Blackberry 9720 Samoa photo and release concerns


BlackBerry is expected to release a new phone running Blackberry OS 7, and this ties in with the new photo leak showing off the so-called Blackberry 9720 Samoa.

Below you can see the rendered photo, which of course is unofficial showing off the supposed Blackberry 9720 codenamed Samoa also expected to run BB OS 7. The device leaked by renowned @evleaks shows the Blackberry 9720 featuring a dedicated BBM button as well as an optical track pad etc.

Blackberry 9720 specs are rumored to include a 1450 mAh battery, 480 x 360 pixels resolution display, it also shows a full QWERTY keyboard, other than these we have no idea on any other features

It is expected that the Blackberry 9720 release will happen before the end of 2013, as soon as we know more about this BlackBerry device we will notify you. BlackBerry is all set on releasing the A10, so why do they need a phone that cannot excite, you can read more about the A10 by reading our previous articles (Article One, Two).

Is BlackBerry going down the wrong path to build its mobile collection?

The Canadian manufacturer in our eyes are not doing any favours for the company by releasing a mediocre handset, they are going back a fair few steps with outdated OS 7 on this device, which does not make any sense at all. There are too many other decent phones on the market with a low price tag and low-end specs to even contemplate consumers purchasing the Blackberry 9720 Samoa based on what we know so far.

BlackBerry are clearly showing no upward movements in the high-end mobile sector, so why on earth would they release a phone that has no talent at all, obviously the Blackberry 9720 Samoa is a leak so we will have to wait and see what comes of this.

Would you buy the Blackberry 9720 Samoa?


3 thoughts on “Blackberry 9720 Samoa photo and release concerns”

  1. peter allen says:

    What happened to we are focusing on BB10 only, as told to playbook owners after update fiasco, BlackBerry being economical with the truth again.

  2. unlockworldwide says:

    Hopefully it carries a better charging port than my wife’s Curve (BB’s not her curves) which is so shallow that penetr …. this is not going where I planned !

    … but still lousy design!

    Agree with Peter Allen; while serving the still vast OS7 subscriber base (mainly emerging markets) one has to consider the less than progressive image engendered in the US and European markets. While emerging markets are not ruled by the less commercial (banking tools say) use of our phones, the negative perception awarded BlackBerry does not swing investors.

    Somehow, after the bad Q2 statements and BB10′ lacklustre performance I join the ranks of those doubting that BlackBerry can stay the course. They have after all no diversification (like Samsung with Flat Screen’s etc. … or even Apple’s iTunes revenue) to carry load until Heins works another miracle.

    Miracle? Yes. BlackBerry are still her and still have … $3B?

  3. Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones says:

    So much for BlackBerry 10 – they move on they do something stupid like this… Sorry but nobody wanted their latest & oldest piece of crap! They keep going backwards.. Give it up