Samsung ATIV Q orders start in DE, US price estimate


The Samsung ATIV Q was recently unveiled and is a particularly interesting upcoming convertible tablet, as it’s a hybrid dual-booting device featuring Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean. It also has some very decent specs, and many people have been hoping for news on a US price. Now we have heard that Samsung ATIV Q orders have started in DE (Germany), and this offers us a US price estimate.

Samsung did not announced any pricing for the tablet/laptop when it was officially introduced, but the Samsung ATIV Q tablet is now available to pre-order in Germany with a price of €1599 at one retailer. That’s approximately US $2083 in a straight conversion, but as devices are often cheaper in the US it’s still thought that the likely price of the device stateside will be around the $1599 mark. Bear in mind though, that the German price may not be confirmed just yet, but hopefully it’s an indicator.

Maybe we should not be surprised at the rather hefty price considering the top specs and the fact that the ATIV Q also gives users a full Windows 8 laptop experience too. As a comparison though, the 13-inch MacBook Air starts from $1099. Some of the key specs of the Samsung ATIV Q include a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4500U quad-core processor, Intel HD Graphics 4400, a 13.3-inch touchscreen display with resolution of 3200 x 1800, 4GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and support for the S Pen.

We also have an indicator of the release date for the ATIV Q and it seems that it could be launched soon. ARLT Computer has given a date of July 8 although Samsung Germany has merely said that it will be available in August, according to TabTech (Google Translated). Although this isn’t necessarily an indicator for the Samsung ATIV Q US release date, hopefully it’s at least a sign that it won’t be too long.

We’d like to hear your thoughts about the Samsung ATIV Q US price estimate, so let us know if you have an interest in this hybrid tablet/laptop. Are you eagerly awaiting the release of this device, and how much are you willing to pay?


25 thoughts on “Samsung ATIV Q orders start in DE, US price estimate”

  1. DocC says:

    The higher the price, the fewer the sales. Samsung knows that. So are they after a standard bearer or are they after market dominance? FujiFilm just went through the same experience with the X1 camera. Priced it too high and the scramble was on. Is Samsung interested in besting Apple or teasing it? This is big kids competing on the playground – or are they just monkeying around?a

  2. Draft says:

    Too high. I was willing to pay 1200€ here in France. It may be worth the 1600€ but it’s too much for me. At 1600€ one can get a decent laptop plus a good tablet. Can’t work with my standard CAD soft on a GC-less device and I’m certainly not willing to pay 1600 bucks a supernetbook.

  3. ThatsHowISeeIt says:

    How can they sell this with 4GB of RAM? I canceled my order for a Duo 13 to buy an ATIV Q and I absolutely love the 3200X1200 display and Haswell but I just can’t imagine paying $1,500 device with only 4GB of RAM and I bet many other potential buyers will feel the same. How could they build such a great device and hobble it with only 4GB of RAM and thereby limit what you can do with it?

    You can now buy a $500 laptop with 4GB of RAM so it is beyond idiotic that this is offered with only 4GB of RAM after charging a premium price.

    At the least they need to have an option to pay more to get this with 8GB of RAM.

    1. MattyP says:

      I kept my order for a Duo 13 for a few reasons, though I did have some interest in the Q…but figured it would disappoint in a few aspects that I’ve loved about the Duo 11 I had before.

      1. Lack of spec options, unless Samsung comes out with the option for an i7 with HD 5000 graphics and 8GB RAM, no way I’d get one of these.

      2. Price point I figured would be too high, which it looks like may be true…I’d have gladly paid $1500-1600 for one with an i7/8GB RAM, which would put it on par with the Duo 13 I ordered (i7-4650u, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD).

      3. They went with a cheaper looking design, keyboard, and optical nub. The new keyboard on the 13 looks great, I can live with a small trackpad but a trackpad none-the-less, and maybe I’m just a sucker for Sony’s design/build quality.

      4. I use to be all about resolution, but recently feel it isn’t all that – I love my 2560×1440 monitor, but having compared quite a few different laptops and tablets, the Sony Vaio Duo 11 had clearer than higher-res displays simply because the text, images, rendering, and colors were just that good.

      The ONE thing that really interested me about the Ativ Q was the Android integration, but hopefully that will come to other devices like the Duo 13 in the near future, but realistically I doubt I’d even care much in practice, as x86 apps do most of what I’d need and the mobile apps can do the rest, along with my phone that I always have on me.

      1. David A Bacher says:

        Keep in mind, on any Windows-based computer, you can just download the BlueStacks Player to run Android apps. I’m not convinced that’s not all the Android support is anyway, because the feature set is suspiciously identical.

  4. AFD says:

    Too expensive. I had thought it might go for around $1200, which I thought was expensive but not completely beyond acceptable. With the quoted prices above, I lost interest.

  5. irwin says:

    Itz a very neat product tho the price z freakin scary…mayb if they reduce it by a few bucks…I could consider gettin one. I hope samsung works on the price.
    sincerely, a guy who wud like to hold the q

  6. Matt says:

    Samsung is in a fantasy realm if they think we will pay even 1500 for this when the Asus Trio has more expensive hardware, trackpad, and much more. I’d rather have bought this because of screen size but only if samsung was going to realize a proper price point.

    1. OakleyMark says:

      $1500 is heavy, but for certain users, it’s got a lot which trumps other machines big time. The Asus Trio, for instance, has a smaller screen, lower dpi, and as far as I can tell, no stylus.

      For digital artists, the Ativ Q looks *fantastic*.

      After Wacom’s announcement back in March about a portable Cintiq coming this Summer, the digital arts community went bananas. But Wacom has offered no updates since then and people are getting restless. The Ativ Q looks like a winner among those who are willing to spend on an excellent portable art machine.

      For non-artists, however, I can see why the price could be a turnoff. If you don’t need to draw, and if big screen canvases don’t excite you with their possibilities, then what’s the point when you can get a decent tablet for much less?

      1. ThatsHowISeeIt says:

        Unfortunately being limited to 4GB of RAM severely limited what you can do with the Q. That Android Dual OS capability takes about another Gig so you are left with only 3Gb of RAM to run Windows and do your work. A lot of artists and even business users are going to have a hard time doing anything productive with this when it is limited to 4GB of RAM.

          1. ElektroIgnorant says:

            Sure, wake me up when SSDs can write at 17GB/s (real speed). Right now the best of them that don’t cost you 3 legs and 6 arms can do about 500 MB/s at best.

  7. Rescue28 says:

    I carry a very lightweight Sony laptop for accessing Microsoft Office, typing letters and reports, Excel spreadsheets, etc. But I also travel with a tablet (Kindle HD) for reading magazines and books and a few other things (I am not a gamer). I travel overseas a lot and weight becomes an issue (100% carry-on for a six week vacation). So the prospect of having one lightweight machine do both functions (Windows and Android) is very intriguing. Does anyone know how well the BlueStacks program works? Maybe my best solution is the Sony Pro 13 Touch Book with BlueStacks … saw it and love the machine. But Windows App store does not have the magazines I read, nor the books. Looking for guidance from some of you wizards out there!

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