Samsung Galaxy Note 3 event time worldwide and live streaming


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year and will be officially introduced at a Samsung Unpacked event taking place tomorrow, September 4. If you’re an Android smartphone enthusiast you won’t want to miss a thing, and we have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 event times worldwide as well as live streaming details.

We have rarely seen such interest in an upcoming device, and the amount of news and leaks about the Note 3 over the last few days have been difficult to keep up with. We’ve recently discussed the possible price of the Note 3, and yesterday we rounded up some of the many new teasers and leaks about the device.

We’ll be following the Samsung Unpacked event tomorrow in Berlin and bringing you plenty of news about the Galaxy Note 3, and hopefully Samsung will also announce a release date and confirmed pricing. If you want to check out what’s happening for yourself though, then you’ll need the time for your region.


The event begins at 19:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) or 13:00 EDT and using the event announcer image above you can see the equivalent time for major cities around the world. For example if you’re in London the time will be 6pm on Wednesday, while New York is 1pm, San Francisco is 10am, Paris is 7pm, New Delhi is 10:30pm and Johannesburg is 7pm.

Because of the time difference, in some countries it will actually be Thursday. Examples of this include Sydney where it will be 3am, Tokyo 2am and Beijing 1am. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will also be unveiled at the same event.

If you’d like to be able to follow the Galaxy Note 3 introduction with live streaming video we have good news for you as Samsung is streaming the event live on its YouTube channel here, so you now know what time to tune in and where to watch the event.

Are you one of the many potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet-style smartphone? Will you be following the introductory event with live streaming tomorrow? What is it about this Android device that has captivated your interest? Let us have your comments on the Galaxy Note 3.


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 event time worldwide and live streaming”

  1. Appmonster says:

    Got the Note 1 on a 2 year contract 2 years ago, so yeah looking forward to tomorrow to find out what my new phone is going to be like, I love my Note, but it is time for an upgrade, looking forward to better battery, even better speed and resolution. I use it for everything, as a phone, texting, twitter, games, music connected to my car stereo, watching Sky sports, browsing, updating my fantasy football team, emails, sat nav, whatsApp, camera, video, my live diary, weather, time, recording my mileage and various passwords

  2. Jimmy Drew says:

    Can’t wait and yes, I will buy it. Hopefully Verizon will get it soon. IF not, I will even change carriers to get it. This is going to be the best phone ever. I love the Note 2 but if they do what I think they are going to do I will have to have it. Faster, better battery, improved screen viewing outside and more things the S pen can do. I’m for it.

  3. Asif Usman says:

    finally thanx god i will catch a Samsung Mobile conference live streaming has i live in dubai and Last time Samsung S4 Conference was in US and it was telecasted live on 4.00 am morning time in Dubai the time i am in sweet dreams but now its a perfect time 9.00 pm the time i am all free. Thats why i have Europe rather than US.

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