Samsung Galaxy S4 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update upsets Note 2, S3


Many of our readers welcomed the news that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is receiving the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update, although this fact didn’t go down well with some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 users desperate to get hands-on with the same Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean software.

Just over a week ago we highlighted a tweet revealing that “high-range devices” would be getting the Android 4.2.2 update “from June”. This resulted in well over 100 comments from mainly Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 owners wondering when their upgrade would arrive.

Phones Review received a few emails and a lot of feedback over the last week from owners of Android phones waiting for the update, and most recently we’ve heard our readers leaving such comments as “Galaxy S4 gets the update today… what about S3 and NOTE 2?” We published news on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Jelly bean update two days ago, which is delivering a number of improvements and most notably is the ability to install apps to the SD card. This is a feature Galaxy Note 2 users had problems with for a while thanks to the lower storage size.

Others continue “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to see the latest Android 4.2.2 official update by the end of June”, and some users think they known when the update will arrive by stating, “OTA next week, when HTC One will get the release of Jelly Bean 4.2.2 around June 16”. It seems the frustration might cause a few people to root, “so tired of waiting! might consider rooting for the update”.

It is clear that Samsung is rolling out updates to the high-end phones throughout June, so our advice to readers is to be a little patient but it’s also clear that some people are wondering why certain handsets are favored above others? This only adds to the frustration our readers are facing, so feel free to share a comment with the handset you have and your current Android OS version.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3, are you tired of waiting for the JB 4.2.2 update?


120 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update upsets Note 2, S3”

  1. unknown12344 says:

    Yes i am, i don’t think it’s fair to people who bought the phone last year, we can’t just change our mobile phones each year to keep the big industry happy, or otherwise we won’t get updates or what?

  2. Rama Iyer says:

    BBloody hell..its very upsetting that I have still not received the 4.2.2 update on my galaxy s3….Samsung and htc only pay attention to their latest flagship devices like the galaxy s4 and one…just two days back, a new update was released for the galaxy s4 increasing storage space and a new camera firmware. ..what about galaxy s3….stupid samsung…have u forgotten ur sales increased because of the galaxy s3….what about our 4.2.2 update

  3. Raj says:

    AHhh ..This is totally a upsetting news for us first there was a news from sammobile that May last or start of June can bring 4.2.2 for Note 2 ..i have note 2 and since 2 weeks i m jst refreshing every news about update ..every now and then thr is a hope tht may be update will be thr bt disappointment !! Samsung should think about this we are also having higher ends devices like Note 2 which is not too old !! you launch new devices and forget about few months old flagship devices not gud !! 🙁 🙁

  4. Jacob says:

    I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S3 through my insurance company after my HTC One S broke… I’d never been so relieved in my life! You guys go on about not having the update yet, chill out! Yes the S4 is out so the S3 will no longer be Samsung’s MAIN priority though it shall still be a priority due to the amount of people with one! BUT Samsung’s way of pushing updates to older flagship devices is far more superior than HTC! The One S isn’t a flagship but it’s only one down from the One X! One S only got 4.1 last Christmas so God knows when it’ll get 4.2… I waited months and months after the One X received 4.1! I love the S3 it’s an amazing phone, the software and hardware is unbelievable! but after coming from HTC I can wait the 2/3 weeks it may take! It sure beats 4/5 months! Just be patient! It’s only a few weeks 🙂

  5. jamesz says:

    I have been waiting for upgrade for my Note 2 and possibly Note 10.1. However, as long as we get such recent features as the storing of apps on the SD card, I am ready to wait even more. Remember samsung owners, if we had got the upgrade before the S4 update we would not have the chance of having this SD card option.
    I can wait a little bit more… as long as we get a good upgraded 4.2.2.

    Other brands do not even dream of having these upgrades except google’s Nexus of course.

    I will start worrying after June 2013!!! Note2 is an amazing phone, i sincerely dont think there is any better to date…

  6. Dawid Hudziak says:

    Ever since sammobile tweeted about the update, I have been checking at least couple times a day – driving me nuts by now… I blame sammobile for starting a rumor that didn’t pan out, and samsung for not giving us any legit info about the update. S4 had 4.2.2 exclusively for long enough, now bring it to my lovely note 2 will you?

  7. Marcus Cokerus says:

    My S2 has received it this morning (08 June). Hopefully they have done something about the dreadful battery life Jelly Bean seems to enjoy sucking the life out of.

  8. abhiram says:

    I have been waiting from 3 months. I think samsung shouldnt take this much time for update. it should also give regular update like Google does for nexus. see almost 6 months still also note 2 users are not updated to 4.2.2 then what if android 5.0 is released then we should wait for 1 year for that update. I think samsung and other companies should discuss with Google for on par releasing of latest updates

  9. 12mine03 says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is still one of the “Samsung’s” best flagship devices. Samsung sales was increased when the galaxy s3 hits the market. Now the galaxy s3 and note 2 is left behind when the galaxy s4 is released. They just focused now on Galaxy s4 and forget about the s3 and note 2. Now don’t blame many people, if they’ve started to feel disappointed to the Samsung Company just because of the having “NO update of jelly bean 4.2.2 ” to many galaxy s3 and note 2 users.

    1. John Maynard says:

      See BBC news – Features and Analysis – June 7th: “Samsung Shares Fall on Profit Fears”, which states exactly this/your point…

  10. pnkk says:

    On your nexus you will not have the s3 or s4 futures that’s all. But you will have the last android version with the built in futures, which are on all android devices and are not very useful.

  11. S3User says:

    This is so disappointing! I bought Samsung Galaxy S3 instead of S4 in a hope that soon enough this handset will receive those updates that only S4 users enjoy as of this time. I should have taken HTC one instead.

    Samsung, do something!

  12. Gav says:

    Im defiantly buying the nexus for my next phone. Samsung’s update schedule is only going to get worse they are releasing to many devices now that worries me!

  13. kishan says:

    I m now mentaly harash with this Samsung note 2….I m waiting for the update from last month…they told update ll arrived in starting of june…bt what the hell they r delaying 2much…….

  14. jan says:

    Samsung is so cheap. Customers r paying a hell lotta money to buy cheap plastics with fancy features. I own an note 2 and I brought it cos of its spen. later I realized that samsung is socheap in everything .. beware people dont buy cheap plastics anymore. Other brands give us a quality product (ex iphone). My note 2 disply is broken by falling from 1 foot height and they call it as GORILLA GLASS. I own an iphone 5 dat fell down like 3 meter height . Display is perfect and some lil scratches in body. Dat doesnt matter .phone is perfect .samsung is CHEAP

  15. doosey says:

    Samsung isn’t cheap. Its better in every way over iphone. When you dropped your phone, the same thjng could have happened to the iphone. It just depends. When apple comes out with a good iPhone, I might consider it. But its safe to say I’m a user for life.

  16. pkrfreak says:

    I may be totally wrong about this but doesn’t samsung actually release the update to the carriers first then carriers like At&t then release it to the customer. If that is how it works then it will still be months before this update actually comes to our devices under At&t and the other big carriers. We all know how long it takes At&t to release an update. Hell, Im still waiting for the 4.1.2 update with premium sweet if it ever comes.

  17. Sam says:

    Never mind guys there is always a next time, so next time when we are going to buy a new phone do not even think of going into a sammy shop. Have flashed the 4.2.2 just when it got leaked working fine with 2 or 3 bugs but that is just not a very big problem what is annoying me is that there is no smart scroll feature which looks kind a cool on my friend s4. Well this is my last sammy device next up is htc or nexus for sure.

    1. dmagicp says:

      So you are going to leave the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world right now, who is known for providing updates to their phones that almost rival Google’s own nexus devices, for HTC who is known for NOT updating their devices in a timely manner at all. Absolutely hilarious! Be sure and come back to let us know how it goes okay?

  18. Rei says:

    Yes I’m tired of waiting for such update on my galaxy s3, before, galaxy s3 was the first in getting the updates, now, it is not even second. It’s been a long time since Samsung announces galaxy s3 would be getting jelly bean update 4.2.2 and they have never release it. I understand galaxy s4 is priority now, but it really bothers to see how it get updated twice and your phone is forever forgotten.

  19. Borce says:

    Update will be here when it get’s, i don’t know what all the fuss is about. I own SG3 so if it comes ok if not who gives a s***. I wonder how you guys will react when they announce that we will NOT receive Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie :)…and as for the updates some of you say that they will switch brands, i did from HTC when they canceled DHD update just so i can see that they are all the same!

    1. ari says:

      some people do give a s#$% when they save months to buy a phone based on the company’s written blog that the devices would get lime pie….so don’t be a jackass…D#$%head!!!!

  20. Customers mean business says:

    Sammobile told the truth, namely “from June”. That’s what’s happening. ..these updates are rolling out this month to the devices. He didn’t say June 1st or 2nd just June.

    He’s a good source IMO. That includes telling people things like the HTC Dinc2 never getting ICS even though HTC has been promising it for well over a year. HTC lost me as a customer over that and I’m happy with my Note 2. We will get this update shortly to the best that’s out there right now. I’d rather it done right anyway concerning bugs

    What I do expect for Note 2 is Key Lime Pie as promised down the road. That’s the real test to me. if Samsung breaks its word and BSes customers on the Note 2 like HTC did on the Dinc 2 then owners have a good idea not to trust Samsung with remembering customer care and satisfaction. If they do then they’ll have this repeat customer and others.

    1. L.C. says:

      I ditched htc also because of build quality and lack of updates now it seems samsung is following suit with this 4.2.2 update. I have the note 2 and my wife has the s3 she isnt even on 4.1.2 yet. Even though I have co workers that have verizon and sprint s3’s that have already updated to 4.1.2. This is assanine of a company to withhold updates like this.

  21. pkrfreak says:

    I’m new to all this stuff so I’m a little confused. Doesn’t the update have to go through the carriers first like At&t where they have to put there bloat ware and other junk on the update? Then they will release it to the customer. If this is how it works and with the carriers always taking forever to actually release it to us, then wont it take months for this update to get here?

  22. dorian says:

    when will they realize that the 4.1.2 for note is the worse ever ?! the smart rotation bag is more than enough.. they should have worked to bring for note 2 and s3 before s4….

  23. henry says:

    i been waiting for update where my phone can wash my car cook me dinner and wipe my butt!! geezzz!! come on samsung hurry up this update!

  24. Sudam says:

    they said 4.2.2 will cm by the end of may or in the first week of june! and nw thy are tln its gonna be end of june… samsung pls dnt act like sony…

  25. V.v.ramana says:

    S3 is also high end model. Why samsung is neglecting in releasing of jelly been 4.2. Every day iam checking for update since one month. Atleast now samsung should release the update through OTA.

  26. Nick says:

    Samsung need to hurry up with this update !! I’ve been holding off on installing a custom ROM because I heard the update was coming but it’s taking far too long !!!

  27. Peter says:

    Here we go again, i mean when will be a legit information about the update for galaxy s3 and note 2? I been waiting and im totally desperate of waiting. First they said the update would come by end of may? Then by first week of June? And now by the end of june? All of these are just rumors because no one has updated their devices. Now im expecting for them to say either by begging of july or end of july. Im seriously tired ill just go and buy the galaxy s4 and problem solved =)

    1. luck says:

      The problem for you it’s easy , because you have money…. . But what do you think about us?? We don’t have money for S4, we just have note 2 and s3… and we still wait the new update…
      I am gonna change my mind and thinking about samsung phones… They should ghive us all the update… because we just bought a product from SAMSUNG company…
      If we have a s3 or a note 2 , doesn’t mean that we don t have access to latest upgrades…AND THAT’S SAD!!!
      the IOS company, ghives update for all phones.

      1. dmagicp says:

        Wanna know what I think about you who doesn’t have money? I think that maybe you should be happy with the phone you have? I mean you have a Galaxy Note 2 right? That is one of the very top end phones on Android right now, so why are you so desparate to change it to an S4?I have money and an extra upgrade on my account that I could go and buy the S4 and the Note 3 if I wanted to. But you know what? I have my Note 2, I was happy with it when I bought it, and I am still happy with it now. Even after the release of the S4 and probably well after the release of the Note 3, I will still be happy with it. You are just being SILLY trying to get a new phone every 6 months. Let me ask you something out of curiousity. Lets say you had the money right now to get rid of your already amazing Note 2 and downgrade in my opinion, to the S4. Then what? They will release the Note 3 in 90 days and you will be once again saying “but what about us that has no money?” “what do you think about me?” You guys have the Note 3 and all we have is the S4″ Scrub, rinse, repeat. Sounds SILLY doesn’t it?

        1. Peter says:

          Totally right. I currently have the galaxy s3 from cricket running android 4.1.2 and what i mean by buying the s4 is for the fact that cricket has financing with no credit check. Thats how i got my gs3 and pay it off with no interest. But point take,i rrecently bought this phone and now by the release of gs4, it feels like…. But now knowing that there will be an update, of course i am very desperate to update my phone. If for some reason never comes, i wouldn’t get the gs4. I fact as i read other reviews, the update is just with minor improvements and features. Basically the same thing. But still waiting to see the real deal.

  28. John Maynard says:

    Having just bought the Samung Note 2 I’m wondering whether to turn it on before or after the projected update date, or return it? Will the upload load automatically either way? Any advice would be welcome.

    Now I read of the heralded Note 3 so this is a double whammy! The Osborne effect all over again! How I long for the days when you bought a high quality camera, say, and it held its class and value for many years.

    I chose this Samsung Note over the S4, having held the latter and looked it over very thoroughly in the UK; to put is bluntly I’m not surprised to read the news that Samsung profits and sales of this model are taking a dip.

    1. mark says:

      hi.. phone will update whether you turn it on now, or wait until update is released.. but your choice if you want to change it fior a different device with different hardware.. but as jumboslim put it elsewhere in these comments, if you like the product you bought, any updates are just a bonus, don’t worry about what device the “jones”‘ have just bought..

    2. mark again says:

      not sure on release date of note 3, but if you can return the note 2, you may get a better deal on the same device once the note 3 has been released if you’re willing to wait..

  29. lily says:

    Just checked my s3 software update and there is one rolling but dont know if its for 4.2 or just a small one. Mine says try later blabla. So i will.

  30. JumboSlim says:

    Before the 4.2.2 update was announced, no one had any problems with S3 or Note 2…now they can’t wait to update!

    Does the announcement of an update suddenly make Sansung device stop working, or something?

    Just wait for Godsake, it’ll come and until it does your phones will still work as they did last week, last month, last year.

    1. dmagicp says:

      THIS!! I bet most of you don’t even know what the update is even changing yet suddenly you are “desperate” or “extremely upset” that you don’t have it. These are some of the same people who will buy a new phone for 3 to 4 hundred dollars more than the intended retail price off ebay just so you can go online and say you got it a week before everyone else. It’s just silliness if you ask me.

    2. Telefunken says:

      Many people are getting a lot of random freezes on their S3s – since 4.1.2 came out – and are hoping this will make their phones usable again. So…yes.

  31. supercharger says:

    I have att galaxy note 2 since march, $300 phone, is it not same technology as galaxy s4? Why would it not get timely update at s4 release? Patient, but kinda feel ripped off like you would from a used car salesperson. Just sayin…

    1. ari says:

      me too!! checking it every hour on the official site….actually this would have not been a problem…had they not given us a time period of release….but telling us something and then postponing the event is even worse….moreover the whole controversy related to whether note2 and s3 will be getting the lime pie update is even worse….i bought the phone for 29grands just coz they company released the official lime pie list! which included my s3.


    why samsung is not posting an official notification about the exact date. We users expect such kind of professionalism from samsung. They gotto understand that they play a big role in tha phone market now. They gotto act accordingly.

  33. Seinrich says:

    Im desperately waiting for 4.2.2 update for my Note 2! s4! It already has 4.2.2! Note 2 and S3 are still 4.1.2! They said it would come out last week! Samsung seems to be paying more attention to s4 users rather than the note 2 and S3 users!

  34. Jurik says:

    guys , i have a Sony XS .. so imagine our wait for the JB 4.1 which , after 2 weeks of confirmation i still haven’t recieved .. so samsung is doing a very good job with updates, compared to other companies 🙂

  35. Kofi G says:

    I own the samsung galaxy note 2(intl version) with 4.1.2…wouldnt mind the upgrade like soon. I am actually holding off from rooting and loading custom roms. Want to see 4.2.2 first.

  36. gary howard says:

    Its a sales promo for them. if they upgraded the s3 to 4.2.2 straight away no one would have the need to buy the s4 for the fact of minor improvement with cpu etc that arnt that noticeable when u have them running side by side. even benchmarks show its not a big difference. so for the sake of a couple hundred pounds/usd where ever u maybe ur basically paying to get the update more than anything. thats why we wont get it so soon. then they will bring the new android 5 out an do it all over again in 6 month with a new updated slightly mobile phone. sods law but a money maker nether the less. getting to be just like apple now they are getting the sales…… money = power an power goes to ur head……. typical eh. just feel sorry for those got the s4 an think its gonna be the next best thing for a while. cos it aint.

  37. dmagicp says:

    First of all let’s put this into perspective. I can only see one “must have” update that would significantly change how I use my Note 2, and that is apps to SD. The rest of the improvements are minor, and are not something that I feel that I need to be getting upset over to some major extent. Most of the improvements to android with updates are minor and don’t really change a whole lot, with the exception being the ice cream sandwich, to jelly bean update which brought with it, project butter, and drastically improved battery life. However, when an update only changes or adds minor features like lockscreen widgets, I can certainly wait for them, and in fact, I would be prepared to live without until my next phone upgrade. I think there is too much hype beasting with these updates, and unless they feature something major like project butter, or battery life improvements, they should just be rolled out quietly to the phone. It would be like Microsoft issuing a press release everything windows installs a new update every night at 3 am.

  38. Custom ROM or just buy iPhone says:

    I’ve been running 4.2.2 on my S3 for months … Slim Rom Build 6 or Cyanogen 10.1 are stable enough for daily use; pick one. Why wait for Sammy to update with all the bloatware.

  39. Peter says:

    Several comments i read so far make sence now. Its not just up to samsung to release the update, in fact every carrier is different. I know for a fact ATT takes a while to release the update. Not everyone will get the update at the same time since we are on different carriers and locations. I believe when samsung finally releases the update, we still have to wait for our carriers to release it to us. And that might take more time but hopefully it arrives soon.

  40. AndyMcJ says:

    I can’t wait for the 4.2.2 for my Note 2, I am really waiting for the photosphere app to become available so I can take these great 360 pictures with my phone instead of trying to do it with my Nexus 10 tablet.

    1. jboogie1289 says:

      Yo, check the Droid-Life website. They just released the apk to download the photosphere app right to your phone. You have to do it from your phone’s mobile browser and install it. It’s pretty cool but it doesn’t have all the options that the stock camera has but all in all it’s cool.

  41. Abdiasis Diriye says:

    I am so upset after all that speculation that Samsung will update s3 at the end of may
    And now here we are in the middle of June and nothing is happening at all.

  42. Moving away from Samsung says:

    haha… someone removed my comment since I called Samsung silly
    for.delaying update for s3. I think the moderator need to let us
    post our opinion

  43. Vincent Keari says:

    Samsung said by end of may or early june, we’re approaching mid june and am being told ‘be patient’ well ill wAit for two more days then i switch to custom 4.2.2 ROM

  44. i still have the patience to wait a little if samsung is really testing the new version to note 2 and s3 devices so we can enjoy the full benefit of upgrading the software. keep it cool peeps.

  45. SamNote2 says:

    This is STUPID I just don’t get why these companies do this when WE THE PUBLIC invest so much money in them!!! It should be like how google do it on their brand phones role it out OTA to everyone.
    I think we should raise this issue to these companies and tell them if they don’t get their act together we will leave and go to other companies or even… Dare i say IPHONE (yuck)

  46. King says:

    Motorola did it to me when I had to wait over a year for ICS for my Bionic so I dropped them for a Samsung Galaxy note 2. Now they are saying no update till November! Who is next?

  47. jaz says:

    i’m really disappointed with SAMSUNG! i’m their no.1 fan but because of this, oh my god! i don’t want to hate samsung just for this update but i have too!!!!

  48. Umesh Rajput says:

    Very frustrated but also know that this is the nature of Samsung to show the kids the lolly then take it back
    Now as SamMobile recently tweeted that the 4.2.2 updates have been delayed for the SGS3 & SGN2.

    So cant help

  49. Arnold Jeffrey Mea says:

    i love my Note 2…i really love what it does to me specially the camera features. I learned that thru the update, some of the unique camera features of S4 will come to Note 2 and S3! The delay NEWS really frustrating!

  50. 12mine03 says:

    when i try to update.. i keep on getting this message..
    “access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it”

    i think jelly bea 4.2.2 is rolling out now.. Philippines.. Galaxy s3 here..

  51. Antonio Claudio Michael says:

    i have galaxy note 2 on verizon i have version 4.1.2 still waiting for the s4 features 4.2.2 update to hit my verizon phone anybody have a clue

  52. 12345s says:

    why my note 2 is still 4.1.1!? I click on the software update, it shows the latest updates have already been installed.btw, the vibration also stop working since last month, I tried to fix it many times, it doesn’t work either.

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