Nexus 5 concepts can get it very wrong


Over the past few days we have seen another Nexus 5 concept doing the rounds on numerous blogs, although it seems even well known technology and phone blogs can get it wrong sometimes. Not only is the Nexus 5 concept you see below this article getting it very wrong, it is also a number of weeks old even though certain websites, you know the ones, are pitching this design as something new.

Even the most casual fans can see that Android 4.3 featuring in this Nexus 5 concept is wrong, and it is almost certain that this upcoming smartphone will feature Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie when it releases. The expected release date is somewhere in October for the next major Android update, so there’s a good chance Nexus 5 will launch then as well.

The 7,000mAh battery seems to be something from a fairy tale and while we would love specs like this on the Nexus 5, we wouldn’t go placing any bets on that feature arriving on this years model.

We like the idea of a 32-megapixel camera and have seen Nokia do some impressive things with their Lumia 1025, which would be ideal at a concert for shooting video or taking pictures from a distance.

From what we can tell it seems this concept was originally designed by The Techno Toast, although a number of blogs trying to sell this concept as something new don’t give any credit at all and just reference Twitter without a link.

Other Nexus 5 specs dreamed about in this concept include a 3.2GHz Octo-core CPU, a crazy 8GB of RAM, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 4K video resolution and battery life that would last a whole week on just one change. Again, this specs list is something of a mix with some achievable specs and those that seem to be drummed up without any realistic thought.

If you had to write down a realistic specs list for Google’s Nexus 5, then what would be on your wish list?


9 thoughts on “Nexus 5 concepts can get it very wrong”

  1. soloflyer12 says:

    My own realistic specs for this phone would be
    5inch 1080p screen (LCD or amoled?)
    1.7 -1.9ghz Qualcomm snapdragon 600 maybe 800
    2600 mah battery
    Android 5.0 key lime pie
    No micro SD card expansion
    Lte enabled
    2gigs of ram
    A 10 megapixel camera
    I doubt metal maybe glass like on the nexus 4 or possibly a matte finish
    I doubt that the bezel would be that slim but that would be nice.
    And just a random guess a charging port on the left side
    And all this for a price tag around 400$
    This is just my guess so if you disagree then tell me why.

    1. Dazza8 says:

      Sounds like a sensible set of specs to me, soloflyer12… Would love to see a metal case, and a bezel that small, but seems Google love their chunky bezels, see N4, N7, GNEX etc…

      1. soloflyer12 says:

        Personally just for the nexus phones which we saw came in variants of 8 and 16 gigs with the nexus 4 i would prefer a more plastic casing with expandable storage. But if they could make it standard of 32 gigs like the HTC One then i don’t care about expandable storage anymore and would love a metal chassis. But considering they have to keep it budget friendly i would expect a minimum of 16 gigs always and maybe an 8 gig variant.

  2. Chris Edmond says:

    I’d say maybe 1.9- 2.1 GHz, quad core, MAYBE octa core. 18 megapixel full HD camera, full HD 1920×1080 super LCD3 screen with cornering gorilla glass 3 resolution. Battery….eh 2700 mAh. Android 5.0 key lime pie. Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 2 GB of RAM, secure element NFC chip set for Google wallet, and 2MP front facing HD camera. Removable battery no expandable storage, 16 GB of hard drive or 32GB of hard drive.

  3. mazdajdavis says:

    phones have always used current top end techtechnology, but it has never intrintroduced new tech. It’s just a reference device for devs, anyone that truly knows the Nexus program knows you will see nothing new introduced, sometimes it’s not even the most top of the line in some areas to meet price points. It will just be a nice collection of modern hardware nothing more. Nexus is about new software not hardware.

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