New BlackBerry 10: PlayBook BB10 update confuses users


Some of our readers asked us to look into the new BlackBerry 10 update for PlayBook users, which has apparently been a confusing matter for these tablet owners. After a quick look this weekend, we can see that the news updates have been both contradictive and confusing.

Back in January, this blog reported some comments from BlackBerry’s CEO that claimed the new BlackBerry 10 software would be coming to PlayBook. We even highlighted some of the confusion back in March, which clearly revealed a lot of confusion about the release date and even if the new BlackBerry 10 update would ever arrive on PlayBook.

PlayBook BB10 update in May — only two weeks ago we heard that the new BlackBerry 10 upgrade wouldn’t arrive on PlayBook, which this article raised the question and met feedback from users stating the situation is “pathetic”. These users feel that the PlayBook is the best tablet around, but are “rather disappointed” at the lack of support in updating the operating system.

You might think the situation is pretty clear-cut now, although you would be wrong after seeing this update just yesterday. The short blog post looks at a tweet, which claims the BlackBerry OS 10 update will arrive with the PlayBook in “the next few weeks”. This tweet was published on the official BlackBerry Mexico Twitter account.

We are skeptical about the chances of PlayBook users gaining the BlackBerry 10 update after the confusion lasting months, but who knows? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


28 thoughts on “New BlackBerry 10: PlayBook BB10 update confuses users”

  1. evansE2 says:

    It’s a BlackBerry product like the rest. GIVE US THE UPDATE FOR THE PLAYBOOK. Support your products…your name is on it. Period. If this update doesn’t come, I can say for certain a lot people will be left in the dark and pissed off. The company should realize giving the update AND supporting their own tablet would be better for everyone, including keeping the amount of users they already have. And trust me…they can’t afford to lose any.

  2. evansE2 says:

    I sincerely hope that BlackBerry stops this trend they seem to have had for years…empty promises. BLACKBERRY…..WAKE UP…..NO BB10 UPDATE FOR THE PLAYBOOK = YOUR OWN DEMISE. The company must realize they need to keep the remaining fan base they currently have, not shove them under the carpet.


    More people might just see you differently, if you follow through. It would make you look good in the eyes of the consumer.

  3. Rory Grant says:

    I’m guessing the confusion is related to BB’s ongoing consideration of whether to release a new tablet of some sort. If they do, they’ll want it to be the first look at BB10 on a tablet. Releasing a new product after updating the old product with the new software would be a huge marketing mistake. You should all just be rooting for the company and quit worrying about your play book. They practically gave it to you for free so quit complaining.

  4. Truenorth 1960 says:

    I can say this: I will have far less incentive to purchase a bb phone if there is no tablet update. If Heins has decided it is best to write-off that type of customer, so be it, but he better make it clear soon because no clarification may mean a permanent no bb of any kind for users like me.

  5. evansE2 says:

    I highly doubt people who paid $300.00 to $500.00 would call their playbook “free”. Why don’t you move your rants and useless comments to the iphone forum. Thank you.

  6. evansE2 says:

    “quit worrying about your playbook”…quit posting stupid comments here. You leave us with a poor excuse of an analysis, then you bash people about their playbook, and basically tell them to shut up about it. Tell you what…If you don’t like the fact I’m supporting BlackBerry, and the way I choose to do it ( make myself heard ), then piss off. Quit YOUR complaining…it seems like you are, more than helping out here.

    1. evansE2 says:

      If you can push buttons / icons to type on your tablet, can you not push buttons on a coffee maker, lol? Is that the new wave of the future, lol? perhaps BlackBerry should make a bridge function on your coffee maker, lol.

      Are you that lazy? Wow.

  7. evansE2 says:

    Yeah, the famous tab 2 7.0…..the tablet that can’t even hold a homepage, and gives you an error when you close every tab completely, then open a new one. Garbage.

    Been there, done that. Never again.

  8. evansE2 says:

    BlackBerry Just needs to start, and continue on, delivering their promises. That would likely help their image and business grow more, if they follow through with updating their tablet for a start. The new CEO needs to show everyone how good BlackBerry CAN be. If they would update what tablets already exist, it would likely promote any further tablet sales in the future. It might even change Thorsten Heins’ views on the future of the BlackBerry tablet, and what people will think of the future ones. If people can experience BB10 on the current tablets out there now, the word will almost surely spread globally on just how good the new tablet and the OS actually is. Then, future tablet users will actually look forward to paying good money once again for a quality tablet, from a new and improved BlackBerry company.

    Use your head BlackBerry…a lot of people will come back to your tablet if BB10 is implemented on it. This would be a huge gain in every aspect, for BlackBerry.

  9. evansE2 says:

    Someone posted below ” would be a huge marketing mistake “….how would you rather spend the company’s money sir? Blow it all on a new, untried tablet, and have to release numerous fixes and updates to boot, or try BB10 on a tablet they already have out? Seems to me you don’t know too much about what you’re talking about, from a business point of view. If BlackBerry had people like you taking care of their company, it would be broke and gone under long ago. Implement BB10 on a tablet ( Hardware ) that already functions half decent from the get go, means tons less of expense for the company. It also builds the existing users trust AND their respect, and would actually give the user something to look forward to in the future, such as a NEWLY DESIGNED / IMPROVED tablet.

    I love your way of thinking, lol.

  10. Michael P says:

    Ignoring the people who just come here to bash PlayBook user…

    We’re here because we invested in the PlayBook and feel that it’s a great product. I’m a corporate BlackBerry user and am approaching my refresh date. I’m excited to get my bb10 phone but, at the same time, am dismayed and disappointed that my PlayBook that I have become accustomed to using in the office will be losing a great amount of its functionality unless there is an update to bb10 in the future for it as well.

    While I understand that the hardware specs on the PB are less than the new phones I truly hope that blackberry optimizes the new os enough that those of us who won’t justify disposing our existing PlayBooks aren’t put in that position.

  11. jimmy rufus says:

    well this article has just added to the conclusion and made nothing clear about a yes or a no just like every other playbook bb10 post for the last 8 months

  12. BlackBerry gets bashed for this and gets bashed for that… A lot of people said that “BlackBerry should focus just on Smart Phones, and not a tablet.” See Rene Richie from iMore… Furthermore, Heins did in fact state they will focus R&D on updating the PlayBook to BlackBerry 10. In may or may not come in a few weeks, but they are working on it!

  13. rmudder says:

    I own a playbook, as well as an iPad 4th Gen. I want to use my playbook because it has potential, however OS 2.1 is crap, and there is next to ZERO 3rd Party support for apps. If they aren’t going to support it, then maybe BBRY should allow users to install Android on it. Otherwise at OS 2.1, it is nothing other than a expensive video player.

  14. Yaseer says:

    i’ve been using blackberry playbook for a year and i am happy with i… but as the company treating us , regarding updates , im thinking of changing to android…

    1. Stocklone says:

      On the flip side, BB updated the PB much longer than any Android manufacturer has updated 2011 tablet hardware. You would be stuck on Gingerbread or Honeycomb right now which is a far worse fate than Playbook OS. For example, I just recently used FroYo on a phone. I wanted to stab myself in the eye after a couple minutes. I think they need to update to BB10 as BB10 has the Cascades framework which will allow for so many efficiently coded apps (not games) to appear on the Playbook which would get rid of the biggest issue with the Playbook. So historically, BB has done better than Android. But Android is amazing right now and updates are much better than they used to be. I’m not sure I would dismiss a new modern tablet from BB simply because the Playbook was abandoned after 2 years. The HTC Flyer for example was officially abandoned after just 1 year. The Playbook OS is still compelling to me, honestly unlike early Android. I still love the multi-tasking and gesture based navigation. Just please don’t jump ship to Apple. 🙂

  15. tomwoodman42 says:

    I all i really want is a NETFLIX app. Everything else the average user needs is available in the BB app store. And plenty of the good stuff is free

  16. evansE2 says:

    We playbook users need : BlackBerry Maps (trust me… The Bing Maps suck. It can’t even find your location, no matter what. ), BBM (with video, like the Z10 ), improved Bridge function, improved video chat function (No freezing up issues ), a better browser ( With no checker boarding ), and access to a whole slew of new apps. BlackBerry has to AT LEAST bring us what the modern day curve offers (O.S. 7.1 ), but I hope the update coming in a few weeks offers us THE SAME as what a Z10 or Q10 offers us. Then we can say our Playbooks are up to par with modern day BlackBerry phones. I would be extremely happy….

  17. Leaf says:

    You can’t be still hoping for Netflix can you BB users? BB is a bust! I broke loose and snagged a Note 2, best thing I’ve ever done. My wife uses the voice activated Navigation…etc

  18. DrXym says:

    I think the chances of BB10 on Playbook are pretty remote – a) it’s an old device with a different resolution, dpi and formfactor meaning virtually every single app would require work to support it adequately, b) many apps that people may have installed with PlayBook may not be compatible with BB10 so how do you support them, c) it’s a dead platform so there is little economic incentive to bother with a or b,

    It’s a shame since the Playbook is a nice, albeit old device and it would be good to give it a kiss of life. Also, as a developer it’s the only way I have to develop and test apps to see if they work (emulator is no use for games and multitouch), and I’m certainly not going to buy a BB10 device just for that.

  19. evansE2 says:

    I just read we’re getting the BB10 update on or around July 1st, which is the “few weeks ” they are talking about. Dead platform? Don’t think so. The Z10 is an excellent phone for organizational freaks and professionals who don’t want a phone loaded with bloat ware. I just got my Z10 two days ago, and can say the app selection is better than what I used to get on my HTC Sensation. BB10 works great in my opinion, and the LTE on this phone is super fast. Totally impressed.

    Can’t wait for the update in a few weeks time. It will be nice to finally have native BBM, blackberry maps, BBM with screen share, and a fresh UI. Bring it on…

    1. Tony Rome says:

      “I just read we’re getting the BB10 update on or around July 1st, which
      is the ‘few weeks’ they are talking about. Dead platform? Don’t think

      Hmm… BlackBerry has since confirmed that the Playbook won’t be getting BB10 and that no further updates of any kind will be released for it. Sounds very much like a dead platform to me!

  20. evansE2 says:

    To the poster below:. If blackberry 10 for the PlayBook is ” a dead platform ” and you will most certainly not buy a BB10 device to use for development, why are you on here commenting if the whole thing is a waste of time to you?

    Please post your comments in an android forum. Thanks.

    1. Retro says:

      A large number of people care. It’s available for essentially every other platform and it is rather sad that it is not supported by Blackberry.

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