Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 Jelly Bean update and apps to SD


Over this weekend we featured an article looking at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update, and how it upset a few of our readers that own the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. These users also want the Jelly Bean update and while some people understood why they have to wait, others have been growing a little tired of waiting.

This article received over 80 comments in the last 24 hours, and within these comments it seems there’s one feature that a lot of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 users want above all else. This feature is the ability to put apps to SD and run them from that location, which has been a problem thanks to the way Android works with Samsung smartphones.

We have known apps to SD cards is something of an issue with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, especially considering the low storage size, so users want to make the most of the expansion options and feel they are being restricted in a very unproductive way.

How high on your wish list is the ability to install and use apps on SD? One of our readers stated, “Apps 2sd on my Galaxy S3 would be major” and another made it clear this is the one feature they want when they said, “I need only updates for app to SD for my Galaxy Note 2”.

Another one of Phones Review’s readers wanted to put everything into perspective, and they stated, “I can only see one must have update that would significantly change how I use my Galaxy Note 2, and that’s apps to SD”. They then continue to explain most of the improvements coming in the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update are minor in comparison.

It is fair to say the next software update will bring a lot of features most people will love, but from the feedback we’ve received there’s a clear pattern of users wanting to install and use apps from an SD card.

Are you desperately waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or S3 Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update?


35 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 Jelly Bean update and apps to SD”

  1. chapman1969 says:

    I have talked to verizon representatives and they have said the 4.2.2 update for gs3 owners should be out this week and yeah having the apps to the sd card would be alsome.

  2. venkat says:

    It’s all business for samsung this people are afraid that if they update note2 to 4.2.2 their sales of latest device like S4 mega 6.3 will fall down and they won’t purchase new phones. Till the release of Note3 this people won’t update S3, Note2…Look samsung u are losing Note2 and S3 costumers…….

  3. Moving away from Samsung says:

    Tired of Samsung. and it’s silly management. Tired of waiting
    for the update. Me and my 4 friends are moving to Nexus so that
    we get latest updates straight from Google instead of relying
    on the stupid manufacturers and carriers.

  4. Joey says:

    I do like to have that feature as well. I have a 32gb sd card I like to take advantage of I dont use it for movies and songs since I got cloud storage. There are tons of apps I want to download that are well over at least 700mb like high end games. Im enjoying my Note 2 but if the Note 3 comes with app2 sd feature im getting it. Im not impaitient and if there is such an update for my Note 2 I will continue to keep my note 2 for another year until I finish paying it off through T-Mobile.

  5. tushar says:

    samsung is a 3rd class company.cuz they could n’t hold on their commitment .for jb 4.2.2 update i am searching at least 13 times a day.i wish the great phablet note 2 would apple note 2 not samsung galaxy note 2.apple is the only company who do care bout their customers

    1. Nyall says:

      Hardly its strictly business who would but the S4 if the knew the S3 and note 2 Do a lot of the same and are a lot cheaper.Apple devices do get updates very quickly and efficiently however apple update are always very minor and dissapointing.


  6. charls says:

    it’s really not Samsung’s fault on releasing the updates it’s the carriers that is holding the update back. secondly samsung isn’t worried about apps2sd if you want more storage they want you to buy either 32gb or 64gb(international) variants, I know its crap but that’s just samsung for ya.

  7. It is called root & then you run a little swap script that mounts internal as external & viceversa. I have had all the big 500mb – 1.7Gb additional game files on my SD Card for several months. I got the files at XDA & followed the directions, made a few modifications & it took about 5 minutes. Of course I already had Java & the SDK, including ADB & ADB drivers installed, but now days that only takes a few additional minutes.

  8. mad says:

    “The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 firmware update has been delayed and may be released on November or December, depending on …”pfff!!!!

  9. Zambri Amirrudin says:

    actually the delay is because they always focus on new production then update their old product. wait a month for a new product or wait a year for a update ? zzzz

  10. x-iOS says:

    Too much hardware,software,brands,conflict,drivers,etc…etc..etc…
    60% software on market have compatibility issue… Still…iOS is the best

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