Samsung Galaxy S4 demand after no iPhone 5S at WWDC


Over the past few weeks we have heard a number of our readers talking about jumping ship to Samsung Galaxy S4 if no iPhone 5S is released at WWDC, or by the end of this year for those that are more patient and want a bigger screen on the so-called iPhone 5S.

It has been growing clearer everyday that the new iPhone 5S would release with a screen size about the same as the current iPhone 5, most recently hinted by Apple’s investment in machines, so what would these people think now that the Apple WWDC keynote has finished?

Samsung Galaxy S4 demand – before the Apple keynote we saw one of our readers state, “the new iPhone 5S will need to deliver a bigger screen size, if not my next phone will be the Galaxy S4”. Another commenter explained, “If there’s no iPhone 5S at WWDC, I will have no choice but to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 considering I’m up for an upgrade and don’t want to wait”.

Support for Apple – There’s still a lot of support for Apple and the new iPhone 5S expected to launch in fall, and this is seen in a lot of feedback we receive like this comment “I’m going to hang tight until the iPhone 5S is released. I don’t like Android phones. We will receive an announcement in August or September”.

Another one of our readers explained that they have tried Android for a couple of years, and they made their situation clear when stating, “I love Samsung phones, but I hate Android”. They continued, “I’ve really given Android a chance. I use Apple’s iOS every day on my iPad, and I use Android daily on the Note. Frankly, I’m going back to Apple as soon as a larger iPhone is announced”.

The cool iOS 7 features that might make some people wait – some Android users will state that they’re not impressed with the iOS 7 preview, but we’re sure a lot of our readers and existing iOS users will be very excited about the new iOS 7 features revealed today. Apple has changed a lot with the design and UI of iOS 7 and after watching the WWDC keynote live it impressed us. We now wonder how many people have changed their mind about jumping ship so soon and might wait for iOS 7 and an iPhone 5S this fall?

Are you disappointed to see no iPhone 5S at WWDC, or did you expect it considering the lack of production rumors and look forward to fall for something new? Would you consider moving to the Samsung Galaxy S4 from an iPhone? You can read some details on the new iOS 7 Safari tabs and transparent UI that was previewed just moments ago during the Apple keynote.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 demand after no iPhone 5S at WWDC”

  1. Conal Cassidy says:

    Apple has always and will always be my favourite company, but the lack of screen size on the iPhone 5 is annoying. I sold my iPhone and am now using a Galaxy Note 2, the screen size is perfect (although I’m not expecting Apple to go that big just yet.)Anyone who says iOS7 doesn’t look impressive is lying to themselves. If we could just get that iOS on a bigger screen, then Apple will be in for major success.

    1. RJ says:

      I feel the same. Always had apple products, but after going to the galaxy S3, I just can’t downgrade the screen size. I’ve started using mini SD cards and extended batteries now, and the switch back will be even more difficult.
      I much prefer apples OS to android, but it’s not worth it.

      Did Apple learn nothing from the 90’s? Sleek, cool products will only get you so far….

      1. ilovemymac says:

        The % of phones sold at screen size 4.3 and larger are very very small and its been shown to be decreasing. I think 4.3in iphone would be good. But when you get bigger you lose some things. Why on earth do you need an SD card? And i can get external batteries if i need to but only 2x have i needed that. To go from ios to android is a sell out and not worth the headache that comes from the android OS.

    1. Randy Sylmar says:

      That would be a horrible marketing since the iPhone 5 had it’s very own separate event last year. However, with E3 at the same time I totally missed the coverage of WWDC. Just to promise you something, there will be a new iPhone released if not at WWDC at it’s own private event in August. Just like the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4.

      They wouldn’t be announcing iOS 7 for no reason. To add, it would be the biggest flop by Apple if they don’t release a new iPhone given the fact how much praise the S4 and HTC One has been getting. Apple would totally lose it. So there will be a new iPhone I’m just not sure that it will be at WWDC.

    2. Alec says:

      they will likey have a separate event which is becoming the common trend for fall releases as it would be dumb to say “heres a phone. you can get it in 4 months” rather than, “here a new phone, you can get it in 2 week”

  2. kestrel1960 says:

    WWDC has evolved into a software exhibition of late & iOS 7 will arrive in the Fall. As in past years I would expect the new Iphone to be launched at the same time with the new iOS pre-installed. Say September or October 2013. I’ll be in the queue wanting to upgrade from my iPhone4 🙂

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