iPhone 5S release nearer with leaked battery evidence


The iPhone 5S is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and we’ve long been of the opinion that it will release around September, even though many hoped it would launch in summer. A September release is looking increasingly likely, and today the iPhone 5S release looks to be closer still, following leaked battery evidence.

Many people are hoping to see a big revamp for the iPhone 5S, but this is looking highly unlikely, with all the rumors and leaks so far suggesting just a minor upgrade to the current iPhone 5. At least it looks as though production has begun though, as we are seeing more and more leaked component images, and just the other day we informed readers about a leaked photo seemingly showing the iPhone 5S display assemblies in production.

Today a further leaked image has appeared (see below) and it’s claimed that this shows batteries for the next iPhone that have come off the assembly line. If this is the real deal then it certainly seems to confirm that initial production has started, even if it has not been fully ramped up yet. Of course if the iPhone 5S were to release in September, then we would certainly expect production to be in the early stages by now.

Sadly we cannot tell anything about the iPhone 5S battery from the photo but we previously discussed this and earlier leaked images seem to show a larger capacity battery. Hopefully, this is indeed the case. We should stress that we cannot verify the authenticity of this leaked image purporting to be batteries for the iPhone 5S. However, it does come from a source that has often come up with reliable leaked information.

Are you hoping that this latest image genuinely shows that the iPhone 5S is starting to roll off the assembly lines? If the phone fails to appear by September, how much longer will you wait for it? Let us have your comments on the Apple iPhone 5S.

Source: Nowhereelse.fr (Google Translated)

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