BBM for Android and iPhone potentially damaging


Earlier this week we looked at the potential competitors that BBM for Android and iPhone might face. This article looked at some of the user figures for popular chat apps, which included WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber.

These popular IM apps have put BBM to shame in terms of user figures, although this is in part due to the amount of mobile operating systems they’re available on, so it will be interesting to see a comparison a few months after BBM sees a launch on Android and iPhone’s iOS.

BBM for Android and iPhone potentially damaging — it seems that a number of BlackBerry users think BBM for Android and iPhone could hurt the company in terms of revenue. Our previous article explained a few reasons why it could help increase BlackBerry’s income, but it seems some analysts and smartphone users think different.


It is not clear if BBM for Android and iPhone would cost, and if so how much they will charge for the app? This would be one way to make money, although how much depends on the uptake considering there are a lot of good alternatives already being used by millions of people. The popular WhatsApp costs $0.99 on iPhone, so we could see a similar price for BBM on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

One of our readers said, “If one can get BBM on Android or iPhone, then what would be the incentive for getting a BB phone?” This reader also commented on the fact that a lot of BlackBerry owners also use WhatsApp, so they “don’t see a need to switch”.

BBM features better for Android and iPhone users — there’s a lot more we need to know about BBM for iOS and Android, although it is clear that most of the new BlackBerry Messenger features will be included and maybe even a few extras to entice Android and iPhone owners.

We have already shown that teens are buzzing about BBM for Android and iPhone, so the app will be popular with this age group that miss the BlackBerry app after moving to another OS.

Some of our readers have already pointed to some features they love on BBM, which include “using pins for BBM rather than asking for a phone number”. Another commenter stated, “BBM has quick updates and is much faster”.

What do you love about BBM and will you download for Android or iPhone when it launches? Do you think it could harm future sales of BlackBerry smartphones?


30 thoughts on “BBM for Android and iPhone potentially damaging”

  1. bluelightzero says:

    I don’t get it.

    what is so good about bbm?
    the fact that I don’t even know what it is means they have failed to advertise.

    is it just another chat system? because those are free on android.

    1. Sean says:

      It’s pin exchange blackberry has a very sleazy side…….there’s a saying don’t date a person with a blackberry and there’s a reason for that lol

      It’s hook up and pic exchange heaven especially at weekends people meeting up off them etc

  2. ShanRSA says:

    If you have used BBM before and have since moved to a new platform( Android or iOS) you will be the first to download this app because you possibly still have a network of people that are using BBM. I gave up up my Blackberry because of its limited features and terrible hardware but sorely missed BBM. I personally believe it will spread like wildfire. It is much better than other IM’s available. I can’t wait for the app to be released for my iPhone.

  3. Sean says:

    Bbm is pretty much a dating hot bed for picking up women this is why it’s so loved and why people stick with crummy blackberry handsets! I was about to go back to the bb until I heard of this happening now ill just download it 🙂 so in that respect yes they could have had me buying a phone of them and paying for the blackberry server every month now they will most probably get a one off fee from me for the app cheers 😉

    1. Raj says:

      BBM is going to be Free and they hope to get you to join BBM channels. They will earn revenue from other sources and not from the messaging service. Actually, Blackberry is no longer interested in hardware (this is a rather low profit margin region for them) and software is where they are looking to grow. Licensing BB10, BBM and BES for iPhone and Android can bring in $1-2 EPS (earnings per share) instead of the current negative EPS. The only concern has been corporate and government security who still prefer the Canadian company to manufacture, develop and create BES. If Blackberry goes Chinese or Russian, there will be many concerns as they already are hacking into US company and government servers.

  4. Loledout says:

    BBM will be great for Blackberry as many iPhone and Android users have friends and family who have Blackberries. I am an iPad user and I am very glad and excited that BBM will be going cross-platform! 🙂 Also going to be great revenue for Blackberry – not through the service itself – but through advertisement…etc… ^_^

  5. Gh00n says:

    Bluelightzero you are absolutely ridiculous if you dont know what BBM is.

    Try looking in the mirror and reading your comments out loud, if you do not laugh… you have no intelligence whatsoever.

  6. Amit Rao says:

    No BBM for windows 8 can be a letdown…although i own an android, i much rather use whatsapp where i can chat with my friends on symbian or Windows 8..

  7. Harris says:

    If i am honest I used to have a Blackberry but only for BBM although Blackberry is good their phones are slow and laggy not to mention it can’t even run the operating system well. But Andriod is so much ever since I moved to it I have enjoyed it + whatsapp is great but if BBM goes to other OS and phones then Blackberry will lose all of the business they have and it will mean that maybe they start charging for BBM because it is the only way to keep the company running

  8. leanne bundza says:

    I would defiantly download bbm on my iPhone as I have a lot of friends in different country and it’s easy and reliable way to stay in contact with them

  9. hunter says:

    i think that this is a great decision, now android users can talk to there friends that own bb. bb owners dont all have whatsapp

  10. Miss Davis says:

    This is a brilliant idea. The only thing iPhone need to do is make sure that when you get a Bbm that the is a little red light like the bb phone has to alert you to a message. This would be great as its a great feature.

  11. carol says:

    at this rate, people will get bored of waiting! for this application to launch. And if is paid and not as fast as it works on Blackberry, no one will care and people will continue to use Whatsapp and viber. So Blackberry will dissapear!

  12. Brandon says:

    If BBM becomes available on Android and Iphone devices, us BB users will have nothing to brag about. BB will suffer when implementing this move!

  13. hidden says:

    please get bbm on iphones , teens my age are constantly saying how if iphones had bbm it would be far better , it is the one thing i miss from my blackberry because all my friends have bbm and i dont

  14. Brianna says:

    I phone has a messenger call peem I think it cool the iphones and andrio phone can connect by I hate that It doest work like bbm it just cause bare promblem like ; I cant verfiy my e-mail or accept friends request so annoying …. Now BB Service should also improve I have use my BB in ages I forgot my password and secret password for both Blackberry app account and unlocking my without having it to swipe there should be away to unlock your phone and getting though your account by like an e-mail so it easier to access with contact bbm severice and the tracer part of another reason why I left black berry … The tracer would stop working and I would have to play with for some action not good .. bare people had the same problem …well I am excited for bbm to come to Iphone ..I just wondering would I have to make another acoount with bb and what about the pins can people keep the current ones ???????
    If anybody that works rims see my message can answer my problems ….the like your website ,,facebook ,or by news media ..

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