BBM for iPhone and Android in numerous battles


It is no secret that BBM for Android and iPhone would help BlackBerry a lot in terms of revenue, and it would be a stream of income that would be extremely appreciated right now. This is why BlackBerry promised the BBM app would launch on iPhone and Android by the end of summer.

While it is hard to predict how much revenue could be earned from this app, we have already heard from a number of teens reporting that their schools are “buzzing” about the launch of BBM on Android and iPhone. Our article about this also received positive comments confirming what we already knew, and this is teens that previously owned a BlackBerry now miss BBM on their Android or iPhone.

Today, we wanted to highlight an article we found on a popular website that looks at investing and the stock market. The author who wrote this article might know more about business than smartphones, but this is exactly the issue with BlackBerry right now and that’s a finance point of view.

The article is titled “BlackBerry has one last chance” and looks at the BBM app and its popularity in the smartphone market. They highlight how BlackBerry’s Messenger app fell into fifth place for IM.

This means WeChat is now beating BBM with 100M users and Line has 160M users, Viber with 200M and the extremely popular WhatsApp has a massive 250M users. BlackBerry has a lot of work to do if they want to catch up with these chat competitors, and BBM for Android and iPhone will help a lot in this area.

The difference in 2013 compared to 2012 — by the end of this year BlackBerry will launch six new smartphones and their new BlackBerry 10 OS, and this is backed by an improved BBM for iPhone, Android and their own OS. This puts BlackBerry in a much better position this year than last year, in our opinion.

With all of this in-mind, we agree with the above referenced article that BlackBerry has one last chance. Do you think BlackBerry can turn everything around in 2013 and 2014?


12 thoughts on “BBM for iPhone and Android in numerous battles”

  1. C.T says:

    Im a college student, i could prove to anyone that 99% of my college has either a IPhone, Blackberry or android phone. Im personally using Whatsapp at the moment as a fill in for BBM. I’ve had a Blackberry before and to be really honest, BBM is the only thing I miss. I know that as soon as BBM is available for smartphones, it will sky rocket. After talking about it with friends, all of them cannot wait for it to come out. Everyone just wants BBM!

  2. Push says:

    BBM is the onlny reason i have a blackberry.
    i walk around with two phones, an Android and a Blackberry… feel like loosing weight soon #blackberrydump

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for BBM to be released for Android. I was a BlackBerry user for years and then switched to Android. It was a hard decision to give up BBM. However, I’ve had a chance to check out the new BlackBerry 10 devices… Pretty sweet and really thinking of going back to BlackBerry!! They keyboard is a plus for me… No matter how long I’ve used the touch screen device, typing is still more challenging than the BlackBerry keypad.

  4. james says:

    Its about time they brought bbm on iphones and androids i love bbm but wanted a decent smartphone. Whatsapp is plain boring if im honest. I rekon with bbm coming on android and iphone it will help you can have a smartphone and bbm now just hope they hurry up and bring it out now #Exited

  5. keli_bop says:

    As soon as BBM for android releases, is bye bye whats app for me…bbm is the only thing i miss about android everyone in my home island has a BB solely for the purpose of bbm..and since i migrated, i can count on 1 hand the amount of ppl, that use a blackberry up here, its strictly iphone or android, so bbm for android will definately connect me to all my old bbm family and friend contacts…:))))))

  6. Techgeek says:

    Yes … They have really out done themselves … And maybe somehow they can come back strong … As it stands the blackberry z10 is better than the iPhone 5 and with bbm on android and ios .. They will recover

  7. Benji Shakespeare says:

    Tbh I think the new blackberry 10 should have android apps in return of blackberry giving out the free BBM app to the Android and iPhone market places blackberry will get more sales I have a phone for decent apps and games and I currently own the BlackBerry z10 and I’m very disappointed about it not having android apps onto it the apps and games are 3/10 for quality with BlackBerry z10 having a full hd screen you would of thought they would make some use out of it, (my opinion) and I hope something is done about it cause I’m about to sell it for peanuts if not and go back to having a Samsung g galaxy s3

  8. Nxzm says:

    Blackberry z10 replicate almost all android and ios features..
    It would be shame if they dont share their BBM for both iphone and android..
    Sorry for my bad english..

  9. Turbulence says:

    Are they going to charge for BBM? How exactly do they plan to make money? If one can get BBM on android then what’s the incentive for getting a BB device. The few people that I know still using BB devices are on also on WhatsApp so I personally don’t see the need to switch. What does BBM have to offer that WhatsApp or Viber etc do not?

  10. Can't wait for bbm........ says:

    That’s the one thing I don’t like about whatsapp it’s by phone number … I’d rather have a pin like bbm and I do miss my friends who still have bbm …. I think it’s a great idea tiring bbm to iPhone and androids…. I will still use whatsapp with the friends who choose not to get bbm…. Can’t wait!

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