iOS 7 beta 4 probability for release time


The probability for an iOS 7 beta 4 release time and date might be a little easier to predict than some people realize, which would set this Monday as the launch of iOS 7 beta 4 for developers to download. We made this prediction a couple of weeks ago about this timescale and it turned out to be spot on with the new software going live almost exactly when we predicted.

When we hit the predicted Monday launch almost 2 weeks ago it arrived with an article from us reminding our readers iOS 7 beta 3 would still release on that day. This article had well over 1,000 comments and revealed not only non-developers using iOS 7 but also a large amount of problems running the software on iPhone 5, 4S and 4.

The majority of our readers understood issues were expected thanks to this being test software not fit for public consumption, but some people didn’t understand this and were complaining over certain Wi-Fi, battery life / drain and apps crashing.

iOS 7 beta 4 probability for release time — while this is still speculation, you only need to look at the 2-week gaps between betas with Monday being the favored release date for iOS 7 beta 4. It is almost certain that the next beta will arrive in 4 days time, but we should also understand that this speed of offering updates could bring about a Gold Master much sooner than last year.


What would you like iOS 7 beta 4 to fix on the iPhone 5, 4S and 4? While we would still love to see AirDrop added to the iPhone 4S, this isn’t expected in the new features likely to arrive in the coming betas. Phones Review will of course let our readers know the moment the new update arrives.

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16 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 4 probability for release time”

    1. 13Coolex says:

      Agree..it looks weird…they can give it..if they making it more transparent

  1. Law says:

    Add quick reply to messaging plus add option for photos to contacts list view and messaging list and conversation view.

    1. qwerty says:

      I know! They added for macs, so why not iOS too? We’ll probably see this in the iPhone 5s keynote (they always hide features) or iOS 8

  2. David says:

    No Parallax vision stuff on iPhone 4 (which is kinda figured) but at least make it translucent (e.x when you open grouped apps, control control center, notification centre. etc) So far it only looks translucent when putting in passcode or grouped apps. But anyways, excited for beta 4

  3. Jeremiah Miller says:

    One thing I don’t like is that it is somewhat difficult to get to the camera from the lockscreen and getting back to the lockscreen from the camera (both control center and icon in the corner.

  4. qwerty says:

    I am not a developer, but I used the bypass on my iPad mini. So I have ios 7 it isn’t the best, but the beta still crashes less and has less bugs than android. I like both OS’s but this is just something I have observed.

  5. qwerty says:

    Also come on apple, put iOS 7 on the iPod touch 4 too! (and the iPad one!) if the iPhone 4 can run it they can too!

    1. Guest. U mad bro? says:

      Um… iPhone 4 has barely any new features for iOS 7. Thats why it can’t run. iPod touch 4 had worse specs than iPhone 4. Your device would suck. But iPad 1 would be a little sluggish too, it came out before iPhone 4.

  6. FireCracker says:

    When i downloaded the beta 3 , my dock stopped being transparent and became fully white which sucks. I’ve tried everything, but it didnt get fixed. I’m counting on the beta 4 to return it back to normal.

  7. Elijah Lee Padilla says:

    I disagree that we might see a gold master early… With the huge ui design overhaul apple needs all the time they can get to make ever aspect of the OS perfect.

  8. Rhinda says:

    Hopefully much more appealing changes to iphone 4 ui, such as a themed control centre instead of the ugly grey. Give us parallax to try out! 😛