Microsoft Surface Smart Watch 2014 release, prototypes underway


It seems that the idea of wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular, and more manufacturers have jumped in with the development of smartwatches. Now it seems that Microsoft is also getting in on the act, and the giant tech company is planning a Surface smart watch for a 2014 release. It’s being reported that prototypes for this are already underway.

Although Sony already has its SmartWatch in existence, we’ve heard more recently about Apple’s iWatch project and Samsung is also planning a smart watch. Microsoft inside sources are said to have spoken about prototypes of the watch and have also claimed that some Microsoft employees are already using them.

It’s said that the watch will be launched in different color options, including black, blue, grey, red, white, and yellow, and it will run Windows 8 as an adapted version. The Microsoft Surface-branded smart watch is also reported to include a built-in radio to enable it to be used completely independently from a phone.

The watch will apparently be made from Oxynitride Aluminum, which is 4 times harder than glass and 80% transparent. Yesterday we told how Apple’s iWatch is not expected to appear until late in 2014 and this also seems to be the case for the Microsoft Surface smart watch.

It’s certainly interesting to see major manufacturers getting more involved in wearable technology, and it’s possible that this is an idea that could really catch on with consumers. However, some may feel the idea is more of a gimmick, and that’s why we’d like to hear your views.

Would you be interested in a Microsoft Surface smart watch, or any other smart watch for that matter? We always appreciate your comments so do let us know.

Source: Mashable


One thought on “Microsoft Surface Smart Watch 2014 release, prototypes underway”

  1. Morgan says:

    I would totally go for something like that, with the price being a big part in my consideration of buying a product of that nature. It would be amazing if the watch could hold music mp3’s, and the radio function is a great idea. I think it would be a big hit with athletes and runners, as well as people in cities who have to walk a lot.
    It is definitely a great, and rather interesting, product idea. I will probably get one depending on the designs of the watches.