Samsung Galaxy S4 ExoLife battery case is worlds thinnest


Owners of certain smartphones have a number of options if they need to get more battery life out for their device, which includes the likes of cases or replacement batteries, and even applications can all help to increase the amount of time between charges. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Exogear ExoLife battery case promises to be the worlds thinnest of its kind and adds a big boost to the handsets battery life.

We often see various battery cases released for popular smartphones that will also protect the handset as well as providing a user more time before needing to reach for the charger, but the Exogear ExoLife battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is promised to be the world’s slimmest battery case.

The device adds 2,600 mAh power plant which is basically doubling the amount of juice the popular handset has. The product is manufactured from polycarbonate so will help protect the smartphone from drops and scratches, and the ExoClear technology promises that the case will not interfere with the handsets reception.

Once fitted the case does increase the overall measurements for the Galaxy S4 to 148mm x 72.5mm x 16mm, which compares to 136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9 mm without it. It’s the thickness that may be a problem for some users as it doubles it but for others it will be a small price to pay if they can’t get to a charger for a prolonged length of time.

The makers promise that the case will provide users with up to 14 hours of talk time on 3G or up to 11 hours on 4G, and standby on 4G is up to 300 hours. All of the handsets ports and features are easily accessible with the case in place, and you also get a USB charger cable and the product can be found here for $79.95.

Check out the demo video we have embedded below or you may want to have a look at our recent article that covered a number of Trident Galaxy S4 cases.

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