iOS 7 beta 4 release time passes


This is just a quick update for those of you waiting to see if the iOS 7 beta 4 release date will be today. Sadly, it will not happen thanks to the traditional release time passing and if iOS 7 beta 4 were to launch OTA we would have seen it by 10am PDT.

This is the time that Apple normally uses to launch new betas, but that release window has now passed and as such we doubt you’ll see a new beta for a few days. Apple is busy fixing the problems caused by a security breach to their developer website, which involves rebuilding databases and might be even more widespread than first thought.

Some people reported seeing the Apple Store go down on Sunday night, and this might signal security checks or upgrades being performed across many of Apple’s websites and services following the recent hack.

It has now been two weeks since iOS 7 beta 3 went live for download, and considering we were right to doubt the new software arriving today, there’s a good chance we won’t see iOS 7 beta 4 release until July 29 at 10am PDT.

As always, keep connected to Phones Review as we keep you informed. Our last check was at 1:55pm PDT and the next beta was not available OTA. It is also pretty obvious that you won’t be able to download from the developer portal either, and this is thanks to the developer website being down still and has been for 4 days now.

It is also worth noting that we have heard a Turkish security researcher has claimed responsibility for the Apple Developer Center hack. There has been a video uploaded to YouTube as well, but this has since been restricted to a private status with no public access. We will update you more on this as we get the details, but current feedback points to an aim to find bugs and not hack for personal gain.


63 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 4 release time passes”

      1. Austin Bennett says:

        Not until at least Wednesday or Thursday, maybe Sunday at the latest. Judging by how Apple likes to release these betas and it’ll depict how much damage that hacker did in order for Apple to wait too much longer. I have had problems on my iPad 4th gen though, so I’m not too excited for beta 4.. Plus the white is like white paper, although it’s great for business it hurts my eyes to use when the light it just right on it..

          1. Austin Bennett says:

            I went back to iOS 6.1.3 you prick. I’m just stating how I don’t favor it, I’ll use it end of story. Don’t come on here and chat like ya think you own the place. I’ve had to explain to people why iOS 7 could be better. Plus every iOS has its ups and downs anyway.

          1. Austin Bennett says:

            I don’t care if it does, I just have used apple since 3.1.2 and update with somebody who releases their information in the morning rather than mid-day. When it does get updated to beta 4, I won’t be surprised if they barely fixed anything.. Between beta 2 and beta 3 they made it worse rather than better..

    1. Joe says:

      Just another beta release, you would want somebody to shed blood just because of one little technical error in a BETA release that HAS to be released Monday or else you would be angry. Wow, you are the reason why our society looks bad.

      1. Austin Bennett says:

        Pretty sure I could find 10ways you make society look bad too. Doesn’t ever mean you have the right to post stuff like this ANYWHERE.

          1. Austin Bennett says:

            Look, I got problems with people ALWAYS blaming others for their actions. I understand that it isn’t Giuppy’s beta, it’s Apple’s beta. Just don’t tell people it’s their fault society looks bad because that just makes your comment hippo-critical and makes you look bad to society.

          2. Joe says:

            But just relax tho bro….seriously…I see you on all the comments defending the hacker like he’s your brother or something

          3. Austin Bennett says:

            Look, he ain’t but we don’t have a right to bash him when he is trying to protect Apple’s users and we don’t have a right to complain about something we can’t even control nor will we ever have control over.

    1. Austin Bennett says:

      Wasn’t Turkish, UK dipstick. Plus, NOT YOUR BETA TO COMPLAIN ABOUT (If I sound rude, I’m tryna be AAAAND maybe a little more because of IPHONE4EVER)

    1. Austin Bennett says:

      Not tomorrow, the amount of time it takes for them to finish the dev site is how long it’ll take to release beta 4. Dev is on same server (or else same room anyway)

    1. Austin Bennett says:

      He was, he considered waiting. He figured that seeing as how it’s in beta, why not test a beta. Good thing he did it now before a different hacker did..

        1. JRX16 says:

          You are calling people ignorant about something you have zero proof about and are just making random assumptions. It is very possibly they were hacked, so why make up other stories without any proof and then argue about it?

  1. Thefrm says:

    The hacker’s email address is public , as he is a security analyst , and wanted to test out apple’s security. nevertheless we should ‘thank’ him via email for this delay !

  2. Ben says:

    I have apple 5 how do I get the new designed apps. Do I download an app or something? Also, I want the swipe up thingy do I find that in settings? Please help

      1. Fr3ak5H0w says:

        Brandon, I agree. My motto is, “If you can’t change a tire, don’t drive a car.” If you don’t know anything about modding, hacking or even updating, get yourself an LG Octane.

    1. Austin Bennett says:

      5 days for iOs debs to bring the site online, 1 day to figure out where they were at, 3 days for catch-up on script, 4 days to private test then release.

  3. Ben says:

    How do I get the new looks on my apple 5? I brought it to the apple store in New York it’s about 1 hour away and they said I have to pay 100 so is that what you guys do? Someone just please help everyone thinks I’m a loser because I don’t have apple 7 I just have apple 5

    1. Mark Murphy says:

      First off, if you used any part of your brain, you would have googled it and realized that you didn’t need to drive an hour for apple to tell you are an idiot. Yes, apple has a program where a person can pay 99 dollars for one year. This purchase allows you to test new beta products within ios and also create apps and submit to app store. This program is called apple developer. You CAN currently update your iphone 5 to ios beta 3 without a dev account. Just google, “update iphone 5 to ios 7 without udid. Based on your post, I don’t think you have the brain power to do this but info is there for you. Keep in mind, apple can lock their beta releases at anytime to just registered developers. Anybody who updated their phone and are not registered with apple as a dev, then your phone will not work. Each beta release has an expiration date. I don’t think youre a losser because you don’t have ios 7, I think

    2. Fr3ak5H0w says:

      Use Express-Files to download the IOS7 Beta 3 IPSW. Using hte most current iTunes Update….Hold Shift and click on UPDATE in iTunes with the iPhone connected. Then, choose the ios7 beta 3 ipsw you downloaded. Install and you are done. I’ve been using it for over a week now.

    3. Patrick Bateman says:

      i know everyone was beating around the bush for obvious reasons, but i’m just going to use a brutally sarcastic approach and ask…. What is an apple 5? Apple 7? Because whatever it is, it s0unD$ Fr3ak1Ng @MAzInG. And I thought I was cool for having an iPhone 5 with ios 7… Only to find out about this APPLE 7 gadget that everyone (just you) seems to ranting and raving about!???! wtf omg lollzzz rotfl lol kewl lylab lylas ttyl

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