Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display variants beyond pathetic


The new document that revealed three Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display variants, which includes a 5.5, 5.7 and 5.99-inch screen sizes started to roll around in our heads. Surely Samsung would over saturate the smartphone market if they even considered this, just seems like they want to release too much too soon.

Samsung have already faced criticism about too many Galaxy S4 variants so why would they release three display sizes for the Galaxy Note 3?

If Samsung were to release two Galaxy Note 3 smartphones with displays sizes of 5.5-inches and 6.2-inches this would be a little better, but we believe they should just release one screen size like they did with the popular Galaxy Note 2.

No one knows for sure if Samsung will release all three Galaxy Note 3 models, but if they do surely this will be beyond pathetic just to try and sell as many smartphones as possible. We see no point at all releasing these considering there are only minor differences in the sizes given above.

Samsung, just release one Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at 5.7-inches with Android 4.3, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of RAM, this would be a good start, you do not need to release three variants. Apple releases one iPhone at a time and they do very well indeed with sales, one phone with one size and yes with LTE.

We do not believe for one second Samsung will release three variants of the Note 3, just doesn’t make sense at all.

Do you think Samsung is on the verge of over saturating the market if they release three Galaxy Note 3 smartphones with different display sizes?


15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display variants beyond pathetic”

  1. rabyunghwa says:

    Its samsung. Anything is possible. Just like they said that in June we S3 owners would get an android 4.2.2 update. Then they said the update had been delayed thanks to the weak S4 sales. And since now its the end of July already, we see no hope for that to happen. And just we are getting angrier and angrier, some source says that the update will not come until November or December. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

    1. You realise it’s already announced that the Galaxy S III, Note II and Galaxy Grand all skip Android 4.2.2 straight on to Android 4.3?

      You still complaining?

  2. Mike Paterson says:

    An over saturated market will simply mean less updates to any one particular model. It is already bad enough with the many that Samsung already have. For more read less.

  3. Silver T. Rader says:

    Help me make a decision: is the new note III really worth waiting for over the Note II?
    This is so confusing. Was ready to buy the Note II five weeks ago, thought I should wait for the Note III. So, I put my $600 budget into First Majestic Silver at $9.60 to wait. Now, Costco T-Mobile has the Note II back in inventory again today. My First Majestic Silver stock is in the $13 and the news about the Note III is about a delay into maybe December.
    Traditionally, silver mining stock should ramp up from Aug to November. So, I will likely have well over a $1,000 in my Samsung Note (III) budget by November.
    I really need the Note features. But, what is the big deal about the Android version?
    Is the Note III with the new Android version worth waiting for? Does this operating system drain the battery slower like the Blackberry? Will it enhance my use?
    I don’t need a super system. Just something to keep appointments, keep notes, read investment news on the commuter train, and receive a call at the worst time possible. No games, no on-line movies, no music, no make-believe professional photography.
    Meanwhile, I am still paying $20 a month on an obsolete cell phone model until December. T-mobile will excuse my remaining contract if I upgrade. so that is about $60 in payments (savings) if I buy the Note II now.
    Is the new Note III really worth waiting for the average person?
    Would really appreciate those of you who follow this to give honest feedback.

    1. Babs Oyed says:

      I say wait. It will be well worth it. I think the biggest thing is that the Note III will be future proof.

      I currently own a Note II which is my daily driver and the best phone I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot) and I’ll definitely be getting the Note III.

  4. fanboikiller says:

    The person who wrote this article is irrationally upset by a choice (to be accurate, conjecture about a choice) that, at worst, will have zero impact on his life or at best will improve his life. Choices don’t hurt consumers.

    Also from Samsung’s perspective, if they can capture another million buyers by offering variations on their phones, why would they not do that? At a certain point (where every person demands a custom product), choice is a losing proposition, sure. But not enough choice is also a losing approach as Apple will find out sooner or later.

    As a side note, why do apple a acolytes get so hot under the collar about thedecisions of Android smartphone makers? They are wed to apple (i.e. being dictated to about the hardware and software features of their device) so they are not getting angry because they are thinking about getting an Android phone and are disappointed by the manufacturers’choices.

  5. Ryan Behmanesh says:

    I really hope this rumor is true because I’ll be getting the 5.5″ model. Coming from a Galaxy Nexus, I don’t know if I would be able to use a 6 inch phone but I really want to get those great Note software features.

  6. Babs Oyed says:

    Kinda agree with the writer of this article. Choice is good but over saturation is poisonous.

    Too many models will create a nightmare as far as updates and accessories are concerned. Sometimes less is more

  7. wargamer1969 says:

    Disappointing it has no flexable screen and seems like a stretched out S4 with a slight speed bump over it. Contemplating a jump from my Note 1 to a LG G2 when it hits at the same time over the Note 3 now…

  8. Jimmy Drew says:

    5.7 is perfect. Let’s go with that. The other specs are perfect
    except we need Gorilla Glass 4 for outdoor viewing.

  9. simon says:

    Don’t be anti-choice. Screen size is affected by lots of fundamental factors including eyesight, finger size, dexterity, typing skills and style. Also use of blue tooth, how its carried, whether it reduces the need to carry a tablet. This type opinionated writing it just the same as tried to shut down the use of the original Note 1. I would respect Samsung’s judgement over the writers.

  10. olivr says:

    this got to be the most weird piece of tech-writing this week! wtf is wrong with choices. I’m sure in the packaging there’d be some kind of branding that will tell us what screen size you’re getting, it’s not like we’ll come home surprised to see a 6in screen when we wanted a 5.5″! if you don’t want a 6in Note 3, then go with 5.5″. wtf is wrong?

  11. riceryder says:

    the author of this pathetic so-call tech journalism is fuckin pathetic. go back to using your iphone you moron.