Micromax Canvas 4 specs to outdo Karbonn S9 HD


Later today the Micromax Canvas 4 specs and price will be officially revealed via live video, on Micromax’s Facebook page and of course on Phones Review. The launch time has been set for 12PM in India, and this would be around 30 minutes sooner for our US readers and about 4.5 hours later for those of you in the UK.

Our article from earlier today that reported the unveil time received some feedback in relation to Micromax Canvas 4 specs. These Phones Review readers commented in a similar way to what we’ve seen on the official Facebook channel, and this shows a feeling of worry towards what the final Canvas 4 specification will be.

The majority of our readers feel that the Micromax Canvas 4 must launch with similar specs to the Canvas HD, and the demand for a full HD screen and 2GB of RAM is pretty clear.

We looked at the Blu Life One in another article and how some people felt the Canvas 4 specs would be similar. This was certainly not our opinion, and Micromax has a lot to prove with the Canvas 4 that will likely release with one of the highest prices to date for this brand.

The hype created around Micromax Canvas 4 has been intense and the smartphone maker is directly to blame for all the hype, which includes a number of Facebook messages to over 1 million followers every day. These people are told to book now more than once a day, and the direct pushes are raising up expectations for the final specs.

Micromax Canvas 4 specs to outdo Karbonn S9 — the Canvas 4 must trump Blu Life One on specs and be much more than a Canvas HD with better cameras. The smartphone must also beat Karbonn’s Titanium S9 HD IPS, which received an announcement within the last couple of days in an attempt to steal some of the Micromax Canvas 4 thunder.

If you look at the Karbonn S9 key specs you will notice Dual-SIM support, 16GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 5MP Front camera and 13MP rear camera, a 5.5-inch IPS capacitive screen, and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor.

These are decent enough but it is the Karbonn S9 2600 mAh battery, 1GB RAM and lack of full HD display that would disappoint Micromax Canvas 4 fans. The new Micromax smartphone must include at least 1080P full HD display, 2GB of RAM, and a much better battery than what’s included on the Karbonn S9.

In our opinion the Micromax Canvas 4 specs will outdo the Karbonn S9, although we only have a few hours left until all is revealed. Hit the comments with your last minute wish list for the Micromax Canvas 4 price and specification?


10 thoughts on “Micromax Canvas 4 specs to outdo Karbonn S9 HD”

  1. Arjun says:

    My wishlist for the specs:

    2 GB RAM – This is the real deal maker for me.
    HD Display
    Awesome quality Camera (if not 13MP)

    Lets see what happens… 4hrs left! *anxious*

  2. Preet says:

    I can only buy micromax canvas 4, If it comes with 2gb of ram, 1080p resolution and processor would be more then 1.2Ghz quad core… otherwise thanx micromax for garbing my attention for a fake phone and wasting my time.

  3. Naveen says:

    Well this is first time in the history of india that some company has offered a pre-booking of the phone. without revealing the specs of the handset and still people are booking this phone. and its very true if it comes with mtk 6589 than it would not able to do any magic. because mtk 6589 is not even good for hd screen . let the specs reveal than see how many hearts are broken. or the heartbeat of Samsung or Sony will increase.

  4. Sivaraj Balajee says:

    Whatever it is MMX has succeeded in creating the hype. But now don’t tell me u r not changing the processor for your costliest product till date and even if not hd screen at least 1.4-1.7 quad core should do wonders with a 2 gb ram
    Waiting for it

  5. Ankit Kumar says:

    /////////// and this would be around 30 minutes sooner for our US readers and about 4.5 hours later for those of you in the UK.////// idiot ; india is gmt+5:30 , uk is GMT 0:0 and usa is gmt -5:00 then howw can it possible?

  6. Ankit Kumar says:

    I think they have created hype just to check value of their brand and no of pre orders would have a big impact on final price of the product

  7. Debraj says:

    essentially, people like to hit the apex category in making a buying decision. with cars that is often not possible due to budget issues. diff between the top and lower models of a decent sedan might be upwards of 100 k. but with phone, that difference is manageable, say 5-10 k. so specs that mark out the diff between one range and the other can prompt customers to shell out more for a higher priced phone. so micromax cant hope to stay in the 15-18k with a notionally souped up canvas HD. customers want gorilla 2 glass, 2 GB RAM, at least 8 gb ROM (a certainty) and 1080 screes res.
    once micromax packs these specs into the canvas 4, it can talk money. i own the canvas HD. with the above specs included (and preferably a 5.5 screen), i’d pay 20k for an upgrade.
    anything less, why would i? i’d still be pretty close tot the apex brand with my HD. if screen res is 780, and RAM 1GB, who cares about a 13 MG camera? and the 1.2 quad (of the HD) is good enough; i’m willing to let the 2 Gigs (proposed in the canvas 4) clocking away in the background pass.
    …but then, let’s wait and watch … in an hour we’ll know!

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