NFC Ring will unlock smartphones


Occasionally we like to bring readers news about new innovative Kickstarter projects that we feel deserve a mention. The site is a host for crowd funding to put new ideas into production, and one project that looks set to succeed is called the NFC Ring. This is a gizmo designed to unlock smartphones, doors and more.

As the title suggests, this product is actually a ring that you wear on a finger, and it provides a very easy and convenient way to not only unlock doors and smartphones, but also to link people and transfer information. When you take your smartphone from your pocket you simply need to slide your hand beneath the device to unlock it. This also requires the use of a third-party app from Google Play.

Privacy is something that concerns many users of new products and the NFC Ring has two inlays, so that you can distinguish between personal and public use. Using the NFC Ring to unlock doors is also easy but requires the user to install an NFC-enabled door lock.

The NFC Ring never needs charging or updating and its components include clear RFID passive coating, an NFC Inlay w/NTAG 203 chip and RFID reflective material. To find out more head to Kickstarter here, or you can check out the video that we’ve embedded below this story.

All the signs are very promising indeed for the NFC Ring as a target of $30,000 for funding was set, and the campaign has already raised $174,519 at the time of writing, with 7 days still to go before the deadline.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this Kickstarter project. Can you envisage how useful the NFC Ring could be to you? Maybe you’ve decided to back the project yourself? Let us know with your comments.


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