iPad 5, mini 2 release with iPhone 5S


The news is coming in thick and fast when on the subject of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 release dates, the amount of untrustworthy sites reporting such things just defies trust of the consumer. What should happen though is the iPad 5 and mini 2 releasing with the iPhone 5S, this would make the perfect Apple event, but of course would never happen due to production time.

Many reports suggests that the iPad 5 will release in August or September, yes Phones Review have said that the iPhone 5S will be announced in September but that is simply down to previous releases such as the iPhone 5, which was released September 2012.

We cannot say for sure it will be the 5S, but as for the month we are most certain. Many websites are suggesting the iPad Mini 2 will release not long after the iPad 5 in August or September, but we have not had any solid reports coming from solid and trustworthy sources.

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Apple could hold the best event in September of all time if they announce the iPad 5, mini 2, iPhone 5S and the plastic budget iPhone on the same day, but we know they will never release these products on the same day. This would raise a few eyebrows; and be one of the best years for Apple releases, but production would go into the mayhem stage.

Some say the iPad 5 will release before the iPhone 5S, but as usual we have to take the rumors on the chin and wait for the official announcements from Apple. Do you really think Apple will announce the iPad 5 this month of July? Some say a July release and then a few websites claim a September release for a new 9.7-inch tablet.

Reports claim that the iPad 5 is nearing the end of production preparation, but mass production as usual has not yet been mentioned at all anywhere. Some sites have mentioned that the iPad mini 2 may get Retina Display and some say IGZO LCDs may play a part in the iPad there somewhere.

Would you like the iPad 5, mini 2 and the iPhone 5S to be announced in September? Unlikely, but its worth asking.


3 thoughts on “iPad 5, mini 2 release with iPhone 5S”

  1. Saif92 says:

    I think iPhone 5s should be released before september like July , because i think it will have a few improvments since it is like iPhone 5 ,, it doesn’t need a whole year to make a “s” things .. anyway I am so excited .. i really want to buy it ..
    i hope apple accept my opinion .. ^_^

    1. Ben says:

      They would have had to start production back in april in order to be releasing it this month. Despite it being a “small” upgrade, the technology that is expected in the upcoming iPhone is some very complicated stuff, especially the fingerprint sensor. It sounds like they are having some major issues with it already. No way they could release it that early.

  2. Romkingb says:

    Victims of Apple. I still have 3GS and it is still alive. It’s the best from all of them.