Sprint My Way, All-in data plans with unlimited guarantee


US carrier Sprint is just about to launch new plans, and today we have some details that have leaked out from some internal training documents. Sprint ‘My Way’ and ‘All-In’ data plans come with an an ‘Unlimited Guarantee,’ but we should point out that this doesn’t apply to current ‘Everything’ plans, even those with unlimited data.

Another thing that has been made clear is that the unlimited guarantee is only for phones, not tablets, and it cannot be transferred to other subscribers. From the new information that has been leaked, it seems that current Sprint customers will be able to swap plans to new ones and don’t have to extend their contracts. However, new lines will require a two-year agreement.

If you have discount from an employer, Sprint will discount the charge for monthly data for each line instead of the primary rate plan. However there will be no discounts of any kind for the My All-In plan that bundles a 5GB mobile hotspot with unlimited talk, text, and data.


It seems that some people have noted that the ‘Unlimited, My Way’ plans don’t seem to be much less expensive than the current ‘Everything Data 1500’ plan. However, Sprint points out that with ‘Unlimited, My Way’ users get unlimited minutes rather than 1,500, and ten lines can be added rather than five. Of course, with the new plan this also means that the Unlimited Guarantee applies as well.

The image above shows a comparison chart showing what Sprint plans offer as opposed to those offered by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, so check it out to get an idea. Are you thinking of switching to one of the new Sprint data plans? Let us have your comments on this.

Source: Engadget