iPhone 6 watchers debate Apple quality


Over the years we have continually heard Apple device owners talk about the extra quality you get from buying Apple, and now that these people are looking towards an expected big update with iPhone 6 next year and a rumored minor improvement with iPhone 5S this year, it seems some people believe you can’t claim Apple builds a more quality product anymore.

In the Phones Review office we have one colleague that’s had every iPhone generation and loves all things Apple, but even this iPhone 5 user points out some build quality issues with the current generation. They continue to support Apple and explain the iPhone 5 runs a lot cooler with a better overall design, but they believe Apple made a big mistake with how easy the black and slate model scratches.

This scratching problem needs to be addressed on the so-called iPhone 5S this year and with an iPhone 6 in 2014, but is this a sign of the way Apple is building products today with a downward trend in build quality? Or are the other smartphone brands on par with Apple in the build quality department?

Apple iPhone 6 watchers debate brand quality — you’ll still find millions of Apple fans believing that their favorite brand builds a more solid product than any other, but you don’t need to look far to see a growing belief that Apple and other smartphone brands are at least equal on quality.

One of our readers had this to say on the subject of build quality “People who like Quality (I mean QUALITY), are always going to be loyal to Apple. It doesn’t matter how fast Android hardware releases, they are always behind Apple in terms of Quality“.

Others are not so confident and this is seen with a number of Apple phone owners feeling a little letdown, one commenter said “I am so disappointed with the iPhone 5; software-wise they have barely changed a thing. We got a taller screen, and maybe a little better camera quality. We also received a phone that scratches easily“.

There’s also business owners that would pay a higher price but feel the iPhone has been lacking in this area, which is seen in some other feedback, “I like quality products and will gladly pay a premium for a beautifully crafted, well-designed device. However, I run my own business and cannot ignore the basic requirements needed and the iPhone 6 needs to deliver in business for my purchase.

A Sprint worker commented on the amount of iPhones arriving back with problems, and this made them feel that Apple has lost the quality reputation a bit in recent years. They feel “Quality is no longer on Apple’s side” and further highlight the specs within an iPhone 5 compared to similar priced Android smartphones with much higher specs.

It is very unlikely that we’ll see an iPhone 6 launch with specs that top similar Android phones at that time, although it is known that people buy Apple for iOS and the reputation. Apple fans trust the brand and are extremely loyal, but with comments mounting that show some of this trust has been lost in recent months, it will be extremely important for Apple to deliver with both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 launches.

If Apple fail to meet the high expectations this year, then we could see some people holding out for iPhone 6 or even jumping ship to an Android device if their contract is up. Would you leave Apple if they fail to deliver with iPhone 6 or 5S?

Do you believe that Apple still offer a premium build quality? What do you expect from the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in terms of quality features? In our opinion, the iPhone 5S will gain a release date around September with minor improvements as seen in some of the latest concept designs, but the real improvements will arrive with an iPhone 6 launch at some point next year. The real focus for some people will be the balance of paying a higher price for iPhone 6 and the expectation of “quality” being fulfilled.


14 thoughts on “iPhone 6 watchers debate Apple quality”

  1. Rda says:

    I sell these things daily and the more I sell them the more i hate them. They work well… Until they don’t, then they’re hell to deal with. Internet doesn’t work, email stops working, can’t get them activated without iTunes at times.. They’re a pain in the ass from a troubleshooting side. No thanks.

    1. Anthony says:

      And the inferior glass used on the iphone is just a joke…. how can isheep claim quality when they don’t even get gorilla glass? My samsung phones have taken extreme abuse without a scratch ir crack. My plastic case designed into the phone takes so mich abuse I do not need a case. Die iphone you embarrassing outdated rubbish.

        1. Anthony says:

          In my house I have 9 android tablets (6 asus, 3 samsung), 3 ipads (one died and others scratch easier than butter and crack if not in a case), 3 galaxy s2, 2 galaxy s3, one iphone 4 (smashed to bits on a wood floor from low height, and died completely a week later at 11 months of age and apple wanted me to go to a city location for it to be assessed – my time is worth more than the piece of rubbish), one iphone 5 (full screen crack for reason unknown as it was looked after and in a case). Yes I can afford an iphone… but only somebody of limited other means or not knowing better would buy such a fragile inferior product. I have given my own personal GS3 several death rops onto roads and other items. … ones I was sure would kill anything, yet it lives with barely noticeable scuffs. No need to even go into the fact that it is light years ahead of apple in every other way.

  2. DS says:

    Android isn’t necessarily good- it’s cheap. People have iPhones issues, yes, but sometimes you can’t blame the phone over the person using it. There are some people that shouldn’t be using a phone. And about the scratching- get a case!! Any phone will scratch eventually, just get a case to protect the phone. Ingenious!!

    1. Gary says:

      Sigh, Android is an operating system not a phone. If you want to compare quality compare the actual hardware. I own an HTC One and, though it’s an android phone, it’s quality meets and even surpasses the iPhone.

  3. cajunboy1 says:

    No doubt apple builds quality products. We, in our home own a Samsung galaxy tab 2 and we have iPad here as well. I can say the iPad is a better quality. We have 3 iPhones, HTC one x, and I personally own the new HTC one. The one is definitely the best built phone I have purchased thus far. Also the apps and software work seamless with my wor on a daily basis. The iPhones are excellent. My kids do not want anything but I. I passed in the iPhone 5 because it looks and feels cheap. If apple brings back the quality I will go back and I’m considering windows because I use windows on a daily basis. Nonetheless, apple is great and other manufactures build quality phones, HTC, Nokia, blackberry, and other. I just think many have brought their level of quality up to compete.

  4. IonyxIphone 5 says:

    Another day another hate apple article. Shut up and jump on like you will anyway the second they drop a new phone. Even I have A.D.D and have more focus than these people that write this crap. Galaxy’s suck sorry to say it but they do and it’s no secret either. There cheap because there cheap all around. Htc looks like an iPhone buts its still an htc so it there by sucks as well. Every phone has issues buttes only point out apples why while android slips by with another beta and pass from consumers. Throw every app on my phone and call it Tuesday in stead of bloat ware and droves of fans will talk about how great it is to eat cheese cake. Well my friends I’m not buying what your selling. I buy apple because NOTHING even comes close. They are the benchmark and standard to which every thing seems to be held now adays. So keep up the dumb hate articles because I’m keep tabs and when the new one drops and the world pauses yet again to jump on I will shoving hobos off left and right.

  5. thereasoner says:

    The shine has come off the apple. If HTC can trounce Apple in design and build quality like my ONE does then that says all you need to know. Apple simply isn’t that special anymore. All they had was build quality over the competition lately as they were already up against a more capable OS in Android and now they don’t even have that.

  6. B1ondee says:

    I have been a loyal Apple fan from the 1st generation IPod. I must say that I have expected quality and innovation with every release of any new product. I have not been disappointed in the past. When it has been two years since my last upgrade and they have not produced a product upgrade that has truly changed from their last product, this year I am actually considering products for an upgrade that is other than Apple. It’s a sad day for me to think I may have choose an Android based system. Come on Apple, it was a tragic event with the loss of Jobs don’t let Apple die too.

  7. Brendan says:

    Would love to switch from my iPhone, but the apps I use are what keep me sucked in. Come on Android/Microsoft, get people to dev for you!!

  8. VinnyS says:

    I am also a huge Apple fan and have invested alot on the Apple ecosystem due to buying the original iphone. But as many have mentioned here, I have the iphone 4 and there isn’t much difference from the iphone 5 which my girlfriend currently has. I’m a tech gadget freak and have an opened mind even though I have a strong passion for Apple. Today, I almost pulled the trigger on a Samsung S4 and when talking with my service provider rep, told me I’d better hold off until the announcement next week. If June 10th rolls around and nothing spectacular happens with the new iPhone (whether it’s a 5S or 6), I’m switching until they release something worth switching back to. Sad day Apple…

  9. GeorgeCurious says:

    I see parallels between Apple and Blackberry. Almost everyone in the business world owned a BB and hated to watch the downward spiral of the company. Today, legions of consumers are hesitant to admit that iPhone may very well be in its own downward spiral. The “wow” factor is long gone and another company (Samsung) is eating it to the core (bad pun intended). It will be interesting to see if anyone lines up at Apple stores for the iPhone’s next version.

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