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Many of you will have been following all of the iOS 7 news after the unveiling of Apple’s next mobile operating system last week. Plenty of us are also looking ahead to the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, and today we have an iPhone 6 design to show you that combines creativity and rumors with flair.

The iPhone 5S anticipated for fall this year is expected to be not much more than a minor refresh to the current iPhone 5. Therefore, many are looking ahead to an iPhone 6 release next year to bring about a more radical upgrade, and we’ve already started to hear leaks and rumors about what may be offered. Now one design team has come up with a notable iPhone 6 with iOS 7 concept and we thought it was interesting enough to share with readers and ask what you think?

We’ve seen plenty of iPhone 6 concepts already, some better than others, and now ADR Studio has taken account of the speculation about the iPhone 6 so far to come up with a vision of what the iPhone 6 could look like and feature. We’ve shown a couple of images here for you and will give you a rundown of the specs of this concept. This iPhone 6 has an aluminum build and would have an A7 quad-core processor and a 4.3-inch edge-to-edge new Retina2 display.


This latest iPhone 6 concept design gives the phone an 18-megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash and noise reduction with stabilizer. It also has a fingerprint sensor, which has been widely rumored for some time and could even appear in the iPhone 5S. However, the step up to an 18-megapixel shooter might be a stretch of the imagination too far. Of course, it runs on iOS 7 and there’s also a nice little tagline, as this iPhone 6 is said to be, “The Sign of Design. With You in Mind.”

We feel that the edge-to-edge display is a very nice touch that many potential iPhone 6 customers would like to see for the real deal. However, with the trend for thinner and thinner iPhones this design looks a little chunky, and while we think this concept is very impressive it doesn’t offer a completely revamped look that we think many would like to see.

We’d really like to hear from readers regarding this iPhone 6 concept design. If the real iPhone 6 turned up looking like this would you be pleased or disappointed? What do you think of the imagined specs for this iPhone 6 creation? Let us know with your comments.

Source: ADR Studio


26 thoughts on “iPhone 6 creativity and rumors with flair”

    1. Alejandro Pardo says:

      This would be a great design but I doubt Apple will actually model the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S like this. Just little before this years WWDC Conference, people were designing how iOS 7 would look like. Many viewers and fans were impressed and believed these designs, but during the day of the conference, Apple amazed us with a totally different and new design that looks more modern and clean. This is simply an amazing design but I’m pretty sure that Apple is designing something different than this design.

    1. TruthBeTold says:

      5G is around a decade or so around from here. Don’t expect 5G to be out within a few years. Is not spoke of as much at the moment. There is no need for it.

  1. TruthBeTold says:

    I don’t think it will have fingerprint unlock. Apple always being whiny about putting patents on their devices unlike other developers so as a throwback Amdroidbwill be putting a patent law under it’s fingerprint scanner. Sinse it was them who came up with the idea to begin with. Apple is like a child. Getting more money hungry than Microsoft is.

  2. drtom says:

    This would be great and I would buy it, especially with the new operating system, but I’d like it available ASAP. If Apple drags its feet on the delivery date, Samsung and others will have a new product out two days later that will make this seem behind the curve.

  3. shashwat says:

    Is it realy gonna be like this because I am dying to buy the iphone 6
    And iam just 12 year. Please inform when iphone 6 is comming

    1. Ryan Nickm says:

      You must be stupid (I’m 13)…
      Just by guessing from last year, Apple showed off iOS 6 at WWDC, and said “Coming sometime in Fall” they did that in 2012, and lo and behold, an iPhone 5 came with it! WOW !

      Maybe they’ll do that THIS YEAR TOO?!?! (incredible sarcasm laced tone there)

      And no, it probly won’t be exactly like this. Apple isn’t known to go THAT extreme with stuff (however, if they did that I would love it)

        1. telcobilly says:

          well said jay2013. Too many negativee, useless post..nothing positive to offer.. Thanks goodness we don’t have to rely on these juvenile know nothings for innovative products e are offered..

      1. Jay2013 says:

        Try being less of a teenage prick and more of an informative individual. Shashwat was obviously excited and curious, there was no need for the immense amount of douchery. A simple “In previous years, apple released the new iOS in the first half of the year and a new device in the second half. Although, this is a very convincing design, it is purely speculation, a concept.” would have sufficed. To be an immature idiot will get you nowhere, shed a little kindness and intelligence and you’ll find that respect is a lot easier to earn.

  4. Sem says:

    No change just a faster processor and a better camera… What about the important stuff like flash support for example? Or not having to convert music to iTunes but being able to download any format?

    If not all this then iPhone is just a name not practicality!

    1. Swearick says:

      That will never happen. Apple likes to control it’s consumers and force them to buy from itunes and use THEIR own stuff vs 3rd party…

  5. brxyden_ says:

    i think yall should add a finger print scan to unlock the phone i would of thought that yall would of came up with this alot sooner

  6. Will says:

    I think it looks very close to what I expect it to look like, but the update is gonna have to be worth it… Might wait since I have the 5…..

  7. charlen127 says:

    Looks nice, how do they improve when it seems like everything is perfect. My iphone 5 screen looks small to me after looking at this.

  8. iPhone lover009 says:

    I actually disagree that there is a “need” for a thinner iPhone. I personally really don’t like the iPhone 5 coz its so “skinny”. I like the feel of the iPhone 4 in your hand much better than the iPhone 5. I really don’t mind if my phone is a little bit “chunky” as long as it feels nice in your hand coz you are constantly using it. iPhone 4 feels more robust than iPhone 5. But I really like the design of the Samsung galaxy 4s so if iPhone 6 looks anything like this or Samsung galaxy 4s, I will def get it

  9. Denis says:

    I like the apple logo on the bottom of the front as the fingerprint scanner. They should keep it the thickness of the iphone 4 and the width and height of the iphone 5 with the edge-to-edge lcd screen. The thickness of the iphone 4 would let them get a better camera in there as well as the NFC and inductive charging it needs.

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