Xolo Play T1000 review, gaming and benchmarks


Over the last couple of years the smartphones that are being released to the public are providing specifications that are ideal for users that like to play games while on the go. This is largely down to the better processors and higher quality screens that they now power, and today we have the Xolo Play T1000 in a video review that includes gaming and benchmarks.

Earlier this month the Xolo Play T1000 was revealed along with the handsets pricing, and provides consumers in India with another worthy smartphone to consider. We now have the device being featured in a number of videos that you can see below this page.

The first video is giving an overview to the gaming capabilities of the Xolo Play T1000, and mentions that the handset is being aimed at the gaming community with its Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which is the same unit that the original Nexus 7 uses.

It runs through a few games giving the verdict on the handsets performance which was pretty impressive but not without its faults with lag being mentioned, although graphics was found to be of a high standard.

The next video is looking at Dead Trigger and Shadowgun running on the smartphone and is almost 9 minutes long. It concentrates on demonstrating the gameplay of both games with the reviewer giving some feedback on how the handset coped with the games.

Up next is an 8 minute video that is concentrating on the driving games Asphalt 7 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and begins with Asphalt 7 with the reviewer taking part in a full race. The graphics were of a good quality but again there were some minor glitches, and it then goes on to test Need for Speed.

The final video we have for you is looking at the benchmarks for the handset and is just over 3 minutes long with the footage speeded up to show the results from a number of tests run on the device, but we won’t spoil the results for you.

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5 thoughts on “Xolo Play T1000 review, gaming and benchmarks”

  1. Madhav says:

    Xolo’s newest launch with the Xolo Play is bound to be a worry for competitors like Micromax. With weapons like by Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor and GeForce GPU, it has all reasons to do well in the market.

  2. Faiz says:

    A gamer’s dream phone. Any gamer would be dying to get their hands on this beast of a phone. 1.5GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor paired with a 12-core Nvidia ULP GeForce GPU and 1GB of RAM, this phone just keeps getting better and better. Plus Nvidia TegraZone will give full access to Nvidia-optimized games for the Android platform, no need to lookout any where else. Xolo, although relatively new, is a company I think that really focuses on giving quality and performance-oriented products, unlike the others, who are living in the glory of brand names.

  3. Akrit says:

    Xolo with Nvidia Tegra = must buy. Great specs. Gamers and non-gamers alike will be delighted by the amazing graphics Nvidia Tegra provides. Go for it!

  4. Prabhu says:

    Talk about a power-packed phone! Xolo is really stepping up its game and is ready to take on the biggest names in the mobile industry in India. 1.5 GHz NVIDIA Tegra Quad core processor and 12-core Geforce GPU rocessor bound together all in a great looking phone, Xolo Play is my next buy. Can’t wait.

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