iOS 7 beta 3 fix for hot iPhone 5, 4S


The latest rumors have predicted that iOS 7 beta 3 will release next week on Monday, so this will be a perfect time to see if the current overheating problems are fixed for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S running iOS 7 beta.

Apple iPhone 5 vs. 4S for iOS 7 issues — our in house developer has been testing iOS 7 beta 1 and 2 with the Phones Review apps since the first beta launched. To date, they have found both the iPhone 5 and 4S to experience a number of problems overall that include the phone crashing to an Apple logo and both devices get very hot.


We touched on the iOS 7 beta 3 update being needed to fix iPhone 5, 4S crashing problems but it seems a fix is also needed for both handsets getting hot. We know the iPhone has had its share of overheating in the past, but we hadn’t experienced this on the iPhone 5 like we did with 4S.

The current generation runs a lot cooler than 4S, but on iOS 7 beta 2 both devices run very hot when on phone calls, watching videos, using GPS and with a number of other tasks.

If you are on a phone call with iPhone 5 and 4S running iOS 7 beta 2, then the phone can get uncomfortably hot if touching your ear. We are hoping this problem is fixed when iOS 7 beta 3 launches, so we will be sure to test this update on both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Has your iPhone 5 or 4S been running extra hot on iOS 7, or even with iOS 6? Let us know in the comments and we’ll check with our developer next week if iOS 7 beta 3 releases, which really needs to fix this issue and the crashing problems that continually happen randomly.


224 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 3 fix for hot iPhone 5, 4S”

  1. Zoheb Khan says:

    it crashes with apple logo but hitting problem not yet felt it on my iphone 5 !
    ios 7 seems to be awesome and whom so ever seems my iPhone with ios 7 they say WOW !!! really its very nice !

  2. RGS says:

    Apple have been trading and resting in past successes.The iPhone 5 gets hot,the battery life is terrible ,the screen is too small,it crashes too often .Apple need a game changer if they hope to get back to the top because they aren’t there any more!

  3. leggygt303 says:

    iPhone 5, running iOS 7-2, and I’ve been experiencing both symptoms of my phone crashing, leading back to the Apple logo, and getting hot when performing tasks. Also been experiencing getting kicked back to the springboard from apps quite a bit. Not sure if it’s an app issue running on 7, or an actual 7-2 issue, but it happens with any and all apps, some more frequent than others. Beta 3 come quick! And with solutions!

  4. Gary Kaplow says:

    I have been crashing regulary hit recovery is rather quick. I have not been experiencing the heat up you mention, and I tend to use the GPS, phone and streaming a lot. overall I have been pleased. iTunes Radio has a while until it’s mature though.

  5. Chris says:

    I’ve experienced the overheating, but mostly when playing music via Bluetooth. Phone calls and most apps are fine; maybe a bit warmer than iOS 6, but not hot. Crashing is minimal, maybe a spontaneous reboot once a day plus an occasional app crash back to Springboard. Music player is screwy though, and song info/album art often doesn’t update when the song changes.

  6. Andrei says:

    I too have 7-2 on it and it heats up really bad and drains battery life like crazy. Also, when low on battery, if it crashes (which happens quite often), the touchscreen becomes unresponsive; only way of getting it to work is to charge it. Apps crash a lot too, but I think this is because they’re not ios 7 compatible yet. So, yes, beta 3 can’t come soon enough.

  7. jedi_rolla says:

    I have an iphone 5 running ios7 beta 2 and i ahve not had heating problems but have experienced crashing as described in the article above. Loving the new os tho… Cannot wait for the official release.

  8. pip says:

    ios 7 beta 2. No heat issues, but have got the crash to apple logo often. And if I don’t close down background apps the battery drains very quickly when not in use. At least I see a marked improvement when I do close background apps.

  9. sova33 says:

    My iPhone 5 get overheated little bit,also have problem when the battery is very low,then phone crash and touchscreen is unresponsive and also crashing to apple logo.

  10. Ourena says:

    I guess it depends on the usage and workload you throw at it, when I multitask the battery does drain like crazy and I get a LOT of crashes and reboots. I also had noticed the overheating, but had not related it to the update, thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait for beta 3 and final versions, my iPhone has been getting a lot of love from Android users since I installed beta.

  11. Wfm100 says:

    My iPhone 5 running iOS 7 gets warm when running a number of apps, but got downright HOT the other day when running a GPS Map app. In addition to getting on, the battery went from 44% to 5% in just over an hour.
    The iPhone continues to overheat, but I haven’t experienced the repaid battery drain again.

  12. Chris Brown says:

    Yep, my iPhone 5 was already susceptible to getting hot but that’s one of the sacrifices for the bigger screen and thinner design and not having the extra layer of glass that the 4S has on the back.

    With iOS 7 Beta 1 & 2 I noticed it a bit, I live in San Diego so the weather doesn’t contribute to the issue. I recently went to Lake Powell on the Utah/Arizona border where it was 90 to 100 degrees daily and I was using my phone mostly for camera and music functions on Airplane Mode because there is no reception out there. MAJOR heat issues in that weather, for obvious reasons. Oh, I have a black iPhone as well, so that contributed to the case attracting a lot of heat.

    My phone NEVER overheated or shutdown so that was impressive and the battery life was fine, mostly because I was on Airplane Mode and wasn’t drawing power to stay connected to any networks.

    Back home in SD, I noticed the battery drain increased a bit, but I tend to keep my phones running pretty lean no matter what so it wasn’t a huge issue for me. I’m sure once the full release is optimized this won’t be an issue.

    Overall, I’ve been pleased with iOS 7 and it has me using my phone more because of the new features and it just looks great. Beta 2 is definitely smoother, less chop and Apple Logo mini reboots. I have it on my main phone so it’s a risk, but worth it in my opinion. I’m anxious to try out Airdrop as I’m the only person I know who’s on iOS 7 so I’ll have to wait until full release to drop to my contacts, etc.

  13. S23 says:

    Im also using iOS 7 Beta 2 on my iPhone 5 .. There are a few issues of apps such as Skype crashing and a keyboard glitch too .. The number key on the bottom left of the keyboard doesn’t work sometimes ! Another is on the Phone App .. The numbers change color when i open the app from blue to green !

  14. Kenny says:

    I have the iPhone 4S and the longest my iPhone has stayed on without crashing is 2 and 1/2 hours while i was on a phone call. my iPhone will not sync any new music to it so I got fed up and downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 until iOS 7 beta 3 comes out on Monday

  15. iMaksimum says:

    i have an iphone 4s on ios 7 beta 2 and i haven’t got any heating issues but my phone has crashed a couple of times, especially while using the camera.

  16. louis says:

    i have iphone 4s and the mail app crashes when i use the search bar and other apps crash too s i am using them
    My iphone does not over heat however.

  17. Jake says:

    I have an iPhone 4S with iOS 7 beta 2. Almost every time I try to launch the camera, it will crash to the apple logo. Also, when I have too many apps running in multitasking, it will also make the phone crash.

  18. Not Luke says:

    I have a 4s running on iOS 7 Beta 2 and 1/10 times, the camera actually works without crashing or freezing. About 2/10 times, my texting app will freeze and i have to do a hard restart. Also if my battery is low and my phone crashes, my touchscreen wont work and i have to charge it to about 15% for it to work again. I was much happier with beta one because there werent so many major bugs. And I only noticed my phone getting really hot while playing an Emulator or watching a movie while im outside in the summer heat. 😉

  19. Homeboi6969 says:

    My Samsung galaxy s4 never gets hot, dumbass crackers using iphone. Samsung is the dope all you white people dumb, black is the superior race and smarter

    1. IPHONE4EVER says:

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  20. SteveTh3Pirate says:

    iP5 iOS beta 2, yes having major over heating while in games, videos and a lot of web browsing, also getting the apple logo crash/springboard restart

  21. ANAN7373 says:

    With iOS Beta 1 and 2 I’ve had overheating problems to the point where in Beta 1, after a week, my phone was getting only 1.5 hours of battery life after a full charge and you could feel the phone getting warmer and warmer as the battery life indicator goes down. With Beta two I see the battery life performance dwindling slowly and phone gets warmer at times, but so far now as bad as with Beta 1. Still needs a lot of work in this area. Also get the random crashing with both beta versions. A few more bugs in Beta 2 that I didn’t discover with Beta 1 such as certain apps not opening at all and certain features within the calendar app and Clock app not functioning. Also some of the clock app times are not reflected correctly when it’s in analog mode, but correct time in digital mode.

  22. Kenny Strawn says:

    Even iOS 6 has brought my 4S to uncomfortable temperatures… and yes, the presence of a case and/or screen protector tends to exacerbate the issue.

    Let’s SERIOUSLY hope that the stable version of iOS 7 fixes this issue…

  23. Aaron says:

    Yes you are correct with iOS 7 beta 2,it gets hot but not when I am on a phone call though. Many crashing bugs also. Also with beta 2 the battery life is very low only about 4 hours.

  24. Skylar says:

    I’m running iOS 7 beta 2 and who wouldn’t unless you never heard of beta 2 was out. Anyway iOS 7 Beta 2 is fine all it needs is a more smoother UI performance. Like when using Safari, when switching to other pages it glitches a little. Another fix i want to see is Siri new voice to be more common. Next is Task bar Glitches real bad and needs to be smoother/ better rendering. Next is if there going to use parallax, they need to implement a new type of way of making it not make the device hot and save battery. One reason why apps/games crash is because of the use of parallax. Parallax uses allot of ram which apps need for good performance. There going to have to make iOS 7 to have a smarter UI to render apps better. I turned off Parallax and I can play GTA Vice City without losing so much frames that there is no texture in the game. Well that’s my input there more things I would state but im going to keep it short!!!

  25. Homie6969 says:

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  26. Mason says:

    My iOS 7 has been hot when doing various tasks, such as watching Netflix and playing with iOS apps and such, I am using an iPhone 4S beta 2 and waiting for the new beta update. My other iPhone is used for multimedia purposes and not meant to brick or jailbreak it. It is running iOS 6.1.3 and I noticed it gets hot when I call my girlfriend over FaceTime. It’s not as hot as iOS 7’s although.

  27. Cody says:

    I have an EXTREMELY laggy keyboard when using the Apple messaging app now (beta 2, iPhone 4S). I’ve tracked the amount of time it takes for a key hit to register, and it averages from four to six seconds… That’s insanely disruptive when I’m try to send a text in a hurry, so I’m really hoping it’s improved by beta 3.

  28. KhamT says:

    Having problems when I synch it to my iTunes , it freezes and resynches , everything music, video, and etc, there are some apps that won’t open like Ebay, and microdj
    When playing music it sometime freezes when I’m scrolling down or up for a new selection, I didn’t have a heat problem ,

  29. Zain A says:

    Yes, my phone has been crashing to the apple logo a lot in Beta 2 and also many times my background would automatically turn black. Luckily after turning on and off my iPhone 5 the black background will go away. My IOS 7 beta 2 has been running a lot smoother than Beta 1 but it still is pretty laggy and slow, just not as much as Beta 1. Hopefully Beta 3 will fix these problems and make it run faster and smoother.

  30. kayla says:

    i have beta 2 and my phone crashes to the apple logo constantly. it crashes on a number of apps too. it never lets me use IMDB. the reader on safari only works half of the time. instagram and vine videos sometimes won’t load at all. using the camera sometimes makes the phone crash as well. the most annoying part is that when my battery is like than 20%, sometimes i can’t get into my phone. slide to unlock doesn’t work and it doesn’t matter if i restart my phone over and over. it will only work when i connect to charge. so frustrating.

  31. William says:

    I have beta 2 and sometimes pop up notifications in games don’t work (my euchre app is useless) and it constantly crashes when starting apps. I have to restart the phone a ton.

  32. drjavi says:

    ive beta 2 iphone 4, crashes all the time when try using mmultitasking, weather didn`t come up in my city, lag in keyboard, really slow when open a messaging app, notice center dont show weather, whats app, finally i cant make it mine.. overhating the cel and battery flows.
    restore jailbreak 6

  33. Razor606 says:

    Not had over heat problems but a load of apps keep on crashing and the phone restarts now and again really need beta 3 and hope this fixes my app problems no ebay ,Skype , imdb, eroute gutted

  34. Snapple says:

    does anybody have a problem with their music albums in iOS 7 beta 2? some of my songs with a similar album name, but from different artists were grouped together into the same album. They were supposed to be separate like in iOS 6

  35. Jessica NL says:

    I have iPhone 4S used iOS 7 beta1 and now on beta2 there is no heating problem my phone is normal but too many apps crashing and some don’t work at all like google translate app , about using it with tomtom GPS navigator the phone getting warm because its plunged with car charger if i use it on battery then no problem .

  36. Devin Enders says:


  37. Milan Stefancik says:

    Hi guys ,
    there is so many problems with that Beta 2 release . I have 4S Verizon
    – phone is getting hot
    – camera from 10 times doesn’t even start and crush , after soft reset is fine and then again not good .
    – phone book , searching for contact once is fine then make a phone call then comes back to phone book and search is gone , have to kill app from memory and then again open up , very bad
    – notes , same issue , create new one fine , search is gone
    – Bluetooth connection with my car , crashing as well , specially when I switch call waiting , terrible
    I hope they will fix this because right now I have to reset iphone several times during the day

  38. iphoneman says:

    double click for music on lock screen doesnt work on i5,control center not working in many apps. i found beta 1 better than beta 2.

    1. dylaank says:

      if you read the release notes, you would see that they disabled the double click for music controls on the lockscreen, now they are always visible when playing music

  39. Mustafa Ahmedani says:

    I do get the overheating problems mentioned in this articles, and it’s very annoying. As well as overheating, the phone loses battery very quickly, which has been an issue since iOS 5, it’s annoying me a lot now.

  40. Steve Jobs says:

    When will you all realize that this is a “BETA”. There’s a long way to go until the GM is released and the whole point of beta’s is to find out where the problems are and to fix them. As far as apps crashing, with nearly 1 million apps in the app store there is also along way to go until the developers update their apps to run on IOS 7.

    Moral to the story:

    If you cant handle the bugs and glitches and cant be bothered to do the right thing and report them to Apple then downgrade to 6.1.3/6.1.4 and stop fu#ing moaning.

      1. Steve Jobs says:

        Sorry mummy But it does get annoying when all these people are jumping on the beta’s just so they can tell their mates “I got it first”.
        If everybody reported the problems to Apple in the correct way then they would get fixed quicker and they wouldn’t have anything to moan about.

  41. Itay says:

    I got As weirder problem on ios7 beta 2 on iPhone 5
    When it reaches 15 precent of battery
    It performs a restoring (you see apple logo) for a little while and then the touch screen stops working at all! Even restart doesn’t fix that. Only. Waiting for the device to finish off his battery and then charge it back will fix that until next time. Anyone experience that?

  42. ryan says:

    i have iphone 5 Beta 2 not a huge problem but little annoying sometimes when i unlock my phone the clock battery percentage and signal are shifted 90 degrees to the right instead of just being on top…i have to lock my phone and unlock to fix…anyone know what im talking about?

  43. Antoine Howard says:

    Phone does overheat and reboots occasionally. Touch screen doesn’t work at times especially when trying to answer calls

  44. Steve 6 says:

    I have an iPhone 5 with beta 2 & my data went threw the ruff ! I went from 100MB to 900MB in a day & I was on LTE for like an hour using Facebook & sometime I don’t get text or iMessage & people don’t get mine either

  45. CollegeKid says:

    I have iOS 7 Beta 2 running on my iPhone 4. As far as overheating I haven’t experienced that, but I have experienced a lot of the stock apps freezing like iMessages and Camera. I will occasionally have to reboot or it will do it itself. So a lot of crashing and freezing, but other than that it will work as expected. Yes, many of the current Appstore apps won’t work well because none of them are optimized for iOS 7. That will come with the GM release. Battery life seems to be better on iOS 7 than on iOS 6 for me anyway. Another few glitches to note are some of the graphics not displaying in the correct area or incorrectly, like on the Lockscreen instead of the clock being in its usual place it will be in the center of the screen and then jump back up when it’s ready. Also, I’ve noticed small shadows on the corners of the screen where the status bar is if I have an app like Safari open for example (When you lock your screen and unlock directly into an app). The biggest issue I see is the crashing and the slowness throughout the UI. That’s been my experience with iOS 7 so far.

  46. junior says:

    yeah, the status bar on my phone acts like its in portrait mode sometimes. My phone over heats very easily, answering phone calls makes the phone freeze, pulling down the notification center in apps like safari and others make it freeze. Even maps sometimes crashes when trying to add an address in the search field. There’s also that black background that comes up when killing multitasking applications. Another thing i noticed is when your on a phone call and you try to answer a notification, the phone doesn’t unlock when you touch the notification and swipe there, you have to swipe back, touch the slide to unlock text, and swipe there to get into the phone. also if you have a sleep times and you take a video and not touch the screen, it will literally go to sleep! The video will stop recording too.

  47. Eliijah Moss says:

    It’s funny looking at these comments. When will people learn that IOS 7 is in its beta stage? You don’t just hop on the wagon while your just learning. All of the problems are probably coming from all of the people on IOS 7. Wait until September. The final version should be published then. In the mean time… Enjoy you lavishing IOS 7 beta.

  48. Samantha says:

    So i downloaded ios7 and my company name disappeared from the top left corner , did this happen to anyone else ?? if so can you tell me how to fix it please

  49. jram0421 says:

    There are no issues at all on my ipad mini. i dont see what people are complaining about. Theres no guarantee it’ll work right or even work at all. Its a beta after all. Just wait till its released for all of u who complain

  50. Astelios â„¢ says:

    I have an iPhone 4S. I once used iOS7. However, after a few days, I downgraded back to iOS 6.1.3.
    Well, the icons and designs of iOS7 is nice. However, the performance disappointed me greatly. Alot of bugs, lags, auto-restarts, hangs, camera and other apps not working, battery draining even faster, phone overheating very fast and so much more.
    IF, they could modify iOS7, to be BETTER than iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4, in terms of perfomance, I’m sure they will be alot of people willing to use iOS 7.

        1. Drugge says:

          you don’t think i’ve tried that?? i’ve been looking all over for a way to downgrade without wiping all the data. all my icloud backups are made on ios 7 so they are not compatible with ios 6. so basically the only way to go back to ios 6 is to restore and lose all my photos, texts, apps, everything!! that really sucks cause i like ios 6 much better than ios 7.

          1. Drugge says:

            i got two backups, one which is actually on ios 6 but i made it over a year ago so i wont get all my pictures and stuff, and another on ios 7

          2. Drugge says:

            as i said, i’ve already tried installing ios 6, and my backups, which are made on ios 7, are not compatible with ios 6

          3. jram0421 says:

            Then dude i have no clue. Beta 3 is gonna be better. If you need to keep your stuff then just wait two more days. The next beta is gonna be more stable. What issues are you having with ios 7

          4. Drugge says:

            well first of all there’s the horrible battery life, i have to charge it like twice a day, and if i’m just on the phone looking at facebook or whatever, it can easly drop 10 percent in 10-15 minutes

          5. jram0421 says:

            Then you should see all of the photos on the iphone. Copy the ones that you want

          6. jram0421 says:

            Ok your welcome and after this just follow instructions to downgrade and then afterwards import your photos through itunes.

          7. Drugge says:

            but will they get into my camera roll though?? i think it just makes a new folder called photo library and they go there. anyways i guess im sticking with ios 7. im just auuhhghghggughhg

          8. Guest says:

            so i can give you the instructions for your device for the right ispw for ios 6

          9. Samer says:

            keep your staff synced on itunes (Contacts, Pics, Videos, Ringtones and Books). Restore your iphone and sync again with itunes. The hassle will be to get back your Apps the way you want but everything else will come back. Remember to transfer App purchses from iphone to itunes before you start restore.

          10. Drugge says:

            but whyyy isn’t there a way to downgrade without doing a full restore?

          11. LuneJake says:

            You can always backup your photos in iPhoto. Just create a new album in iPhoto then select that album in itunes after you do a clean restore. You can always pick the apps you want to install also. If you are downgrading to iOS 6. Once you’ve setup the phone again the way you want, just back up to your computer, not iCloud. A long process, but you will have a good backup the way you want it, for the next time you downgrade from iOS 7, due to the bugs. Remember it is a BETA, it will more than likely always have bugs, until the final release. Even then, it may still have issues that need to be addressed.

    1. Joseph says:

      its a beta, youre not even supposed to have one if you are not a developer anyways, and its a BETA for the second time, i suggest you shouldnt judge the software based on it. wait for the final release

  51. Jarrod says:

    My iPhone 5 hasn’t run hot. However Siri rarely works. It always crashes to the Apple logo. The time on the home screen switches to the side of the screen. And a lot of the time the wall paper disappears and it’s replaced with solid black. The battery drains extremely quickly. You can’t search specific mail when you’re in your mailbox because the mail app crashes.

  52. hdca18 says:

    I installed i OS 7 b2, and found it worked excellent for the first few days. After it became extremely slow and laggy, to the point where I restored to i OS 6 to get back functionality.

  53. Tyy Lloyd says:

    Ios 7 beta 2 on my 4s runs extremely slow and glitchy.
    And you can forget about using the camera functionality, all that happens is
    force closes or causes crash to apple logo.
    And yes my phone gets very warm.
    However I continue to man it out until it works pefectly, glitchy
    as hell, but still better than ios 6..

    1. Ty B. says:

      I literally have the EXACT same problems and agree 100% with everything you said. It kills for my camera always crashes. So does messages half the time! But without glitches and slowness, I’ve fallen in love with the new software.

      1. Tyy Lloyd says:

        Yea im having issues with my imessage app and force closing and being buggy/slow but (fingers crossed) tonights release of beta 3 will fix it? hopefully? LOL

  54. fo0ling says:

    Sometimes on my iPod touch 5th gen, the status bar goes landscape when I’m in the menu, what a nuisance! I know they will fix this tomorrow!

  55. Unknown says:

    It’s been working great on my iPhone 5. Only time it gets hot is when im using nav (Google Maps or Maps). Status bar sometimes gets stuck in portrait mode. Mailbox has a small bug where the red icon badge stays in the upper right corner of the screen after opening the app. Weather crashes if I try to delete the New York location. Other than that, battery life is much improved in beta 2. I immediately downgraded after updating my iPad Mini (display flickering, showing no apps including stock apps), but then again, beta 2 for the Mini is really like beta 1 for the iPhone.

  56. andrew serrata says:

    ipod 5 crashes randomoly on ios 7 beta 2 and then when it gets to apple logo, its shows a refreshing circle and then blank screen. it then repeats over and over again and never ends. u have tothen go to recovery mode and download ios 6.1.3 again. i got ios 7 beta 2 two times and it has done this both times so now im on ios 6.1.3 until ios 7 beta 3 comes out. ps: i always download ios 7 beta 1 first and then update too ios 7 beta 2. updating to ios 7 beta 2 could be causing the crashing but i could be wrong. plzz fix this, i reallywant to stay with ios 7 plzz, i really want u too notify this to your developers pzz!!!

    1. Filip Krieger says:

      beta is intended for Apple developer licence holders for testing purposes and app code upgrade.
      No common user should have it installed on his/hers device
      iOS7 GM/Retail is expected somehow in fall so i would say it is an aswer to your first question.

      Second question answer is:
      Sure you can install beta 2 directly.
      From beta 1 to beta 2 i would suggest use OTA

  57. Michael Noble says:

    iPhone 5, iOS 7 Beta 2

    Yeah, I have that problem, except the overheating is not really a noticeable issue for me. I get the crashes somewhat frequently though. The rest of my bugs are visual, but extremely troublesome. Like one, where if a game launches, or some other application that allows for the status bar to disappear, it does not, but instead remains visible in black. And this is a problem in all apps that allow for this, not just one. If they could get rid of the lag, the visual bugs, and the crashing, and apparently the heating issue, then things would be great! Also, I would love to see developers being forced to update their apps to iPhone 5 resolution and compatible with at least iOS 6, and if possible, 7.

  58. sean says:

    Nope, My 5 runs a lot better then with the first beta. But my ipad mini runs like a dog… Which is why i sold it. The A5 and smaller amount of ram just is to me a bit to low on the specs side. I had a 4th gen iPad and wish i kept that.

    1. Jordynn Carey says:

      The A5 mini is the currently the latest (and only so far) iPad Mini out, so its clearly gonna get optimized for iOS 7.. Where only at beta 2 what do you expect? Aswel as been the first iPad beta.. I had doubts about the 4S but I think there will be speed improvements since the similar hard ware to the Mini

  59. majid says:

    a wifi issue was also on iphone 4s, you cannot active the wifi and the button to do this is desactivated… hope this issue is fixed on IOs7

    1. Jordynn Carey says:

      Nope, not possible.. How ever you can get iPhone backup extractor and select your iOS 7 backup and extract all your photos/contacts etc and manually sync them back 🙂

    2. Andremoves.com says:

      yes there is a way…. use Xcode do reinstall os 7 when you see a black screen on the the iPhone unplug the iPhone from the mac and quit Xcode the iPhone will revert to a recovery mode …. at this point connect the iPhone to mac and to the iTunes and reinstall the iOS 6 from there……

        1. Imran says:

          Lol i think he read it wrong. He was talking about downgrading from ios7 to ios6. In reference to your first question, I am unsure.

  60. Honest Al says:

    mine too gets very hot, crashes to the apple logo, photo’s don’t always capture and crashes, there are many more but off top of my head these a the regular ones

    1. Jordynn Carey says:

      Its not yet, its only 6.07pm Sunday here in the UK and the US is about 4-5 hours behind us so its gonna be a while yet 🙂

  61. Guest says:

    Hey all! Thanks to a YouTube user I was able to fix the drain and overheating issue on my iPhone (5) without installing or reloading software. Apple is introducing new background locations services that are most likely being run at full force to gather data on usage and battery life. So we’re the test tube. If you don’t want to wait until these new services are optimized do the following

    Settings > Privacy > Location Services > *scroll to bottom* > System Services > you can turn off everything here. Don’t worry these are all nonessential services. Turn off the switches to fix the issue.

    I kept the usage and statistics reporting on because I want apple to make ios7 as awesome as possible. But my phone battery is lasting as normal and not heating up while sleeping like it was yesterday!

    Hope it works for you too!

  62. Nathaniel Bartkus says:

    im running the beta 2 on my iphone 4s and i notice that when i run the gps the battery runs down about 3 percent every minute running it. on ios 6 it would run down about 1 percent every minute running gps. i have notice that it does run a little hot and i hope that they fix that problem and it does crash a lot.

  63. Marco Simone says:

    It’s a very buggy OS indeed… especially since all they did was add new icons and change the menu system fonts and location…. the core base of the UI hasn’t changed, so not sure why these betas are that buggy!

    1. Marco Simone says:

      PS… don’t forget the Crayola colours they added! Looks like a child was allowed in the Apple HQs to do some colouring! Big time innovation here folks! Not.

      1. Ken says:

        Dude, it’s a beta, you should’ve seen iOS 6 beta. The end result will literally look nothing at all like the beta. iOS 6 beta 2 looked even worse. They strip out EVERYTHING in betas to work on the nitty gritty behind the scenes code that you don’t see; the more complex stuff comes afterwards. Next time, don’t downgrade to the beta, stick with the normal OS 😛

  64. Russell Dalton says:

    Much more buggy than Beta 1, battery has improved slightly (although still awful) and the random crashes are very annoying indeed.

    1. Ken says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed that usually happens after going from a full screen app (covers the status bar as well like Snapchat and a lot of games) in landscape mode directly to the springboard.

  65. Fredo says:

    my iPhone 5 running iOS7 Beta 2 gets very hot, the battery time has improved a lot from beta 1 but is still getting hot, and the battery percentage is not to be trusted. I had none of this problems in iOS6

  66. nay says:

    beta 2 issues on 5: the worst for me was the screen becoming unresponsive if battery was bellow 17% everything else I could live with

    1. Aaron says:

      Hey this happened to me too. To fix it, initiate Siri and state the name of any app to have her unlock and open it for you. The screen will then function after the battery notice appears! Hope this helps.

  67. sharjeel says:

    my iphone is running on ios 7 beta 2 i gets hot and the apps crash on opening and hangs and also working very slow there are alot of bugs in ios 7 beta 2 now i had crossed my finger for ios7 beta 3 release

  68. Ginga says:

    Its a beta, problem are not only gonna happen, they are expected. I havent had any overheating problems in beta 2. It does crash a lot on big usage apps like the camera or music player. But the new features make even the mild crashes worth the beta. Once the bugs are removed and newer features are added, iOS 7 should be amazing.

  69. gaz says:

    so far i like whats going on with the ios 7 beta releases and bugs are to be expected so for anyone to say at this early stage that the ios is terrible is completely stupid, its not set in stone things can still change. i have had a few crashes but no overheating issues so far, lets see what beta 3 has to offer 🙂

  70. dexx says:

    wow, you guys are such morons, ITS A BETA !!!! not fit for public use. how can you expect it to run as a stable daily rom while its in beta. start complaining after they released the public version, only then it’s your good right. but as long its in a ” closed ” developer beta you should just zip your pie holes and wait for final release. or use it and don’t complain !

  71. tomas says:

    I discovered a problem on BETA2, I cannont create Cisco IP Sec VNP Tunnel using certificate, there is no certificate in the list.

    1. Alex Amador says:

      Hello Friends my name is alex. I recently purchased A developers account due to the high rage of IOS 7. I have 99 slots left for People who also want in. Please contact me and i will respond immediately. 714-307-8644 I CAN GET IOS BETA 3

  72. Alex Amador says:

    Hello Friends my name is alex. I recently purchased A developers account due to the high rage of IOS 7. I have 99 slots left for People who also want in. Please contact me and i will respond immediately. 714-307-8644

  73. itsme says:

    you can get the beta for free.. without purchasing developers account .
    simply download the ios7 connect to i-tunes but select setup new phone and your good to go…

  74. CSC says:

    Regarding heat issues with my iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta 2, YES! During calls mostly and when I was traveling, during some searches via online, the battery life DROPPED amazing fast. I rebooted the phone and recharged it, the phone seemed to function okay (although the phone was fully charge before the situation occurred).

  75. Sagar says:

    I updated ios 7 beta3 yesterday and still facing heating issue my phone battery drains when its not functioning anyone else facing this problem. ?

  76. Joel says:

    iOS 7 beta 3 is HOT. I mean HOT. My phone can fry an egg!

    Good Job APPLE!

    You make the BEST betas!

    Oh man, Apple is lost without Jobs!

    1. M. says:

      The point is that it’s still in beta mode and that this is only its third release. iOS 7 is expected to be released sometime in the fall, so it’s safe to say that at this point, iOS 7 is far from ready for public release.

      As with anything new, it’s going to have some bugs before it’s ready for the general public.

  77. pnuuuT says:

    I know alot of bugs on the iOS 7 Beta 3 for iPhone 5. For Example, if you want to send a picture in iMessage. The application will crash.

    1. Ray says:

      I had an issue with that too. What worked for me is i reverted back to ios 6 which erased all my music then updated it back to ios 7. Then i could put music again on my phone. *Note: You have drag the song within itunes so you can put it on your iphone. You can’t drag music from your desktop to the itunes iphone music.

  78. orankid says:

    1. Skype still crash during App loading.
    2. Handset is getting hot very easy within few minutes.
    3, Battery drain out very fast.
    4. Slow response and even hang quite often.
    5. No service found after updated.
    Revert back to IOS 6.1.4…more fancy and too much graphic animation caused it slow..

  79. Ants says:

    my iphone 5 crashed big time yesterday. i think it over heated a bit had it turned off for a few hours to cool down went to turn it on and nothing no life at all. anyway i did the power button and home button nothing so i left it for another hour tried again and hey presto it was working again.

    apart from that i like the new look but it still needs some bugs ironed out.

  80. Ennikat says:

    Mine gets uncomfortable to hold. I have brightness really low and only one or 2 basic apps running. It happens within 5 mins of it being off standby!

  81. Conâ„¢ says:

    My 4s randomly crashed too about 3 hours ago, it was very random and I didnt really notice it, it didnt seem hot and i was charging it in a dock before hand. Whatever i do now the phone doesnt work or shows no sign of working! please help!

    1. haggis says:

      I have similar issue. But by pressing and holding the up volume and home and power button at sametime let’s it reset back to the apple icon and reboots

  82. Luis says:

    Just updated to beta 3 and having problems hearing my calls, have to talk on loud speaker most of the time, constantly restarting, skype is a no no where it comes to reading the messages.

  83. Taha Haji says:

    My iOS Beta 3 runs as smoothly as possible, just some minor app crashes that occur once in a while, although i still look forward to Beta 4,

  84. Jimbo B says:

    My iPhone 5 runs really hot with ios 6.1.4 … almost to the point I am worried about using it. Very uncomfortable to hold when on calls.
    I am done with Apple. Their product is now serious flawed

  85. angela says:

    just upgraded to ios 7, phone crashed to an apple logo in 5 min after update was completed, i KEEP TRYING TO turn it back on but it crashes again! what to do, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED this type of problem before

  86. Purist says:

    People are saying ios7 on 4th gen a6 processor is snappy and responsive but there are a lot of lags in between. Whenii play fifa 13 it goes ridculously hot. The battery however is running quite close to what was before even though i haven’t tried excessive use.

  87. Helen says:

    Yes makes my iPhone 5 really hot!!! Bug fix pls….I wonder if test team did stress test, aging test on software with different phone models before they allow to release it…grr!!!!!

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