Official iOS 7 AirDrop vs Samsung S Beam


You could call this a case of innovation wars between two giant names aka Apple and Samsung, and we can see Android and iOS fans not agreeing. After watch WWDC 2013 live Craig Federighi took the stage and whilst doing his talk he sort of let slip a slight hint towards Samsung by saying “No need to wander around the room bumping your phone with one another.”

Apple announced its new iOS 7 AirDrop feature that will be releasing on the iPhone 5, 4th Gen iPad, iPad Mini, and the 5th generation iPod touch, some emails have already come in to Phones Review saying surely this is a iOS 7 AirDrop vs Samsung S Beam game.

The emails did not state they were iOS or Android users etc, so we cannot judge on any of this. But, we can say AirDrop is a great feature and no bumping of phones is needed unlike S Beam. We are not hear to slander AirDrop or S Beam, we want to provide you with the latest news about the new AirDrop feature that will be released in the fall with iOS 7, developers will get it today in the new beta test.

The iOS 7 AirDrop feature will work in the same way AirDrop on Mac works thanks to the same P2P abilities, AirDrop works without any network or set up requirements. If you want to send a file to someone or multiple people all you need to do is select that person/s and click the share button, all transfers are encrypted and works on either Bluetooth or WiFi.

AirDrop can be accessed via the new Control Center, which works when you swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards, which is the opposite way you would open notifications by sliding from the top of the screen downwards, we will talk a little more in another article about the Control Center.

Samsung S beam found on many Android devices works by touching phones, similar to the iOS Bump app but more efficient, we have used S Beam on many devices such as the Galaxy S4 and cannot fault it. But, we have to say AirDrop seems to be a little more refined and more practical, we will let you decide this one.

Matthew Miller via ZDNet talks a little about Samsung adding new features that are great in ads/commercials etc, but rarely get used after the initial trials, what he has to say is worth reading, maybe you would agree or disagree.

AirDrop vs S Beam: What one is more practical?


14 thoughts on “Official iOS 7 AirDrop vs Samsung S Beam”

  1. HOW BOUT NEITHER? says:

    Airdrop is the exact same things as WifiDirect peer-to-peer sharing which android has had… so why not compare to that? There is not a SINGLE new or innovation feature on iOS7 that android has not had.

    1. Nick says:

      most of the stuff you are referring to android “already having” was stolen from the original iphone. So you can say Apple copied Android, who copied Apple. I’m not sure if its illegal to copy your own ideas.

      Im obviously not referring to the never before seen stuff such as iTunes Radio, but the basic stuff such as Homescreens, App Layout, App Store, etc.

      You also said there wasn’t a SINGLE new feature on iOS7 that android has not had. You probably are referring to top 10 new features in ios, which do share some similarities with not only Android, but Windows Phone. But again, you need to actually look at the hundreds of minor features not talked about at WWDC such as:

      Enterprise single sign-on
      View PDF annotations
      Long MMS support
      Per app VPN
      Maps bookmark syncing
      Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking
      Smart download of TV episodes
      Notification sync
      Night mode for Maps
      WiFi HotSpot 2.0
      Scan to acquire Passbook passes
      Turn-by-turn walking directions
      FaceTime audio
      New smart Mailboxes
      Managed app configuration
      App Store Volume Purchase
      Tencent Weibo
      Chinese English bilingual dictionary
      Handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters
      Improved Mail search
      Streamline MDM enrollment
      Do Not Track option in Safari
      Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries

      1. jeevan says:

        so you are saying that apple stole from android who stole from apple. So your saying that they stole from them selves? Apple is always a no go for me until they add a drawer so my homescreen isnt clutterd with every single app and they add apps that can change the ui (e.g notifications toggle and swype keyboard). Yet ios is still just a grid of icons with a fancy “command centre” (which is actually not on par with the pre existing toggles on 4.2.2 jellybean since jellybean allows you to add and remove toggles that you need/don’t need). Apple did not copy everything though. Their camera interface is interesting and the ui theme has a much needed uplift. Ill say its a pretty good update. (also airdrop is pretty cool as it uses ad hoc instead of nfc)

    2. Love Each Other says:

      apple already had airdrop before android had the sharing. It was a feature of the mac computers before coming out for android. They just didn’t have it on the iphone. They actually came out the same year(android a few months later) so there wasn’t any copying going on at all just different uses of the same technology at different times.

  2. Hassan AL Hammadi says:

    Until when apple fan will realize that Apple is joking with them?

    apple still thinks that bumping app is the latest technology, will lat us see bluetooth , FNC (sorry apple but it’s fast and very easy to use), what’s app and direct wifi.

    oh yes, multitasking is old fashioned, multi windows is the new fashion.

  3. Eddie Velez says:

    The question is what will apple allow you to transfer? How big can the files be? I can transfer a movie the largest movie I’ve transfered through SBeam is 3gb, is that possible with airdrop? Or will you still have to go through iTunes? Just asking an honest question. This is not an ignorant comment like Rob McMeechan.

    1. abrod says:

      I just share via airdrop the man of steel movie and 3 photos at the same time 3 photos with my girlfiend. I hope that answer your question.

      1. Eddie Velez says:

        You must be a programar abrod having ios7 already. That is cool I think I might have to go back to iphone. I really want to try ios7. Thx for the response

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