BBM Android and iOS app release now crucial


We know that many of our readers with Android and iOS devices are eagerly awaiting the launch of the BBM app. The app is due to release before the end of the summer, and the cross-platform launch cannot come quick enough for many who are fans of the BlackBerry Messenger service. Today it seems that now, more than ever, the BBM Android and iOS app release is crucial for the future of BlackBerry.

Whenever we have written articles about the upcoming BBM app for Android and iOS devices, we have noted many comments from readers who are keen to use the service. Sadly there have been several false starts from various reports that BBM was about to arrive, causing a certain amount of frustration for those who want access to BBM on their iPhone’s or Android devices.

At the weekend we discussed BlackBerry’s changing fortunes and told how shares had initially risen on news that management intended a change of strategy and was considering making the company private with a shareholder buyout. BlackBerry went on to make an announcement today about strategic alternatives, and it seems a joint venture, partnership or an outright sale is being contemplated in an eleventh-hour attempt to save the company.

Sadly, the release of the BB10 operating system and devices running it, such as the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and the more recent Q5 that was aimed at the mass market, hasn’t been enough to revive the company’s ailing fortunes. BlackBerry Messenger appears to be the only credible asset that the company still has, and thus the Android and iOS apps are now of paramount importance for BlackBerry.

The release of these apps could come at any time and could generate new growth for BlackBerry as well as promoting the BlackBerry brand. However, if BlackBerry had only gone forward with this move a year or so ago, it would have had more chance of maintaining a place in the market. Other rival cross-platform messaging services have taken hold recently, with WeChat and WhatsApp attracting millions of users. It may simply be the case that BBM app for iOS and Android devices is just too late.

If the BBM app for Android and iOS fails to take off on launch, then this spells further trouble for BlackBerry, as if the company is not in enough difficulties already. It’s hard to imagine exactly what BlackBerry can do to turn things around at this stage, but releasing BBM for Android and iOS as soon as humanly possible would be a sensible step to take.

Are you waiting for the Android and iOS BBM apps to release? Do you think that BlackBerry might have left it too late, and that it will now be difficult to gain cross-platform messaging domination, considering the strong competition? Let us know your thoughts by sending your comments.

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18 thoughts on “BBM Android and iOS app release now crucial”

  1. John says:

    Already been waiting 3 month for bbm to come to ios. If they don’t hurry up people will become more frustrated and could just simply loose interest. So please release it in the next few days.

  2. 1518k says:

    wow really bbm for other phones thats really bad , thats what makes a blackberry. i have a q10 and had a z10 not that satisfy with the phones but they do the job. i only have them because of the bbm and since they are taking out new phones in my opinion alot of people like me are going to stop buying the new device from blackberry and go to andriod or iOS bad decision blackberry. but good for me because really the phones are not that good and count on me that I’m going to sell or trade for another device

    1. Desy says:

      that’s true. if they release BBM for all OS then people who are “loyal” to BB will ditch their BB’s and switch to Android or iPhone. but then if they don’t, people would still switch to Android or iPhone due to slow performance etc… and I don’t think anyone would go for a BB if they were to buy a new phone now. especially that Apple might be releasing a cheap iPhone 5C. so they still better release BBM for all OS to gain more profit.

  3. chaneen says:

    they should release it soon as possible many people are waiting and excited for it if they fail to do this then this means war ‘-‘ because i have been waiting for a long time also

  4. Indonesian says:

    Never happen … I never believe BB release will their gold egg for free…. Believe me the day when bbm available in both iOS and google play is the day of the end of BB in the world

  5. Tushar says:

    The BBM will not be available over the cross platform for free it is definitely going to charge the minimum amount to use the services and the entire version of the BBM will cost more. That is the only option available for the BB to grow their market share and once the people would start using the BB services over the cross platform it will keep making updates with the amount attached to it.

  6. Jermaine Preston says:

    blackberry should release it, good way for those who choose not to buy blackberry phones to use a really popular service, i love my android, so i’ll never go for blackberry, but a lot of my peers have BBM

  7. Amiel Moodley says:

    i had a blackberry for almost a year, and to be honest the phones itself are quite rubbish, what kept me happy was bbm, i dont think anything can compare to its convenience and speed… I am eagerly awaiting this app for over 2 months now for iOS

  8. SiLeNcEbOnE says:

    They made a dumb move making a new OS. No one wants it. They should of just applied android with a bb theme on top and having bbm exclusively for bb only more people might of been interested in it. I myself dont like the new bb OS.

  9. Crklynking says:

    2 years ago, blackberry could have made a killing selling a bbm app. The service had no competitors and anyone leaving blackberry would have paid to keep using bbm afterwards. I can’t believe they left all the folks who bought a playbook, including myself, is the dust without even an upgrade to bb10

  10. j says:

    BB is just slow with everything! If they want a chance again, they need to release bbmasap before ppl forget about them again.

    They need to hire me. I’ll get the company up and running again!

  11. Bryan says:

    For most people BBM is not the primary reason why they buy a BlackBerry. BIS is very popular with the youth. I doubt that BB will suffer as much as people are suggesting.

  12. John says:

    Make it plain and simple everyone loves bbm, some love the actual blackberry and some don’t but who gives a sh*t . just hurry up and release the app!!

  13. Georgia says:

    It should be a free app. Everybody loves bbm and it will be great to use it on my iPhone. As soon as it hits app stores it will be downloaded by lots of people very quickly.m

  14. Jannon says:

    well as of about an hour ago i have heard for one of the head programers ta balckberry and was told that they are just working on uploading it to the app stores

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