job at controlling their story. The RT really does give a better mobile experience than the pro, and the perceived limits are baseless for the vast majority of the public. Most people only use office, email, and web. None the less, I am glad you are enjoying your device.

  3. Botta says:

    I would love to really try a surface rt tablet but already have an android transformer pad and can’t justify upgrading and switching ecosystems yet.

  4. Lol says:

    I would still prefer a clover trail tablet than one of these. It isa faster proccessor than a tegra 3 even if the they dont have a cover lol

  5. newguy says:

    I have to agree with SciKautic love the RT. It is what I hoped the ipad would be when it came out. Initially when the ipad came on the scene and ran ios instead of osx and didn’t have any usb ports ect I was disappointed. However, after reading the reviews and seeing the eventual success I picked up two of the original ipads and realized that apple had something here that was designed around a mobile os and ran on an arm type processor that meant the unit was quiet, woke instantly and didn’t generate heat. But still I used my desktop for most things. Fast forward two years and now I have the surface RT and am finding that it has the good qualities of an arm tablet plus just enough expandability that I now rarely boot up the desktop. The features are well known by now but I have to say that the unit hits a sweet spot between the kindle app and the MS Office 2013 productivity. Are there some negatives? Yep. Things like the email program is weak on features. But most of the complaints reported by the tech industry are wrong or out of perspective. Things like poor screen resolution when the screen looks very good. One tech writer said the unit is confusing because it has the tile interface along side the traditional desktop. Are you kidding. I really like this. I can use the unit as a traditional tablet and it works very good as such and then attach the keyboard and have nearly 100% of my desktop experience on the go. Overall the RT is a great unit and I don’t quit understand the sales because this really was a considerable improvement over my ipads. Evidently not for everyone though.

  6. skiingkow says:

    Once word of mouth goes around, I am confident that the RT will soon outsell the ipad. The ipad doesn’t even come close to the power, flexibility and ergonomics of an RT.

  7. jimadcock says:

    I bought a Pro. Initially I wasn’t terribly impressed, but as time goes on I’m liking it more and more. Wonderful for traveling, light “wherever you are” browsing or email, or I tear off the display and use it to read longer professional PDF documents. In short, a very practical and useful tool. Very happy to have gotten the bluetooth mouse working with it — but getting that working was not trivial.

  8. Mara says:

    I also bought a Pro first, a bit worried by the alleged limitations of the RT that all reviewers are talking about. I found it absolutely amazing, but its battery life annoying. I decided to buy the RT too and return the one that I liked the least. I ended up loving the RT and returning the Pro. It does everything I need: Office, fun, weather, news, navigation, EVERYTHING. I really believe the reviewers were either mean or paid by the competition, because there’s nothing that the RT does wrong. My boyfriend has an i5 ASUS and the RT opens some apps faster that his high-end ultrabook. I don’t know what more can people expect from a tablet than to do everything, to run for the entire day, to be silent, light and fast. People keep comparing it to the iPad, which can only consume media, can only be managed while connected to a computer, that cannot run Office and basically can only shout ‘I am spending way to much on useless electronics, and I generally know nothing about IT, but I want to pass as fancy and knowledgeable’. The RT has FREE incorporated office, can perform multitasking, connects to Wi-Fi and printers very easily, can even hide its IP with the VPN apps available. There’s now a Photoshop Express app that’s FREE. I am amazed and disappointed by the mean reviewers who say it’s limited.
    I LOVE MY RT and would not change it for the world. Moreover, the Surface was my first owned tabled, because none of the other ones has ever been able to convince me that it is of any use, and I think that, if I am ready to pay 6-700$ on a tablet, then I should be able to do more with it than just play angry birds. And when compares to the tablets using the Atom processor, yes, those have full windows, but keep in mind that you have to add an full time antivirus, and you’ll just be tempted to install everything on it, which will eventually turn them into slow, sluggish tablets.

  9. Christian Kallevig says:

    I can really understand the negativity towards Surface RT, at least on some level. First, Windows has a somewhat negative connotation with a lot of people (some of which may be deserved, but it’s certainly overblown) and, secondly, I believe that when people see a device running Windows and featuring the familiar desktop interface it is natural for them to expect that it should be able to run standard Windows applications, especially considering the inclusion of Office.

    When I bought a Surface RT, I knew what I was getting. I wasn’t expecting the old Windows, I got it specifically because it represented this new vision for Windows in its purest form and I wanted to give it a go before judging it. And I’ve come out liking my Surface RT quite a bit. It’s not perfect (it can feel under-powered at times, could probably use a second USB port, and a few other minor issues), but the ability to use basic multitasking is great, the touch cover is a genuinely useful addition that makes it feel more ultrabook than tablet (coupled with the kickstand), it gets great battery life… the list goes on. It’s a good device, there’s no doubt of that. But it could also benefit from further iteration and refinement.

    At the end of the day, though, I’m not sure who I’d recommend it to. I don’t think most people looking for a Windows machine are ready for a world without the familiarity of their desktop apps and the Windows store doesn’t have all the answers to this problem yet. And on the other end of the spectrum, I think people looking for a tablet want something simple with an ultra high resolution display over the more flexible, yet harder to learn Windows RT/Surface RT combo.

    It’s too bad, really. Windows 8/RT really do a lot of great things with touch and it will only get better with time. I hope Windows tablets become commonplace someday, but I don’t think their time has come yet

  10. carlos trindade says:

    Well, after the intense, and orchestrated press movement against MS Tablets, Windows 8 and Surface RT and PRO, there’s no other way. Apple is cool, is a fad and is the teddy bear of the tech press. Anything else does not deserve their kudos. But, REAL Surface RT heavy users have different perceptions. After using a Android Tablet for quite some time, I’m using my Surface RT for 7 months have REAL and detailed REVIEW about it, check http://SurfaceRtReview.BlogSpotcom

  11. jimh says:

    My wife has one and it’s just great. I’ll buy the 8 inch as soon as it’s out.

    The “negative results reported in the media” are mostly articles about negative results reported in the media. It’s just coverage of coverage. People who actually have them like them a lot.

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