iOS 7 beta 3 vast issues on iPhone 5, 4S, 4


We have been looking at iOS 7 beta 3 with our in-house developer on the iPhone 5, 4S and iPhone 4. This has been the case since the first beta launched and we clearly noted problems being reported in previous articles, and also the issues being fixed in the latest iOS 7 beta 3 update. Today, we wanted to highlight the feedback Phones Review has received in regard to the latest update thanks to it being pretty vast in complaints.

The chance of iOS 7 beta 4 releasing this Monday is high, so it is good to look at the current problems with all iOS devices and specifically iPhone 5 and 4S. We have been running the iOS 7 beta 3 on these two phones and have a lot of insight.

iOS 7 beta 3 issues expected but reports are vast — we mentioned previously that developers would find problems with the software thanks to it being a beta with still up to another 2 months before public release. With this being said, we also know that it is good to highlight any problems found to aid them being fixed and for bug reports to be submitted to allow for fixes in future betas like iOS 7 beta 4 or 5.

Our iPhone 5 is testing iOS 7 beta 3 for our in-house developer and has been running pretty solid with some minor lock-ups and crashing. The developer has an iPhone 4S with major crashing problems on iOS 7 beta 3, and this has led to a black screen at least once a day with a soft reset being needed every time. This doesn’t mean that every iPhone 4S user with iOS 7 beta 3 has the same issues, in fact it is very different but issues are being reported to Phones Review.

In our earlier article that touched on iOS 7 beta 3 being needed to fix crashing on the iPhone 5 and 4S, this was published before beta 3 launched, it has over 200 comments reporting numerous issues with the current beta.

Here are some of the reported issues we have received from our readers: “Siri is not working on my iPhone 4s and Siri’s wavy speech line appears and then disappears quickly. Attempts to bring it up leads to failure”.

Another reader states their “iPhone 4 runs iOS 7 beta 3 and it crashes A LOT”. This is one of many reports about crashes from phone calls, in FaceTime video calls, while in apps and sometimes on the home screen. Again this is not the same for every use, but there are certainly a lot of people experiencing crashing that want it fixed in iOS 7 beta 4.

Another popular issue is with answering calls on the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta 3. This is what one of our readers stated, “I cannot answer calls in beta 3. The phone does not ring when I see an incoming call, and when I answer the call it shows 2 calls from the person with both on hold”. We received an email from one user claiming resetting their ringtone helped fix this issue for a few calls, but it would revert back to the same problem after a while. It is worth noting our review of the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta 3 doesn’t include this issue.

There’s plenty of other issues being reported with iOS 7 beta 3 on the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 but again certain problems are expected and will be fixed in future betas. Other problems include the loss of contacts, Notes written in letters and not words, cameras crashing on lock screen, multitasking on iPad mini just revealing a blank screen and a lot more.

What problems do you have with iOS 7 beta 3 and what device are you running?


25 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 3 vast issues on iPhone 5, 4S, 4”

  1. Nospam Rodriguez says:

    It’s a beta. So what? ONLY DEVELOPERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE USING IT! Oh and stop asking people to violate their NDA’s by posting feedback.

    1. danielywright says:

      Having a community of “non-developers” can be useful to actually help fix bugs in the betas. Regardless if anyone here is a developer or not, good feedback (and not complaining) is always helpful.

  2. Guest says:

    In games such as Injustice: Gods Among Us and Infinity Blade II, the southern half (or the half of the screen closest to the home button) is unresponsive on my iPhone 5 64GB running iOS 7 Beta 3. I’m being patient, over all iOS7 Beta has been GREAT!

  3. DarkRok3r says:

    iphone 5,beta 3: not much problems, photos crashes when trying to set a wallpaper from gallery every alternate time
    battery life fluctuates
    reduced internet speed (cellular)
    screens go blank sometimes when a service message is recieved while phone is locked (unlock to black screen and then lock and unlock to get back to normal)

    iphone 4s beta 2: loop of death at the end of the day, downgraded,no problems as of now(use dfu mode to downgrade, safer)
    no photos problem like iPhone 5,couldnt lookat battery life ( cause of loop of death)

  4. AJMartin says:

    On my iPad 4 which runs iOS 7 Beta 3 when I unlock it, it takes a few seconds to change the lock screen picture to the home screen one which makes it look a little tacky. Also, it won’t let me play BBC iPlayer videos unless they are downloaded. I would say also Youtube completely doesn’t work, but then i found this on my iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 4.

  5. Marc_artz says:

    My lockscreen has stopped responding. I can pull down either notifications or the control panel but cannot minimize them. Also power off is not working.

    1. lara says:

      i do had the same pbm.. then i went back to ios6.1.4 on my iphoone5. did u find an solution for this?

  6. taylor says:

    On my iPhone 4s, iMessages aren’t working. It says it is activating for the longest time but then a message pops up saying there is a network problem. Also, Skype won’t run properly. It opens and immediately closes. And a lot of crashes, as mostly everyone else has stated.

  7. Jason Preece says:

    Im running iOS beta 3 on a iPhone 5 sometimes the screen will completely freeze up and will not unlock at all when using a bluetooth

  8. TattedDre says:

    im running ios 7 beta 3 on a iphone 5 and its working fine just always getting dropped calls maybe its some new call feature in beta 4

  9. Chris Wallace says:

    I noticed if I turn on dynamic text size alittle over middle siri stops working it also takes forever for Facebook login to show up

  10. danielywright says:

    I’ve run iOS 7 Beta 2 & 3 on an iPhone 4 and have experienced the same issue in both betas. When calling my phone, it doesn’t ring; the calls do not come through.

    1. Ryan says:

      That’s my biggest issue. Lots of people are saying they can’t reach me.

      1. danielywright says:

        Yes, that’s the biggest issue for me. Any other issues are minor, and don’t really happen much for me. I’m hoping though, that Beta 4 addresses that issue and fixes it. We will see once downloads are restored.

  11. Apollyon says:

    I’m running ios 7 beta 3 the main problem, the phone turns off by it self

  12. Dan21162409 says:

    Everyone is sick of hearing only developers should have the beta. Zip the lip! We want to try it. All were doing is discussing issues found. Just the same as developers. So sick of hearing that. Shut up and worry bout yourself. To the rest, thanks for sharing the issues with the ones that like to hear whats going on. Very appreciated.

  13. Scott3108 says:

    I have also had the phone issue when no one not able to get me. I could get a voicemail but no call. The only “fix” that I could find was to cut off facetime and I got my wife to call my phone and it worked. Dunno if it’s a definite fix, but it’s worth a try.

    1. Scott3108 says:

      I also reverted back to 6.1.3 due to this because co-workers and others may need to get a hold of me. Hopefully when beta 4 is issued that will be fixed and I can get back to iOS 7. Going back to iOS 6 was like going back to the stone age, once you see iOS 7 for your own eyes, 6 is horrible.

  14. sivakanth says:

    I have downgraded to 6.1.3 from ios7 beta 3. Many bugs in Ios7. Blank screen problem. No alert for incoming calls. some times unable to decline calls as there is no dismiss option on the screen. Home screen wallpaper gets blank automatically and many more.

  15. Jay says:

    iPhone 4. I love the phone, and before iOS 7 Beta released, everything was so smooth. Apps would run better, and a crash every now and then but not regularly.
    As soon as I got the latest iOS 7 Beta (which is 3 now) it looked good, but performed poorly.
    – Constant crashes
    – Lack of performance
    – Ends calls
    – Everywhere it lagged

    I just hope Apple releases the official next because I’m tired of losing everything and re-syncing my phone.

    1. Jasmina says:

      My iPhone 4 is running super slow. It takes forever to open my apps and the internet. I am not liking it so far.