Samsung Galaxy Star vs Nokia Asha 501 for budgeters


Two phones worth putting side-by-side for the Indian market and those on a budget have to be the Samsung Galaxy Star and the Nokia Asha 501 priced around Rs 5,240 and Rs 5,400, respectively.

The Nokia Asha 501 is a little stunner and comes with reasonable specs, there are a few that would say you should choose the Asha over the Star because the Nokia phone looks more stylish and offers more in the way of colour choices, 6 different colours to be precise, the Galaxy Star only comes in black or white.

Some will prefer the Samsung Galaxy Star over the Nokia Asha 501 when it comes to mapping, Nokia Maps on one and Google Maps on the other, this is the case of personal preferences.


When it comes to the camera features the Star has 2MP (1600×1200 pixels) camera capable of QVGA@15fps video recording, The Nokia Asha 501 has a 3.2MP camera (2048×1536 pixels) and QVGA@15fps video recording — both of these handsets do not have a front-facing camera. So when it comes to the camera the Nokia wins this one, totally your choice if it’s the camera feature you want the most.

Both smartphones come with a 3-inch TFT display with 240 x 320 pixels and 133-ppi pixel density, so this turns out to be a draw. Both models come with a microSD card slot capable for up to 32GB, the Star wins here though because it comes with 4GB internal storage and the Asha 501 only has 128 MB.


Forgetting about the price etc, do you prefer Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS or Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 OS, there are more apps on Google Play so yet again its is a personal preference if you want loads of apps.

The Galaxy Star comes with ChatOn pre-loaded and also comes with Smart Dual SIM; it seems rather good if you are into social networking. Google Now and Google search are on board; it also has the Samsung Apps store.

The Nokia Asha 501 also comes with single or speedy dual SIM; it features pre-loaded software so you can access Facebook, Twitter etc. You can remove the back of the phone so you can switch to another colour when you feel like it, colours include cyan, red, white, black, green and yellow. If you do care about colour choices then we suggest sticking with the Nokia Asha 501.

Phones Review Says: There are a few things to look at here when it comes to choosing either the Samsung Galaxy Star or the Nokia Asha 501, Android is one of the most popular choices and the Asha 501 has a better camera, both are around about the same price for India.

So when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Star vs Nokia Asha 501 for budgeters, what one have you opted for?


21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Star vs Nokia Asha 501 for budgeters”

    1. xxd says:

      “1ghz A5 superfast processor.Galaxy star is miles ahead.”

      This is so nonsense !!!

      Android 4.2 with a 1ghz processor is not a smartphone anymore. This is so slow that it is hardly usable at all. A dualcore 1,5 mhz processor is the minimum for android 4.2

      This phone is only sold for marketing issues. Noone who needs to run apps will seriously consider the star after he sees how damn slow it is.

      On the contrary the asha 501 offers a sooth and fast experience.
      There are not so many apps, but what are apps good for if you can’t run them because of the sluggish hardware and demanding software.

      Important thing – apps are easily portable from android to asha, so we will sea a fast rising in the number of asha apps.

      And one more thing – the asha keeps your phone running for 48 days !!!

      Does the star do half as good ???

      I’m with the asha 501 dualsim in green.

      1. nikhil says:

        Get ur facts right. Its 4.1.2 and not 4.2. This itself shows that u r just boasting abt nokia.

        Processong power needed depends on a lot of factors. 1ghz can easily manage a 800 x 480 display with 768 ram. With very minor delays at time.

        Here we r talking abt a mere 320 x 240 display. It doesnt need hd images it doesnt need an hd UI. 512 mb ram is more than enough n so is the 1Ghz processor. The phone is actually over powered.

        Nokia is not faithful with one thing they do. Where did symbian go? Where did meego or meemo whatever it was go? Asha is in 1.0 stage how sure r u that it will reach 4.1 stage. I highly doubt.

        I wud rather prefer a well developed OS compared to wat is just a hyped OS which has no certain future

        I hv seen galaxy star in hand and as u said no one wants all the apps. But once in a while when u wish to. U want to hv a surity that ull be able to if and when u desire. Instead of dreaming that apps will be ported from android. Ported apps are never good for any os.

        1. zain says:

          dnt cry if u buy star now 501 is more prifrable than star u know samsung is selling only dual sim not smart phone get the dual sim out then told what is market ratio they r just fkd rght now from wp8 now new asha os 501

        2. Mitul Vasa says:

          aap log jazbaati ho rahe hain…

          This is a new strategy adopted by nokia and i feel it is the rightway to go. I have 4.2.2 on my Nexus and it is one of the most promising OS with clean features we haven’t seen in android. The project butter has indeed helped android get out of the laggy mess it used to face uptill Gingerbread. But now lets see what else has also happened. It is something similar story like Windows OS on PC’s where it evolved and evolved and finally we had resource hogging Windows Vista. Windows had to re-do a lot of stuff and practically change the whole base system to come with an excellent windows 7 for PC’s. Ofcourse we cannot compare current android with Vista likes as Android is not bad, infact it is good on super high-end devices. But the fact remains it has evolved and there are lot of packages which can be rewritten efficiently and some which can be thrown away. If you need a good battery life you ought to have a high capacity battery size.

          Also, the stupid manufacturers put their own flavor (TouchWiz by Samsung) on top of pure android. I feel the stock android is the best one.

          All these concerns of android are the advantages for Nokia. Now Nokia nows what the end product should be like. Consider iOS and Android’s evolution from initial versions, where it didnt have so many features nor easy way of doing things. But they have invented lot of stuff over a period of time and hence Nokia won’t have to go thru that phase. It knows it requires a Smooth & Slick OS with certain set of default features. Hence it can write from ground up a fresh OS which is fast and cool.

          Also, for the popularity of android phones, majority chunk are on gingerbread who face this imminent problem of lags and will definitely give a thought to Nokia (Number of Apps is a problem though).

          I do not have data for this, but to many whom i have spoken to, all want to do simple things, which work all the time on their phones. Ofcourse Samsung can afford to build great specifications due to its manufacturing capabilities, but it severly lags in Exterior Design Skills which nokia kills it in style… Even companies like LG and HTC are better at designs. Tell me out of the two phones which looks promising and cool. forget the specs and OS for a moment and people will choose Nokia at first sight. Samsung uses cheap plastic. After all the next set of war in mobile world is going to go beyond the specifications fight. The Branding and design are gonna take important step ahead, (in which Apple is Master).

          Asha 501 phone is majorly for disgruntled people who are tired of cheap handset, Gingerbread Mess / Lags on every action you carry on your phone, and who do not want to spend heavily. If people are more concerned about apps and games they ought to go for flagship Android Devices…..

          By comparing the specs a phone does not become better… Same for Windows phone 8 which requires performs better on same battery size than of android…coz it was built late and hence it is build to efficiency learning from android.

      2. Shivaji Mukherjee says:

        xxd, Have u really used Galaxy Star? It is reasonably fast. and you are the first “Expert” who thinks a dual core 1.5 GHz processor is min required for Android! (I hope your 1,5 MHz is 1500 MHz). How many 1500MHz processor You have seen? I have not seen/heard about any. max 1200 MHz. So just stop behave like a great pro in a subject you have no idea. Spreadtrum processor (1 GHz ARM Cortex-A5 with Mail-300 graphics) with 512 MB RAM and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung customization is really good. And we just don’t know what type of cheap processor Nokia is using, they never say so. So just don’t compare a smartphone with a S40 phone. Which you’ll buy Its your personal choice but you if you have used Android with vast customization and option then its hard to use a s40 mobile.

  1. Mark says:

    Nokia Asha 501 outperforms the star in every aspect. The new improved Asha platform gives a lag free smooth performance as compared to Android J B on the low end Star device.

  2. sudipt says:

    The 3″ screen on the Asha 501 would be more usable than the android one. Also love the swipe UI on the Asha- behold the return of Meego- like UI. Thumbs up for the New Asha!

    1. Guru says:

      They occupy the phone internal memory, On my Nokia E63 I had almost 500+ contacts which almost occupied 125 KB. so, for a 1 MB of storage you can have almost 4100+ contacts… Storing contacts is never to be considered for smartphones!!!

  3. Vetron says:

    just got a asha os and it feels for me faster than my last android. its like getting back a real phone with a mini-computer and not a minicomputer what include a phone. as well the lack of getting constantly “norded” to the google enviroment gives me air. and over all, i do not have to charge it that often.

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