Shadowrun Returns tablet version near after patch notes


We now see some great high end games being released onto mobile devices that can gain a lot of interest from gamers, and today we have news that a tablet version of Shadowrun Returns is near after some patch notes were revealed.

Last month we reported the news that the Shadowrun Returns games was released for owners of Windows PC and Mac OS X platforms, but Android and iOS users were left frustrated with no news of a release for them.

Now a patch has been released with the news that a tablet and Linux version is on the way as the team behind it revealed they are still working hard on the game. The patch notes revealed a number of bug fixes along with some new features, and Harebrained Schemes stated that they will continue to beaver away on more bug fixes and balancing for upcoming updates.

They also revealed that the development of the Linux version started last week with a test build now in the works, but it has proved to be more challenging than first thought. The Android and iOS tablet versions were expected to arrive at the same time as the Windows and OS X versions but it saw a delay.

Now though Harebrained Schemes has stated that work on the mobile versions should be finished with a release in the next few weeks, but couldn’t nail down an exact date due to the certification process.

The tablet version won’t have the editor and also won’t be able to access user created content, but community content will be bundled and released sporadically.

Are you looking forward to the release of Shadowrun Returns for Android and iOS?

Source: VG24/7.


3 thoughts on “Shadowrun Returns tablet version near after patch notes”

  1. zaphod_beeblbrx says:

    Where did HBS confirm that the tablet version “won’t be able to access user created content”?

    1. J says:

      I remember reading it on their website somewhere. Not sure where. “Head” on over and have one of your heads read through some of the articles… 😀

  2. Pete Arnold says:

    I am hoping for a different story… I would gladly pay for an additional version but want more then I got with the PC.