Samsung Galaxy S5 with home button display design


The Samsung Galaxy S4 may only have released a few months ago but our minds are already turning to the Galaxy S5. Today we have a design to show you of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a home button display that we thought was a little different and may interest some readers.

One of the observations we make most often about the Samsung Galaxy line is the pretty bland design. When the Galaxy S4 appeared there was some disappointment amongst buyers that the design was nothing to get excited about again, although of course plenty of people were happy enough as the phone has been a huge hit.

It would be good to see a bit of a departure from Samsung with the Galaxy S5 though, and that’s where the work of concept designers comes in. The concept idea that we’re showing you today is the work of Sergio Miguel and comes up with a neat touch. His envisioning of the Galaxy S5 features a Home button that shows the time on a display.

It’s not easy to ascertain what this concept Galaxy S5 is built from, but it does look a more premium quality than the existing Galaxy phones. You can see here that it is much more rounded at the top and bottom than the S4 and is also exceptionally slim. The phone shows Samsung’s TouchWiz UI with a 3D slant.

You may also be interested in a concept of the Galaxy S6 Mini that we shared at the weekend, and yesterday we also discussed memory and storage for the Galaxy S5. Although it’s far too early to come up with specs and features for the S5, we certainly have ideas on what we’d like to see and welcome input from our readers too.

It’s important to remember that today’s look at the Galaxy S5 is a concept render, but we’d like to know what readers think of this design. Would you like the real Samsung Galaxy S5 to look like this version? What do you feel about the Home button featuring a mini display?

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S5 with home button display design”

  1. jahanzeb says:

    Im stuck with my galaxy s2 becouse after this one every phone came bigger and bigger racing with note 2 🙁 I like a phone just like galaxy s2 may be lil more smaller like 4.2 or 3 with lastest android with the same (back cover) that I have on s2. I call it a slip resistant. I think the back is what made me buy the phone the moment I holded in my hand even though I was worried about size. But with all the latest futures at that time I couldnt resist. There are people who likes bigger phones but I think the majority looking for a phone that fits in your hand and in your pockits like iphone with all latest futures android has. Everyone I see has a iphone but dont have futures like we have samsung android but still tent to stay with iphone becouse it is smaller. Iphone users thinks my s2 is huge! I bet if samsung 5s comes out little smaller and with the same back cover and with the latest futures and software we can say good bye to iphone.