Custom Beam LWP app is Phase Beam, Sunbeam clone


One of the great appeals to the Android platform for many users is the ability to customize certain things with the hardware’s operating system and change some of the stock features, which isn’t so easy for iPhone users. We now have news of the recently released Custom Beam LWP app, which is a Phase Beam or Sunbeam clone.

There are many Android users that like to install live wallpapers on their device and Phase Beam has been one of the most popular apps available on Google Play. More recently a new version appeared with the Google Play Edition smartphones that was called Sun Beam.

Now though a new application that brings Phase Beam to you but with a load of customizable features, which include multiple colours, adjust settings for things such as the beam angle or gradient angle, change the speed, and much more.

There is the option of having the wallpaper change depending on the amount of battery life you have left, and you can select two background and one foreground colour along with the option of changing the number of shapes.

This free application has quickly gained many positive reviews from users that have already downloaded it and for more information or to download hit Google Play.

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