Micromax Canvas 4 HD order issues, price clarity


The consistent Facebook updates about Micromax Canvas 4 HD reveals the need to hype up this new smartphone, and only a few hours after the pre-orders went live we have seen two further posts on the official Facebook page.

Micromax is yet to reveal the full Canvas 4 HD specs but some things are clear, and this includes the 13 megapixel camera as seen in the official teaser shown below this article. Those placing orders are doing so without the exact specs and this seems a little strange to some of our readers.

The image below is the latest tease that landed on Facebook a couple of minutes ago. It asked if you’re ready to book your Canvas 4 and then asked “what are you waiting for?”.


One of Phones Review readers stated, “It is so frustrating that MMX didn’t reveal specs before the pre-booking”. Another commenter couldn’t understand the Micromax Canvas 4 RS. 5000 price that they made clear by stating, “what are they thinking with such a low price”.

The current cost charged is a pre-booking price and when the Micromax Canvas 4 launch date arrives in India, July 8, you’ll be charged the full price before shipping. The majority of our readers expected the full specs and price yesterday, although neither arrived but thousands of people still ordered.

Yesterday, the latest Facebook update made it clear that “thousands have pre-booked” the Micromax Canvas 4, although these social updates also reveal a number of order problems. We have seen a lot of comments focusing on a lack of communication, and after placing an order some people haven’t received a “confirmation email” or “login details”. This is even after payments were taken.

We did see some feedback from Micromax, which stated, “The email confirmation will arrive shortly”, so we can only guess that high demand is creating problems with sending out emails after processing payments. Did you experience any issues when placing your Micromax Canvas 4 order?

Did you order the Micromax Canvas 4 HD without a final price or full specs? We would also love to know how your pre-order went and if you had any problems like many others have stated on social networks.


23 thoughts on “Micromax Canvas 4 HD order issues, price clarity”

  1. bhavesh savla says:

    The only thing which I can understand is that MMX thought that the product would be ready by June 28 but it realised that it could not do so. So it came up with this idea of releasing the specs on July 8 and starting only pre-booking right now. There is no other reason or rationale for July8 date. Why July 8, why not some other date. Let us see if MMX is ready by July8 ?

  2. Abhijit Lad says:

    when micromax lauched HD .. the realised two things.. 1) they under prized it 2) they cant complete orders generated.

    pre booking it will solve bothe above problems.. they will get time to judge response & decide prize. dont expect below 20k price tag as they r offering EMI options…. which suggest price will be above 20 k.

  3. Ankit Kumar says:

    there is an option of full moneyback if we do not like price or specification ; so it is just a matter of intrest of 10 days of 5000 rupees

  4. Sanjeev says:

    yes..I booked 2 phones yesterday…did not receive any confirmation mail..wrote to mmx and received confirmation mail with user id & password late in night…no issue til now…waiting for full specs of phone and I am sure I will not be disappointed.

  5. nainesh says:

    I have canvas 3 and i will buy canvas 5 !! too but only when i know its specifications 🙂 May be they launch canvas 5 next month 🙂 ha ha

  6. Avinash says:

    I think micromax is trying to find their brand equity.. more pre order then they will price it at 18 – 20 k.. less pre order then they will price it at 16-18k…

  7. Raj says:

    They are trying to copy the pre-launch concept of Apple but it seems they haven’t done their homework properly. Pre-booking is a chaos. Not reveling the specs is clear indication that they have no confidence on their product

  8. Rajat Sehrawat says:

    i pre-booked the canvas 4 on 30th june , payment was debited from my account but dint recieved the confirmation yet…
    i called micromax on 1st july ,they said they will solve the problem shortly…
    nothing happend.. then i again called on 2nd and they give me a password and username was my email id… when i logged in canvas-4 site there was nothing but a blank page..
    i am frustrated to call mmx coz each nd every time they say give us 24hrs and nothing happens…
    # micromax this was my first and last online buy from your site 🙁

  9. naveen says:

    I pre-booked on 6/28/2013 12:51:24 PM but the order id is 2820 . People who have booked after this time have got the lesser order id. Something Fishy!!

  10. ramesh says:

    purchased the canvas 4 on 15 Aug 2013, and on 10 sep 2013, phone crashed, not able to take photo/video. songs are breaking, video hanging, touch screen responding after 10 seconds some times nil. even calls are breaking voice.

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