iOS 7 beta 3 still expected to release today


This post is just a quick reminder for our readers waiting on iOS 7 beta 3, which is due to release today at some point. We haven’t seen any news pointing to any other date, so July 8 should be the day you can download iOS 7 beta 3 if you are a developer. This information is widely reported from so-called insiders, so take it as a rumor but a solid one at that.

We touched on some crashing problems when using iOS 7 beta 2 on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, then followed up with an article updating our readers on problems experienced by our in house developer. This included iOS 7 beta 2 causing the iPhone 5 and 4S to get hot, although we noted the iPhone 5 didn’t have overheating issues previously.

Expect iOS 7 beta 3 to have bugs and problems — it is good to remember that anyone using an iOS 7 beta on their iPad, iPhone 5, 4S or iPhone 4 should expect problems thanks to the software still being in an early testing phase.

We have seen a number of people state “a very buggy OS by Apple”, but these people are missing the point of a beta. It won’t be perfect, and in fact you can still expect some problems when iOS 7 beta 3 arrives later today. We don’t have a release time just yet, and in fact the launch of beta 3 hasn’t even been officially confirmed, so this is entirely based on insider rumor.

What problems have you found that could do with a fix in iOS 7 beta 3? Leave a comment below, and let us know if these issues are found on an iPhone 5, 4S or another Apple device? The moment the latest update goes live for download we’ll be sure to update our readers, so keep connected to Phones Review for the latest updates.


1,179 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 3 still expected to release today”

  1. seb says:

    its just plain slow and unresponsive on iphone 4 and causes alot of apps to crash

    1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

      It’s BETA! It’s not meant for everyday use. I take it you’re not a developer, go back to iOS 6.14. There’s a reason why they call it BETA!

      1. eseng1984 says:

        ^^^^Why is this guy crying so loud? Don’t ask if I am a developer. Cause I am. And I don’t react to non-devs like you do.

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          Signing up for Apple dev doesn’t automatically make you a “developer”. You definitely don’t sound like you. You sound like one of those people who’d go on a forum and post “my phone isn’t working, tell me what’s wrong.”

          Probably one of those people who reviews an app on a beta OS and gives it a low rating because it crashes constantly. Not to mention, I didn’t even ask you anything. Why are you getting your knickers in a twist?

          Go back to 6.1.4 and relax.

          1. Eseng1984 says:

            wow. what sound do you want to hear from me? you calm down teddy bear. 🙂

            I just saw your previous posts. You sound very upset about everything. Why?

          2. Lawliet Hater says:

            He said he has an iPhone 4 so that would be 6.1.3 he needs to go back to. iOS 6.1.4 is for iPhone 5 only! So stop getting your knickers in a twist. Relax, and go back to cleaning the kitty litter in your grandma’s basement., you forum troll!

          3. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

            Perhaps you should look up the definition of a forum it seems to me like you clearly don’t know what it is. 6.1.4, 6.1.3, big whoop.

            While you are at it, look up for definition of a troll, you’ll see your pretty face plastered right next to it.

    2. Jòrdâñ Çèrćóńé says:

      It’s meant for A5 chips and above, next time dont get the free iPhone

  2. Joe says:

    Phone would force to re-boot itself. It has happened 7 times so far in beta 2

    1. Joe says:

      Certain apps wouldn’t work, they would just crash at any certain point. But then again, that’s the point of a “Beta”, apps need to be optimized for ios 7, but some people don’t realize that wont happen until the GM version is almost done

  3. Someone says:

    >What problems have you found that could do with a fix in iOS 7 beta 3
    User Interface

  4. Lugafe says:

    I notice that on beta 2 im not able to see my phone number when you click on the phone icon and then on contacts before on the top your phone number would show up. On this new version it does not show.

  5. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

    Stop complaining people. This is not an EVERYDAY OS! It’s BETA! Which means there are lots of bugs, it’s meant for DEVELOPERS! If you’re not a developer and still want to try it, don’t complain.

    You know what you’re getting yourself into.

    1. Marty "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

      Did you read the article? It was telling people to comment on this article with their problems/issues with the iOS 7 Beta.

      1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

        Because telling them about your problems will solve them.

          1. Eseng1984 says:

            He won’t calm down. It’s his time of the month. Bear with him.

    2. Eseng1984 says:

      ^^^ Never have I seen a post filled with too much Estrogen. I swear.

  6. Hunter says:

    My iphone 4 did pretty OKAY in iOS 7 Beta 2 there were slow things but other then a FEW minor problems it was responsive but it does get slow at some points and on snapchat I don’t like the normal iOS “Keyboard” it should be the new updated keyboard and when you draw on snapchat on a picture ITS UNRESPONSIVE VERY BAD and wont respond for a long time then you mess up almost immediately.

  7. Tom says:

    Ebay kept on crashing on start up and some how became stable after uninstalling and installing and phone crashes most of the time hope they resolve this

    1. dude says:

      i guess some of the codes in iOS7 are not backward compatible. App developers will have to update a version for iOS7.

  8. MIKE says:

    phone crashes randomly, as do certain apps. also, the unlock screen is VERY glitchy, often screws up on my first entry

    1. MIKE says:

      also sometimes when I turn my phone sideways, in safari for example, and then hit home screen, the time battery percent and service bars all remain on the side of the screen for some reason

  9. Andy Grasta says:

    Well, it’s a beta software.

    but what’s the use of it, if we didn’t give feedback ? let people say what’s their feedback !

    my feedback on 4s:

    -Heat problem

    -Camera app crash too much

    -lock screen clock alignment

    -most of applications crash

    -must be optimized for A5 as in A6, things are going too slow for an iPhone, i feel myself having an android 😛

    -theme options would be amazing, like black or white.

  10. Wtf says:

    Phone doesn’t show the icon on the top right corner while the music is playing

      1. joe says:

        The point of this is to point out what’s wrong to improve to beta 3….we know it’s a beta moron!!!

      2. Nico says:

        ” What problems have you found that could do with a fix in iOS 7 beta 3? Leave a comment below, and let us know if these issues are found on an iPhone 5, 4S or another Apple device? ” Did you read the article?

  11. Aaron says:

    I’m testing on iPod 5g and the screen is sometimes unresponsive and overheats

    1. Austin says:

      I am using it on the same thing, and it crashes everything all the time, overheats, and restarts every half hour.

  12. Mitchell says:

    In app camera crashes the app.

    Still no integration of twitter or facebook posting.

    Folders in dock does not have animation.

    Battery issues.

        1. Joe says:

          Nahhh…Apple is always doing work. They don’t close for something like this…

  13. Mohamed Elkadi says:

    on ipod touch 5g i face a crash when using music player or the back camera in some times

  14. ramzy harb says:

    iwish apple make bluetooth send and recevie for other devices like music and photo and video

    1. Michael Ausley says:

      Yeah but it all comes back to legal issues but Airdrop id kinda a revamped bluetooth/dropbox

  15. someone^2 says:

    After attaching a picture to a message and typing the first letter, the typing bar resets to the front of the line and starts typing there causing the first letter you typed to be at the end of the sentence.

    1. Scarydude766 says:

      Me too, it’s really annoying. Hey another bug: I am on iOS 7 beta 2 right now and while I’m typing this message, the web page scrolls up and I can’t see what I’m typing.
      P.S. I had to edit my original message ten times because of that glitch.

  16. Michael Ausley says:

    I have found multitasking and UI (User Interface) in general seems to be a bit laggy but seems to be improving with updates

  17. Michael Ausley says:

    When searching on youtube app search bar is hidden by notification bar

  18. sushi says:

    on my phone….safari and other apps were irrspnsive…sometimes icons didn’t show up when unlocking..sometimes control centre didn’t came up..n my phone was heated

  19. Dynamitekid187 says:

    On iPhone 5 in UK. Beta 2 bugs that never experienced in beta 1. Music app crash. Wallpaper change the dock does not adjust to the new wallpaper have to restart the phone in order for it to match. Alarm clock does not work and by that I mean it does not go off when set. Notification centre drop down menu sometimes does not recognise gesture need to move the page your on like hold screen and swipe until your apps move then it will drop down the the swipe down gesture. Phone overheats. More lags in moveable background. I had no issues with beta 1 it ran fine for me. Beta 2 I would avoid. Certain apps now don’t work on beta 2 like they did on beta 1. The natwest app is one of them.

  20. Hunter says:

    Calendar app cant go to years.
    N…ing in music app for “Now Playing”

  21. Cantwaittillios7beta3 says:

    Some application such as Skype they crash as I open them and also my iPad gets stuck in Apple logo after restarting it from a power off

  22. awesomeapple says:

    On my iPad the only bug that I have is that the ipad restarts when I’m multitasking otherwise it’s great

  23. dpacemaker says:

    I’m using an iPhone 5 and have had no issues aside from App Crashes. I have yet to have a stock App Crash, or have my phone just restart for no reason. Once the lock screen was unresponsive, but that’s it. I think this one of the stablest Betas I’ve ever demoed and I am looking forward to Beta 3 tomorrow(it’s 11:03pm here).

  24. dpacemaker says:

    Just a tip if you put an app in landscape like YouTube and then multi task it will put all the apps in that orientation that have that function. That’s pretty interesting to me.

  25. Hank Hill says:

    iPhone 4 Verizon CDMA running iOS 7 Beta 2
    (I am not a developer :/)

    With that being said, I’ve encountered tons of bugs to help start a foundation for improving the operating system.

    Let’s begin:

    -My phone will lock up entering into messages, it will just display the white inbox screen, displaying no contact names, and becoming unresponsive. It will not lock, and will sit and sort the mess out itself, which kills about a minute and 30 seconds. After it breaks free, the phone will restart itself.

    -The camera opens up slowly, and switching to video usually takes roughly 10 seconds. The newly taken photos can sosmetimes take awhile to appear in the camera roll.

    -Google Chrome is useless at this point. Crash after crash, and will sometimes lock up so severely it will cause the phone to restart.

    -The lock screen will lock up and when it finally unlocks, my service/time/battery bar will be sideways and will not reset unless locked again, and unlocked.

    With the lock screen mentioned, the clock will usually be set in the middle and it shift up into the normal position.

    -Lock screen, once again. When using a free music app (Free Music) to be specific, I love the new lock screen displaying my music bar to control the audio, and previous/next song. But it takes the clock away completely. At the top, it will just display [ -/- -/-] where the time should be.

    -The new tool bar that is brought up from the pulling the bottom, is really hard to do with an Otterbox case. Without one on, it is easy to access.

    -The new notification bar is cluttered in my personal opinion. The old one is alot neater, and simpler to understand.

    -The old iOS 6 keyboard is still brought up in both Chrome and Safari to do searches.

    That’s all I can come up with that I remember off hand, but I do have some suggestions to make the iOS alot more customizable;

    -Let us change the messaging theme (background and keyboard) colors from white to black. I personally despise the awful blinding white scheme. Same way for the Photo albums. Too much white, and seems too feminism. The keyboard for the spotlight search is more suitable for my taste.

    -If we could arrange the new swipe methods in corralation with the different menus, let me demonstrate, the Notification bar is activated by pulling the top down. The new tool bar is activated by pulling the bottom up… why not be able to switch them around?

    -ALSO with the new “double click” Home button method for deleting backgrounded apps, please add back the music tool bar, and other settings. I know its been implemented in the new drag up tool bar, but why not have it in both, for even more ease of use?

    -Let us be able to choose our desired iOS app designs. I hate the flat looking iOS 7 icons. It’s too cartoony, and less professional than iOS 6 and below.

    Same way with the Service circles. I prefer the bars.

    With iOS 7 as it is, I can see it having potential. But add in more immerse customization, and it will be perfect. User friendly-ness is the best medicine for the cell phone market.

    Cheers mates

    1. iOS Developer says:

      Answer to bugs: don’t use an iPhone 4. It may be officially supported, but just as you can see, it is on it’s way out – it is the oldest supported iPhone, now…

      Specifically, apps not having the new keyboard makes perfect sense. Developers aren’t allowed to update their apps until iOS 7 is actually released, and the keyboard is programmed into the app. Therefore, they will not have the new ones until the official iOS is released in fall. Also, for any of the crashes in apps, it is the same reason: they are not updated for iOS 7, yet, and cannot be under Apple regulations until the official version is released.

      1. Hank Hill says:

        If it’s supported, people are going to use it. So it needs to be tested just like any other supported device.

        I understand the keyboard not being updated with Chrome, but Safari is not a third party app.

        Only app I mentioned crashing that was third party was Chrome, all the others I mentioned were Apple apps.

        The bugs also vary with each device, the iPhone 5s are having heating issues, that is an issue I have not encountered with the iPhone 4.

        As I previously stated, along with the articles titled suggestion; I’m only listing bugs to help the developers pin point errors and correct them. I’m not bashing on them whatsoever.

  26. Nate C says:

    Not really a bug, more of a gripe… I hate that there’s no clock on the lock screen while music is playing. Besides that, it’s been a pretty amazing beta. Sure there have been bugs and crashes, but at this point it’s pretty amazing how few there really are considering we’re only in Beta 2. If you actually expect an early beta to be as stable as a final release, you’re a moron.

    1. Blake Lindsey says:

      I agree with you my phone frequently crashes but i dont really mind because i know that it is an early beta not the final release

  27. Mannydlght says:

    You can also put folders into the springboard. I was not sure if u can do this on ios 6 but but that helps alot

  28. Just me says:

    Lots of bugs in beta 2. I’m sure most of them have been mentioned. I’m running it on an iPhone 5 and it is really slow. I wish they would add a timer on the camera! Also I found that the small space bar when searching the Internet is quite frustrating because I keep hitting the “.com” key.

    1. Jake says:

      I keep doing the EXACT same thing. They obviously need to change the keyboard.

      1. Daniel Jansson says:

        You obviously need to re-learn and adapt. No problems here with it.

    2. Damian W says:

      True about .com and space bar. Very annoying. I can not get used to it.

      My iPhone 5 is super fast but crashes and resprings on a regular basis. However it does not bug me so much becasue iPhone 5 after all works fast on iOS 7. Even the respring time takes about 5 sec only.

  29. Mannydlght says:

    I agree on the keyboard I use google chrome it works just fine on ios beta 2 but didn’t work to well on beta 1

  30. MCMD says:

    the keyboard in safari is annoying and it usually takes me four or five tries to get the control center to come up. Other things i could care less about since it’s still a beta.
    iPhone 4S

  31. Bella says:

    Obviously, it’s a beta. That’s the reason it’s released to us, for us to test it out and see how it’s operating. I am running the beta on an iPhone 4S. So, the glitches I’ve found and also reported are:
    – keyboard receptiveness — slow
    – phone getting very hot as mentioned above
    – many apps crashing (Google Drive, Camera, Photos, Mail, Music, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to name a few)
    – Control Centre and Notifications bars are slow/do not work
    – battery drains rapidly (some people I know have not had this problems while others including myself have)
    – phone freezes and spontaneously powers down
    – constantly being asked to type in my iCloud password again and again

    Those are the glitches I’ve found to be very noticeable in the beta. Hopefully, these will all be fixed with time and the official release will have solved these problems. Maybe beta 3 will even have some of these repaired. Otherwise, I do like the look and how everything works. It’s very useful for me. Once all of the glitches are fixed, it will be, in my opinion, the best system Apple will have released. i would love for there to be a clock on the home screen, more options for backgrounds already on the phone (dynamics mostly), more alert tones and easier layout for keyboard (.com and spacebar are too close together). These were all of the suggestions/reports I had to give back.

      1. marto says:

        WTF! She needs a new phone because beta 2 has glitches. The 4s is pretty good device even though it can’t run beta 2 smooth which is understandable.

      2. Dean Turetsky says:

        No– Vanessa,
        Beta means it is beta…
        It will crash, be unresponsive, and suck generally until perfected.
        It reflects nothing on the phone other than that the OS is targeted at newer models.

        1. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

          I’m pretty sure it will suck more on older models. Must be you and only you because I haven’t had most of then issues you mention.

          I don’t get asked iCloud password, my phone rarely shutdown, apps don’t crash, power doesn’t drain, control center works just fine, keyboard is nice and fast, phone does not get hot and only a couple of my apps crash, most of the time they work just fine.

          So you see, time to get a new iPhone. One that can actually handle iOS 7. It’s beta, sure it will crash and such, but it’s certainly not an alpha build. So it should work better than what you’re describing.

  32. gelo says:

    i think the time to release beta 3 is July 8, 12am in Cupertino and the current time in Cupertino is 9:52 PM
    Sunday, July 7, 2013 (PDT)Time in Cupertino, CA, USA

    let’s just wait for a few more hours :)) hoping that the “inside” rumors are true! ^.^

  33. gelo says:

    hahaha it’s already july 8 1:04pm UTC+8 (philippine time). I can’t wait for iOS7 beta 3. I’m gonna stay up til 12mn to download the beta update ^_^

  34. Apples456 says:

    Hopefully apple has paid attention to websites that explains bugs,opinions,reviews so they can fix some stuff with the betas

  35. Kenneth says:

    What is this nonsense? Cinderella’s beta has to come at midnight? I have never seen a update go up at night, let alone 12 AM. These people work and go home hopefully just like you do. Do not expect update to around 10 AM to 12PM PST. Sorry to burst some our your impatient bubbles xD. (Example- iOS 7 Beta 2 came along around about 11 AM)

  36. Abdul says:

    Third party apps like whatsapp and skype keep crashing on iphone 4, Hopefully Ios 7 beta 3 will fix it 😉

    1. Riley says:

      That is skype and whatsapp’s faults not Ios/Apple they need to update support for the new Ios firmware.

    2. Alaattin Matar says:

      What’s app never crashed on my iPhone 5, Skype does crash only when I go to chats, but I can go through my contacts and even call them!

  37. Dean Turetsky says:

    Problems with 4S running IOS7… all expected. It’s a beta. That being said:
    Camera app crashes, HDR often causes crashing as well, Parallax uses CPU to the point that the 4S is exhausted and quits apps incessantly, attaching photos and integrated uploading of photos and videos within any application crashes the app almost consistently, upon loading the dialer screen, it is unusable for 3-5 seconds and sometimes longer where it behaves almost as if it is in a call and becomes green-tinged and unusable… Battery life seems to be a problem at some points even when quitting apps so that 1-2 apps max are running at a time. Lockscreen is buggy and has a delay. UI needs improvement overall, but THIS IS A BETA GUYS HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST.

    DON’T download a beta if all you plan to do is complain about it. Betas are basically released for two reasons:

    1) active sdk testing for new OS developers,


    2) finding bugs, reporting them/allowing data to be collected on battery life, application performance, perfecting a baseline for the more complicated final product.

    Appreciate that apple even shares its beta with developers, especially if you aren’t one and are just upgrading your os for the hell of it.

  38. Chris K says:

    I’ve noticed many of the bugs mentioned, but also, for the first time yesterday, my phone was in the music app and I tried to fast forward through a song and it just got stuck and kept skipping even when i moved songs forward and backward and exited the app. I had to power down and so on to get it to cooperate. The screen also completely become touch-less the other night for some reason. Grrrr.

    1. Alaattin Matar says:

      That happened alot to me, expect that also when you receive a call while listening to music, happens often.

  39. Abarlowe says:

    My absolute biggest problem with the actual design is that the calendar no longer has the dots on the month view, I found that a very easy way to see when I’m busy and I could just screen shot it and send it to tell someone when I’m free. I understand all the bugs are to be expected, and the design is great, but this is a fairly significant functionality decrease to me.t

    1. Anon says:

      Agreed – I miss this functionality too. Here’s hoping that it’s only a temporary thing and will be put back in the release version.

    1. Riley says:

      It’s not an invite and usually people will charge money to offset the cost of 100$ per year for dev account.

  40. Vasil Grancharov says:

    I have been using beta 2 on my iPhone 5 since launch day. I first intendet to just try it and revert back to 6.1.4 but I have expirienced not that many problems for a beta. I should say that I have been using the phone every day as my main deivice. Third-party apps that crashed for me are IMDB, HBO GO and SKYPE. All other apps that I am using (mostly social and media) are working fine. The phone itself rebooted once in a while in 2 days so its not that big of a problem. I find the battery life the same as it is with 6.1.4. I love some of the new features and that’s why I don’t want to downgrade to 6.1.4. The new multitasking is gorgeous and I find myself using the new launch bar (the one that you swipe form the bottom) quite often. I also love the fact that you can have as much apps in your folders as you want.

    1. siddhuncle says:

      The battery life is most certainly not the same. It drains 2-5% every 10 minutes when you’re not using the phone. Even with all extraneous settings turned off, I manage to get pathetic battery life. Hoping for a fix in beta 3.

      1. Vasil Grancharov says:

        Well I am not sure what is the reason for that battery drain on your phone. One possible reason is that I am not on LTE network. I definitely haven’t expirienced that problem. I can get almost 2 days with moderate to no use and almost full day with heavy use.

        1. nL_Doctor says:

          After viewing pictures messages sometimes the names of my contacts overlap and I have to close the Messaging app out. Skype does seem to crash a lot. Haven’t had any Echofon or Instagram problems at all in Beta 2. **I haven’t had any battery issues either and I keep my LTE on.**

      2. Alaattin Matar says:

        Battery was never a problem to me on iPhone 5 iOS 7 betas, neither one of them, in fact I managed to run the phone for over 3 hours with less than 5% battery life!!

  41. Ivan says:

    My ipad 3 has ios 7 beta 2 I love it besides the frequent crashes don’t wanna downgrade back to ios 6 can’t wait for update live very close to Cupertino CA

  42. Drezzle dong kong says:

    its already 12:06 in california, and 3:00 where i am, URRRGGGGG

    1. Steven says:

      Virginia here, its 3:22 am and i stayed up because someone said it would release 12 am Cupertino time 🙁

      1. Daniel Jansson says:

        Lesson learned. Don’t believe stupid stuff someone posts on the internet! How would they know for sure.

  43. Mcdoublesauce says:

    Quick toggles doesnt respond til the third or fourth swipe.
    Siri works, sometimes
    Had to do a reset, was stuck on the lockscreen. No swip gesture worked. Non responsive
    Basically all that ive noticed.

  44. Ryan R says:

    Yall are saying 9 am 10 am 11 pm 12 pm… i got that, but what time zone? 😛 CST.

  45. Jacob Sever says:

    Screen share doesn’t work with the lightning AV adapter. It worked on beta 1, but not beta 2. Hoping it gets fixed so I can continue to stream True Blood from my phone to my tv.

    1. Luke says:

      because it is a beta!
      Once the official is released, apps will run perfectly on it.

  46. Apple says:

    IOS 7 beta 3 now availble! OTA finally!!! currently installing so happy

  47. Aotearoa628 says:

    I REALLY hope they speed up the animations and reduce delays e.g. opening and closing apps

  48. disqus_1ZrvIY01dy says:

    is there a way to force the ability to get the update? I keep checking and no lucky!

    1. DJAK says:

      You have an iphone right? There’s an app on there called Clock.. Use it!

  49. Ivan.J says:

    Beta 2 works well (with bugs) on my iphone 5. Guys, any way to get beta in my ipod 4th gen ?

    1. alexutzu33t says:

      There is no iOS 7 for iPT 4th gen. It`s only compatible with iPT 5th gen(from the iPT family)

        1. Ivan.J says:

          Lol, are you one of those guys who thinks they are offended when reading something in CAPS ?. And im not SIRIous

  50. Raj says:

    Don’t count on the update folks! Checked the dev center and the links are still available for beta 2.

  51. Jennifer says:

    Will we be able to update through software update in settings or itunes restore thingy….?

    1. Ezio416 says:

      you have to download the file and go into itunes and do it through there

  52. alex says:

    Please stop telling “the release is coming at 8am, 9 am……” Share sources links!!!!
    Info have to be verified

    1. Ezio416 says:

      well it’s not for sure but that’s about the time Beta 2 came out 2 weeks ago so we’re just assuming

      1. alex says:

        you’re not assuming in your comment you just say “it is coming”… please explain it is a suggestion

        1. intest says:

          sources have said that the carriers are getting it tomorrow meaning that developers due too. But who knows how reliable those sources really are.

  53. Pirate Jim says:

    Using beta 2 on iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The iPhone 4 gets hot, iTunes radio quits after being used for over an hour, down cast app will quit on its own, the only way to fix it is to do a hard reboot. On the iPad 2, plants vs zombies won’t work and neither will bejewelled, had no issue with beta 1 to play these games.

    1. Kody Khairandish says:

      have it on iphone 4
      same problems and more!
      mine looks like it runs out of ram or something in midst of stuff like web browsing…
      it crashes out of the app and I have to restart using the power and home button to give a very temporarily fix!
      hope this gets fixed with this beta.

  54. Patrick says:

    Iphone 4: Random App& OS Crashes, CardDAV Sync doesnt work anymore, cant open more then 3 apps without having lags

  55. Mr13r4n says:

    Finally ios 7 beta 3 is available on setting software update ….

    Im w8ng for the moment to say that 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

      1. Mr13r4n says:

        I said im w8ng for the moment to say that ……..lol …its
        not out yet 😜😜😜

        1. Raj says:

          What’s interesting is that the update check is giving an error message!

  56. BAzzarN says:

    skype crashes, if you open a folder and then dubble click the home button while the folder is open you cannot return to the home page unless you restart the phone, apps crashing, phone gets hot, laggy interface, overlapping status bar ( on some apps, cannot shoot video if you acces the camera through the lock screen etc..,

  57. Izeham says:

    helo guy my ipad mini run ios7 beta2 how to get beta3 net to download firmware beta3 or go to setting check update??

        1. Lucas says:

          around 8 o’clock in the morning……somewhere around there………….

          1. supertramp says:

            its 9:49am and still no update 🙁 will it be like beta 2 vie system update on the iphone 5 its self or itunes?

          2. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

            Dude, Just wait, What on earth is wrong with some people, IT WILL BE OUT WHEN ITS READY, asking what specific second isn’t going to make it any faster, If anything your teasing yourself, We are in the UK, so we get everything last, Come back tomorrow as the apple servers will get overloaded today.

            This is only a beta & wont be avalible to you or me!
            THIS IS FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY, you wont be getting it today

          3. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

            It tells you all this in the article:

            This post is just a quick reminder for our readers waiting on iOS 7 beta 3, which is due to release today at some point. We haven’t seen any news pointing to any other date, so July 8 should be the day you can download iOS 7 beta 3 if you are a developer.

            This means YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE UPDATING TO IOS 7 at any point today, please people, get this in your thick little heads.

  58. mr13r4n says:

    have any one noticed the multiplayer gaming issue on ios 7 beta 2 on iphone 5.
    like street fighter 4 volt……

    1. supertramp says:

      games are not yet supporting ios 7 beta yet. so will just have to wait or revert back to ios 6.x.x

      1. mr13r4n says:

        street fighter work perfect on ios 7 beta 2 but when i go to multiplayer it stucks…….

    1. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

      READ THIS THREAD, How have you not found an answer to your question already, are you thick?

  59. Sebvs says:

    If you don’t have ios7 on your phone already, will you be able to go straight to Beta 3?

    1. EHortef says:

      Yes you hav just to download ios 7 beta 3 and install this on your idevice 😉

          1. JanJair Caranza says:

            I’m not a developer.. but I have the lates ios 7 beta released 🙂 and installed in my iphone 4

        1. werkz says:

          You can update your phone straight to beta 2 without installing beta 1. If you are in ios 6 you can update it to beta 2 or 3.

          1. mr13r4n says:

            apple patched the UDID registration in new beta…so its not gona be easy

      1. JanJair Caranza says:

        you don’t need an ios 7 beta 1 you can jump from latest firmware which is ios 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 on iphone 5 then shift + click UPDATE then select ios 7 beta 2 or 3 ipsw!

  60. Developer says:

    Bunch of losers. This is for us developers not people who want to look cool I front of tteir mates by showing them an unfinished IOS. Pathetic

        1. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

          Good use of the English language, I am sure your mother is proud, that’s if test tubes can be proud.

  61. Rockerz says:

    waiting for final release of ios 7 so that jailbreak for ios 6.1.4 can be released.. ios 7 sucks

    1. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

      There is not going to be a 6.1.4 Jailbreak, the Jailbreak teams have already confirmed that they are missing it out and going straight for IOS 7.

    2. Philip Danger Kubicki says:


      The JB teams are going straight after IOS 7, So you are out of luck.

  62. Sebvs says:

    Anyone know if ios7 can make your phone defective? My 4S became Defective and I had to get a new one -.- Phone kept pressing buttons by itself and lock screen wouldn’t slide to unlock. Same problem anyone?

      1. Sebvs says:

        It’s funny because I did do that haha! Is that why my phone messed up?

          1. Sebvs says:

            Oh lol ill try not to make that mistake again on this new phone cx thanks dude!

      2. JanJair Caranza says:

        you need to be in the latest firmware.. ios 6.1.3 for older devices.. and 6.1.4 in iphone 5 then shift click UPDATE button on itunes then click the ios 7 firmware! it would bypass all

    1. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

      We don’t have IOS 7 yet, It’s for DEVELOPERS ONLY. I think you need to reread the article brah.

        1. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

          BETA is for Devs, You idiot. I think the only person who can make your phone defective is the idiot using it.

          1. Sebvs says:

            Obviously not if everyone has it? Pretty sure everyone here is not a Dev. Duh. Quit trying to start problems and go back to playing World of Warcraft you nerd.

          2. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

            Your mum isn’t online so I will give it a miss, Shes the bottom biatch guild leader.

      1. JanJair Caranza says:

        I have ios 7 beta 2 on my iphone 4.. eventhough I AM NOT A DEVELOPER! you just need to have the right sources.. 🙂

    2. Leon K. says:

      Maybe it will work again if you hold the home button+the lock button(on top of the iphone) together, untill the screen turns black. Then the apple logo will be on the screen. And your Iphone turns on again. I think the problems will be solved then. If not, hold the home button+ lock button again, but now like 30 seconds, until the iphone enters the restore mode. Your device now asks you to connect your Iphone to itunes, en then you can restore your Iphone. Then you will have the 6.1.3 iPhone version back. Later you can put the 7.0 back to the iPhone, if you want.

    3. wizwiththebone says:

      It does that when you have a system notification on the screen and closethe phone without dismissing it then the screen becomes unresponsive e

    1. Philip Danger Kubicki says:

      Mostly Americans, They are sharing that braincell tho so I suppose we can give them a break.

  63. Ryan R says:

    This is kinda dumb… why is there still jailbreak (or WILL be) for 7?? Wtf is there to jailbreak

      1. Declan Land says:

        No he’s not, Josh was only saying that to get back at MuscleNerd. OpenJailbreak is fake.

  64. ethan says:

    if you got beta 1 and 2 by buying it or buy torrents you count as a dev, once beta 3 comes out all you have to do is go to General and check for updates and it should be there WHEN IT COMES OUT! if you all ready got beta 2 we all should be good to go and people should be so harsh and calling other stupid with false info and cant back it up -__-

  65. Jack says:

    tLook. It’s 2:30AM PST over in Cupertino. Come back in 10 hours or so and you might be in with a chance. 😛

  66. Dean says:

    I’ve found that if phone says 20/10% battery left when it is locked then it won’t unlock again until above that again

    1. Soder says:

      Hi. This is because the popup “20/10% battery left” comes up and “locks” the screen but it’s immiatley covered by the lock screen itself. The screen is still “locked” and waiting for you to click OK on the popup. But you can’t since it’s hidden. Not really a solution but at least you know why it haves that way and a dev might see this.

    2. Facey Sexsymbol says:

      i also get the cant unlock thing..but mine happens randomly..then i just reinstall the jailbreak to get around it

      1. Finin says:

        Hold power and home button together until apple logo appears after it restarts when this bug occurs

  67. Derek in USA says:

    U brits sound just as stupid as us yankees… I havd ios 7 and am no friggin developer

  68. AnnabellaHeidi says:

    Re-starts a few times a day, battery is poorer, instagram doesnt work, barclays doesnt work (i know, beta…), the time moves around the lock screen – realises its wrong and jumps back to where its meant to be! Good update though

  69. AnnabellaHeidi says:

    and lost the ability to use my touchscreen as a whole for abuot 1 hour per day, every day.

    1. JohnnyWalker2K1 says:

      As explained below, this happens if you get the 20%/10% battery left message when your phone is locked.

    1. Jack says:

      People don’t tend to pay for iOS Betas; they get free access to them as part of having a developer license. The non-developers are admittedly idiots though. (Besides, it’s only £60 for a year’s access to App Store publishing and potentially a high-profit income source)

          1. tom says:


    1. Ben says:

      I’m running beta 2 right now so I’m just waiting for the software update in the settings app

          1. Ben says:

            Figures. I’m in New England soo… Probably won’t see it til later today. Have you noticed anything different on the beta?

          2. Andrew J says:

            as I said, i’m downloading at the moment…. Wait… its done…. let me check…….

  70. Drew says:

    Still not out yet… I am a developer and just checked Apple’s developer site.

  71. James Pika says:

    Hey Ben I just checked the update via settings app and all it says is “System up to Date iOS 7.0”

  72. The Real Lebron says:

    Im in the same time zone as Cupertino and I still dont see it OTA or anywhere else

  73. Vance Kalap says:

    Guys it only overseas right now so we are going to have to wait later like around till 10:00 am

  74. Luke says:

    I’m running ios 7 beta 2 on my iphone 4s. Aside from a few apps crashing daily and the phone resetting itself a few times a day, I don’t have any other problems with it. Hoping beta 3 will fix some of these issues but overall I am extremely satisfied with ios 7 and glad I updated to it before it’s official release.

    1. The Real Lebron says:

      Yea, same here. Aside from a few minor glitches every once and a while, it runs pretty smooth. All my contacts, music, apps, and pretty much else synced after a little time using iCloud. And so far all the apps I have ran, some with a fews bugs of course. Really no big complaints with its functionality.

  75. sherwills says:

    I’m using iphone 4s and the most common crashes for me is when an app that’s already opened will access the camera. This is prevalent in Instagram, Yelp or sometimes even just by simply opening the Camera app.

      1. swilks says:

        I use FaceTune to open the picture, then use the open in Instagram option. Its a workaround i guess

    1. Freddie John Millman says:

      Beta 2 seems to have the camera causing crashes on the iPhone 4S, Switching mine off and then on seems to solve it at the moment. Hopefully Beta 3 will fix this though.

  76. Neil says:

    the main problem i have is when my battery reaches 15% or less on the iphone 5, the touch screen stops responding and will not allow me to unlock the phone, bar that the only problem i see when when opening apps like phone or facebook the phone will randomly restart, not all the time just one in a blue moon, and it is a fast resart so no real problems

    1. Freddie John Millman says:

      What you can do at the moment to fix this for a short period of time is to switch your iPhone off and switch back on. For some reason this kicks everything back into gear.

    2. Apple says:

      Ik that problem. When your phone hits 20% battery a 20% battery notification will come up on your phone. If your on the lock screen the phone will then correct it’s self and remove the notification but it’s still there. You need to charge your phone over 20%

  77. Karoline says:

    I am in London, is it actually going to come out today? Because that’s the only reason I just bought an iPhone 5 and the lady in store said that it was gonna be out in September with a new iPhone.. But I hope it’s today!

    1. Jamie says:

      IOS 7 is out in the autumn of this year, it is currently going through beta testing by apple and anyone that has a developers account can download the test version of IOS 7 beta 3, PLEASE do not download if you are intending to use as your main phone and the software is still buggy. if you wanted the finished version you should have waited to buy you iPhone later in the year!

  78. Andrew says:

    I have experienced the same as Neil on both my verizon iphone 5 work phone and ATT iphone 5 personal phone. I can’t swipe to unlock or do anything at all when my phone would drop to around 10-15%. Even siri would not work. She would say she is unavailable.

  79. oziihan says:

    in California, the time is 5:32 a.m. Come on guys you cannot expect to they will release the beta 3 that time. People need to sleep. I think it’ll be released next in 6-7 hours.

    1. Alex Amador says:

      I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  80. highbreak says:

    IOS7 beta 2 battery bad accuracy indicator, phone dies off when it still showing 8%.
    Uses more RAM space, it reboot automatically every time when RAM run out of memory.
    Screen freeze occasionally and require hard reboot.

  81. Apple inc says:

    So finally ios 7 beta 3 is available for download for develpors in usa.
    Check software updates in settings>General. You need to have UDID registration for your phone or else you are not able to update. Apple patched the latest beta so guys who didnt have valid UDID registration will not be able to update. Thanks
    Apple iphone 5 user
    Cupertino, CA

          1. Pierre COUPIN says:

            I got my dev account too, with my UDID registered ofc.

            but nothing for now via OTA

          2. Apple inc says:

            Apple totally patched the new beta. User who over write ios 7 on ios 6 for bypassing UDID registration will not gona get the beta 3.

          3. Alex Amador says:

            I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  82. SK says:

    Iphone 5 with iOS 7 Beta 2 .. working fine although with few bugs and crashes (Once a day atleast) Skype not working and few other apps not supporting the beta version.. crashed when tried to mirror screen with Apple tv 3rd generation.. need to close and restart some applications to make them work properly again such as mail, photos, call menu, contacts etc… almost all are buggy.. hopefully iOS 7 beta 3 will be more smooth..

  83. alex says:

    Skype NEVER worked for me. Only crash even if the app seems to open normally…
    iphone 4S

      1. Chris Loveday says:

        have you deleted app and reinstalled worked for me with b1 and b2

  84. Rob Hanson says:

    The most glaring crash I have noted on my ipad 3 running beta 2 is the settings app crashes whenever the time is switched from auto to manual entry but not vice versa. Several apps I use crash as well but this is expected since it is a beta but those apps are pulse and weather channel. The ap app works but the display is very buggy. Again these apps have not been updated to iOS 7 so this is expected.

  85. Alex Amador says:

    Hello Friends my name is alex. I recently purchased A developers account due to the high rage of IOS 7. I have 99 slots left for People who also want in. Please contact me and i will respond immediately. 714-307-8644

  86. Sloane says:

    adjusting the clock leads to some bad crashes including eventually totally killing the OS to the point where you need to restore everything.

  87. simyaci says:

    Hi, after making a search cannot go back to make a new search.
    IOS 7 Beta 2 iPhone 5

  88. Shahrooz Fairooz says:

    Most of the people here are forgetting the fact that it will be released today and its still not released.

    When Apple releases the beta, it will be available “world wide at once”.

    There are no separate dates or times for any other countries as this is a software to be distributed, and not a hardware to be shipped, so its going to be on www (world wide web) “all at once”.

    Make sure to check out your timings because Apple’s headquarters is located in California UTC/GMT. So everyone is going to be ahead of time unless you live in Cali.

    Lets hope they put in some great futures and fix issues in beta 3!

    1. Joe says:

      Make up your mind. You just said you don’t need to check time zones, and now you do.


    1. Raj says:

      What’s up with hysterically poor punctuation marks in the posts of most Indians? I’m Indian myself, btw.

        1. Raj says:

          Think shorter?? lol OK. The IQ level is quite revealing and frankly unsettling! What’s your excuse for vicariously ineccessant use of comma symbol? Way to take your country’s name down with you. Do you even understand what “poor punctuation marks” means?

  89. luc says:

    iphone 5 (ios 7)

    – some unexpected crashes when I put the iphone to sleep (after restart it worked fine again)
    – sometimes when turning the iphone the top section with battery level etc. would not turn with the screen (after sleep or restart fine gain)
    – I do have the feeling that the battery dosn’t last as long as with the previous ios 6.1.4

    some general remarks:

    – I do like the ios 7 very much but have troubles with the size and the strength of the font. I made it as large as possible (which is unpractical) and the color of the font is still not a strong black but greyish. for people with weak eyes there should be more options regarding the font.
    – in the previous version I found the deleting of emails and messages more practical

  90. Pierre COUPIN says:

    Any one remember when the beta 2 came out?

    what was the hour. USA

    1. Alex Amador says:

      HAHA funny wait until your phone breaks and nobodys there to fix it.

      1. Shawn says:

        You can’t brick an iPhone… It has DFU mode to prevent that.. If you know what you’re doing it’s an easy fix. I went from Beta 1 to Beta 2 with no issues and no bricking… If you know what you’re doing and aren’t just some noob trying to look cool nothing will happen

          1. Minesh says:

            You don’t need to register a UDID.. I’ve been running beta 1 and updated OTA to beta 2 without registering my UDID. My iPhone 5 is running with the same “bugs” as yours.

        1. Rhinda says:

          Indeed! I just make sure you back up before updating, and then you can easily restore back to 6.1.3 if something stuffs up in iOS7 beta.

          1. Shawn says:

            Of course back up lol.. I love iOS 7. Been waiting patiently for Beta 3. Backed my phone up this morning before I left for work. Have the 6.1.3 and 7 Beta 2 sitting on my desktop lol. Ready to get the bugs worked. So far only issues I’m having is the camera crashing and some apps randomly crashing when it seems to be processing more. Besides that I love it

          2. Rhinda says:

            Agreed haha, can’t wait for the official full release! (which is a while away, but still we get to see how it will be)

      2. Rhinda says:

        It has yet to ‘break’. The update does not simple ‘break’ your phone. lol

      3. locolol says:

        you guys are so full of sh***t. you only need to update your iphone to get IOS7 and then you are good to go. you will get the OTA updates. and if something goes wrong you yus put you Iphone in DFU and restore.. Iphones dont brake..

    2. Pierre COUPIN says:

      Do you think apple is so stupid?

      really not, the beta is only for dev. you need to register your UDID to make iOS 7 beta fully working .

      1. Rhinda says:

        Of course I know, but if you really want it just ‘update’ and not restore if you want to try it out.

    3. Daniel Jansson says:

      Try doing a restore instead of update when installing iOS7 (which is preferable in any case) without UDID registered. Then smile when the beta wants to activate itself.

          1. tree says:

            and them bust your screen and cry about it because you didn’t register your phone lol

          2. Rhinda says:

            LOL! How the heck do you bust your screen? All you do is put it into DFU mode and restore. My warranty has expired months ago…

  91. Supa says:

    I have been beta testing IOS7 and for the most part I like it even though it’s buggy however that’s expected.

    I have two main frustrations with the OS:

    1. when unlocking the phone with a password, it often messes up and forgets a digit that I’ve entered

    2. When trying to google something in Safari, the space key has been split in half so that “space” is on the left hand side and “.com” is on the right hand side. I often accidently hit “.com” rather then space

    1. Alex Amador says:

      I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  92. Patryk says:

    you can bypass the passcode in beta 2.

    you must block your iphone for 60minutes than you must do a hard reset (home button and power button at the same time) than when you are on the lock screen you must call the SOS (112) than wait an end the call than you can type unlimited times the passcode (tested on the iphone 4/4s and 5)

    Good Luck 😀

  93. JBud says:

    Things that will hopefully be fixed come beta 3:

    Random crashes when switching between apps, or unlocking the phone.

    Base apps, such as messages, and phone, will have errors from scrolling causing the interface to shift upwards against the status bar, (this could also be caused by the parallax effect while opening the app).

    Some apps, (bejeweled and bejeweled blitz for example), will not launch.

    Not a bug, but I believe the lock screen needs to show a clock while music is playing.

  94. Dave says:

    Apple usually releases the “beta” OS worldwide at the same time. In the UK it comes out around 6pm / 10am Cupertino. At this time Beta 3 of iOS 7 is NOT available so ignore those that say they have it. 3 more hours or so (if they choose to release today)

  95. Austen says:

    Enough with the selling of UDID slots, take it somewhere else,please.

      1. Ben says:

        Pretty sure it’s going to be a 10am Pacific time release. 1AM Eastern time

  96. Methere says:

    I think beta 3 is already out but it seems like CIA has a few-hours donut rest

  97. Ben says:

    The downloading on iPads and the texting app. I am still having a movie download that.Has been going since Friday it says processing and I have high speed Internet

    1. Alex Amador says:

      I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  98. Dany Quirion says:

    iphone 5 unlocks itself by the contact of my leg and heat, didnt do that before

    1. Alex Amador says:

      I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  99. Gusto jr says:

    I offer free udid!! Well to be honest it is free 😉 you don’t need udid just youtube ios 7 and there’s videos, I’ve done it on 5 different phones on 2 different computers, 5/5 times it worked with no problem at all so don’t buy these guys udi

      1. Gusto jr says:

        I’m only %100 positive, unless I’m the only person who got to update 5 phones without udid? Then consider me lucky 🙂

          1. brian says:

            the thing is it won’t let you to UPDATE youre ios 7 beta 2, OTA you need to download it, and do step by step all over again?

  100. Alex Amador says:

    I have a developers account and can register devices for use with IOS 7 AND IOS 8 next year . Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  101. that guy says:

    screen becomes unresponsive when battery falls below 17% i5 model 29ca

  102. Pablo Agustín Silva says:

    problems: itunes match cover art, podcast app not working at all, lock screen tilts with movement, not in a smooth way, whatsapp keyboard hide

  103. Randal says:

    Just installed b3 over wifi, Skype doesn’t crash anymore! I’m glad they replaced the Safari icon with something that wasn’t drawn by an intern.

    1.  Arthur Dardalis  says:

      i have a developer account and I cant see it… Screenshot?

  104. Dàvid Cannavø says:

    can someone give me a link to somewhere your waiting for it? Please thanks

  105. Bob says:

    On the lock screen the time and date moves down a little bit . But then moves its self back up. On the iPhone 5

    1. Daniel Jansson says:

      It’s like that on beta 2, which you probably have installed.

  106. Kasper Karr says:

    I left the laundry mat about 10 minutes ago. While there I held the door open for three different black people. One thanked me while the other two didn’t even make eye contact. This is mainly a black trend I’ve personally noticed in my life. What’s the deal?

  107. Pöv Välëñtinê says:

    Now me on the IOS 7 Beta 2
    But In Setting >>>> General >>>> Software Update I still cant see Beta 3 why ????

  108. Ethan says:

    I remember iOS 6 came out at ~10 AM, which is in about 2 hours where I’m at. Just a guess.

  109. BillyBob says:

    What don’t you retards understand about the 3rd beta “is due to release today AT SOME POINT”. Meaning it could release at 11:59 tonight and it will still be today…

  110. Ethan says:

    is someone can just out when beta 2 worldwide time update was released maybe we all could go off that

  111. Lili says:

    Es ce qu’il y a des français sur ce site ? A quand la beta 3? Sérieux j’ai un ipad 4 j’ai installé la beta 2 et y’a encore beaucoup de beug…. Crash beug appli et page internet qui se referme…. Page internet se bloque et même page dl’accueil sur ipad… Pas fonctionnel du tout…..

      1. Lili says:

        Is ti dangerous to install ios 7 beta 2 . Ne cause my ipad hâve lot of beug and crash !!!!

    1. Dexter says:

      Translate Are there has French on this site? When will the beta 3? I have a serious ipad 4 I installed beta 2 and there’s still a lot of beug …. Crash beug app and web page that closes …. Web page hangs on the same page dl’accueil ipad … Not functional at all …..

    2. jrote1 says:

      même chose que moi ne peux même pas utiliser l’appareil photo sur safari sans s’écraser

      1. Lili says:

        Haaaa un français…. Dis je voulais savoir si il était dangereux d’installer ios 7beta 2 parce aie franchement laipd n’est pas fluide du tout y’a bcp de beug de crash de page aux se bloque parfois J’arrive ! même pas à éteindre je commence à paniquer j’ai peur que ça bousille l’appareil au secours répondez moi….

  112. Dev says:

    For God’s sake, everyone calm down. Most of you aren’t even developers anyway.

    Apple is in California, which is on Pacific Time. It’s still early there. They’ll probably release it at 9AM, so at the start of, or during their business day. So just relax.

  113. Hey Gnomo says:

    Problema no iPhone 5 com o iOS 7 Beta 2 quando vou deletar um estado na previsão do tempo em formato lista, ele simplesmente fecha o app e volta para a tela de inicio. e sem falar que alguns apps ele não consegui executar e fecha, e outros ele não consegui fazer login na conta do usuário.

  114. Alex Amador says:

    I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

  115. Kasper Karr says:

    It’s 8:17 in Cupertino. Apple ppl still eating breakfast. Hold your horses!

  116. jonas says:

    when i make dates in my calender in icloud on my pc, my iphone shows it one hour later

      1. Maxim∑ says:

        #1pm EST 10am Pacific just like EVERY SINGLE BETA…. nothing new guys….

  117. Lili says:

    ? I have a serious ipad 4 I installed beta 2 and there’s still a lot of beug …. Crash beug app and web page that closes …. Web page hangs on the same page dl’accueil ipad … Not functional at all ..

    1. Pim Oomen says:

      wtf is a ‘beug’? Oh and don’t complain, go complain on the official Apple Dev. Channel… Oh, you’re not a dev.? What a shame, dumbass, please don’t complain…

  118. Lili says:

    Haaaa un français…. Dis je voulais savoir si il était dangereux d’installer ios 7beta 2 parce aie franchement laipd n’est pas fluide du tout y’a bcp de beug de crash de page aux se bloque parfois J’arrive ! même pas à éteindre je commence à paniquer j’ai peur que ça bousille l’appareil au secours répondez moi….

  119. escalade says:

    Yes it Comes in to days 😀

    No, little Joke, i hope it comes today 😀

      1. Dexter says:

        well ive just search ios 7 beta 3 !0th July and it gave me noithing about it on that date?

        so who’s the dumbass

    1. your dad says:

      fuk you maaaaaan . dont say that shitt or else i m gonn kick u out of ur profile pic ugly hero…lol

  120. DGisDumbass says:

    it will be today…just hold on… they have breakfast now in cupertino as someone said here

  121. Ecplise says:

    I think it it will be released after 1,5 hours 🙂 lets wait until 10AM Pacific 😉

  122. Zeshan Rodrigues says:

    For me I’ve noticed that in maps when you search for something it takes u to somewhere completely different, my Iphone 5 heats up and in weather switching from city to city it hangs a lot… Bringing up the control center takes some time and the animations are pretty slow too

  123. Maurice Enrique Rodriequéz says:

    Beta 2 – Monday, June 24
    Beta 3 – Wednesday, July 10
    Beta 4 – Thursday, July 25
    Beta 5 – Monday, August 12
    Beta 6 – Friday, August 30
    Gold Master – Tuesday, September 10
    iOS 7 Final – Friday, September 20

      1. Maurice Enrique Rodriequéz says:

        Yes i Looked up and i Found This on the Apple Dev site

          1. @joserratlv says:

            on apple dev site impossible, because i’m a developer and beta 3 will be released TODAY at 10 am in Cupertino (7 pm Spain) jaja

  124. Ecplise says:

    Look here:


  125. Dexter says:

    Welcome to Tesco Mobile live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon.

    You’re through to Evelyn.

    Evelyn: Hi I’m Evelyn. How can I help?

    Lewis: hello when will ios 7 beta 3 be released

    Evelyn: I’ll check this for you.

    Evelyn: Thanks for waiting.

    Evelyn: Apple has not announced any release date about the iOS 7 beta 3

    Lewis: okay thank##

  126. tgregory7 says:

    If it comes out today, it will be up around Noon CST which is 10 in Cupertino!

  127. tgregory7 says:

    With Beta 2 it was released at exactly 12:00 CST, which would be 10:00 PST. So that being said, if Apple goes along with what they have done in the past, it will be out very shortly! (o:

        1. Dexter says:

          surly if you had some common sense you’d google it and it would bring back positive results

          get of the internet and go play with some toy cars

      1. tgregory7 says:

        they didn’t give a release date for Beta 2 either. However, the normal time line for Beta 2 to Beta 3 is 15.5 days. That would put it coming out on Wednesday. I am with everyone else though, I do hope they push it today!

  128. ethan says:

    its 8:46 in cupertino you can check your own iphones in the worldwide clock section and its 11:46 am over here so soon guy soon

  129. Developer says:

    ios 7 beta 3 will arrive on wednesday 10 july. Guys here are trolling everyone. Please people dont waste your time here.

    1. Mark Murphy says:

      It is already out for the carriers, ios 7 beta 3. Just at sprint store in Phoenix, AZ . They had it available at 8:00am pst. Should be out to devs soon to developers. please stop prividing false rumors without any shed of proof.

    1. Rohit Gupta says:

      Son of a bitch…take ur iphone and cram it up ur ass…dickhead

    2. Rhinda says:

      You think typing negative sh*t about me in another language means I won’t understand. Please GTFO! Low life.

        1. Rhinda says:

          Yeah and I understood it, I have learnt french before. I never said it wasn’t French.

  130. apple says:

    Hello all, today it will be released and downloaded, on time 8-9 AM please be patient

    1. Mark Murphy says:

      It is coming today. Sprint techs got the OTA this morning at 8am for carrier testing. Apple is pushing the beta 3 via ota at 10amish pst. It has been reported that apple will or in this case already has beta 3 to carriers for testing and signal software tweaks. Stop spreading false info

  131. godlikeme says:

    camera from lock screen crushes , also face time crashes and seetings some times in apps crushes

      1. Willava says:

        I bet your iphone sucks? haha funny guy
        and calm down fan boys that cant wait a few days 😉

          1. Mark Murphy says:

            It is coming today. Sprint techs got the OTA this morning at 8am for carrier testing. Apple is pushing the beta 3 via ota at 10amish pst. It has been reported that apple will or in this case already has beta 3 to carriers for testing and signal software tweaks. Stop being a jerk!

  132. tgregory7 says:

    Yes, it is coming today! Unless something happens where they completely change their schedule, but it is SCHEDULED for today! Time will be very soon! I would say either 11 or 12 CST

  133. brian says:

    Beta 2 – Monday, June 24
    Beta 3 – Wednesday, July 10
    Beta 4 – Thursday, July 25
    Beta 5 – Monday, August 12
    Beta 6 – Friday, August 30
    Gold Master – Tuesday, September 10
    iOS 7 Final – Friday, September 20 this is the schedule guys

    get to bed and sleep

    1. Mark Murphy says:

      It is coming today. Sprint techs got the OTA this morning at 8am for carrier testing. Apple is pushing the beta 3 via ota at 10amish pst. It has been reported that apple will or in this case already has beta 3 to carriers for testing and signal software tweaks. Stop spreading false info.

  134. tgregory7 says:

    It has to be pushed to the carriers first, and then from there it will be available for download. 1 more hour!

  135. tgregory7 says:

    Apple is planning to release the third beta version of iOS 7 to its carrier partners on Monday, July 8, with seeding to registered developers expected on the same day.
    BGR has been informed by trusted sources that iOS 7 beta 3 is currently scheduled to be made available to carriers for testing on July 8th. These are the same sources who accurately foretold the release timing of Apple’s last iOS 7 beta, and just like iOS 7 beta 2, it is likely that the new software will be released to developers on the same day it reaches carriers.

      1. tgregory7 says:

        La mise à jour sera montrée à 10:00 PST. Comme cela était avec le Béta 2 et c’est le prédécesseur.

  136. Rhinda says:

    If all predictions are correct beta 3 will be out in approx. 45 mins. So keep calm and wait, then try and see if there is an update. (but don’t get your hopes up just incase) :))

  137. Bbrennan101 says:

    When can I update my iPad to IOS 7? I’ve been waiting so long! Can I get it today? I am 13, and am not a developer or anything

  138. Yummy says:

    Beta 2 has issues with bluetooth headsets. When I lock the iPhone, it stops the audio much of the time.

  139. Ecplise says:

    in beta 2, i got problems with the music player .. when i hear music everything is ok .. but after a few hours, i have NO music in the player !!

  140. EverythingApplePro says:

    Everybody is saying The iOS 7 Beta 3 is gonna have AirDrop For IPhone 4S? Haha I don’t think that’s gonna happen

  141. Raj says:

    If Apple follows the two week between every beta release schedule, then only 27 mins to go unless they repeat the iOS 6 beta 3 release pattern; i.e. three weeks after beta 2.

    1. Rohit Gupta says:

      if , not Today then it will be coming on 10th ..not a week later :p

  142. Berkay says:

    im so excited for dynamic wallpapers , panaroma wallpapers , and new UI bug fixes , im waiting.

    1. pnuuuT says:

      we are all waiting a lot of time… supposed, it won’t go out today

  143. Mike says:

    It’s up–just tried “refreshing” the software update screen by clicking it, exiting, clicking it again and it took a while (about 10 seconds) for it to update and it is available. 239 Megabites. BOOM!

  144. EverythingApplePro says:

    iTunes Won’t Tell You the Update You have to Update it Up To Air on Your phone Or get the iPSW Firmware.

  145. sherwin says:

    well i’m not going to sit here an wait so i’m going to watch a couple episodes of person of interest. Maybe download witcher 2 and play it(give me your opinions on this game compared to skyrim(my favorite game ever)) and then I will be back in about 3 hours to see iOS 7!

  146. Raj says:

    Don’t spread untrue info… If it’s not out today… expect it on the 15th!

  147. Alex Amador says:

    *************hey ********
    I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644*********

  148. pnuuuT says:

    After this minute we have to wait one more whole time for waiting! 😀

  149. Alex Amador says:

    I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644

    1. Kevin Jones says:

      me too, right after 12 my time, i checked at 12:03.. downloading now about 5 mins remaining

  150. Bbrennan101 says:

    I can’t get it…. How are you guys getting it? Please help me